The Workshop [Dom/sub] [M/F] [Oral] [gagging] [light impact] [spitting] [MF30s]

This is part 2, part one, how we got to the workshop is in our previous post titled “His Place”. Part 3 will follow

We step outside into the cold. He tells me to enter first. As I step in I see his workshop. The butterflies are fluttering. We’re about to have our first roleplay session. He’s gonna transform me from his precious princess to his Filthy girl. The workshop is filled with tools, work benches, parts and unfinished projects. The floor is littered with dirt, scraps and off cuts, I turn and look at him. I’m a perfect contrast to the room, standing there in a floral dress and pretty boots, my pale skin covered in goose pimples, I shiver. “Are you OK?” I nod, he kisses me and runs his hands around my back feeling the edge of my dress then lifting it over my head, revealing my pristine pale pretty, low cut shaped body suit with a little mini skirt attached.

He steps back and looks at me. Taking my hand he leads me to a breeze block and stands me on top. I look up to see a belt and some cable ties. He takes my hands softly binds them around the wrist and lifts them over my head and cable ties them above my head. The sound of my heart pounding increases. “Wait here, I won’t be long” he leaves. I try to pull my hands free there’s no movement. Looking around the room I see numerous tools he’s used to craft metal, I think about his hands and what he has planned to do to me. I begin to feel very cold. When will he return? What will happen when he does? I wiggle my fingers they are really really cold. The door opens, I look up and he takes a photo of me.

Walking over he runs his fingers across my cold skin on to my bum softly caressing. I breath out as he slaps me ass cheek hard. I gasp, it stings. He traces his fingers across my back and kisses my bare shoulder. Kisses my cheek and I look up into his eyes as he kisses my lips softly I feel his fingers.. stroking my thigh as his tongue reaches deep inside my mouth. I relax into him pulling against the restraints. His fingers slip inside my wetness, I release a soft moan. “Good girl, your so precious”. Guiding me gently he steps me off the block my arms are pulled tightly above my head almost at full extension. Pulling my breast out of the top, rubbing his fingers over my nipples. He picks up the nipple clamps and tightens them, clips them one at a time, my face wrinkles as he attaches them.

Walking behind me he kicks my feet aside. My eyes drift downwards. There is a very rust metal bar with holes drilled through it. Suddenly I’m incredibly excited “A spreader bar?” He nods and says “Of course” a enormous smile spreads across my face. My clit tingles as he starts tightening cable ties around my boots, pulling my legs further aside. I can feel the wait pulling my down. I feel so incredibly loved. He knows exactly how to please me. I’m hanging from my hands my feet bearly on the floor spead so wide it already hurts.

He rubs the same places he’s smacked my ass before then kisses it, I feel the sting as he snacks it again I bite my lip. He rubs then kisses, I feel my body brace for the next impact, he pauses kisses my neck I turn and look into his eyes. I’m at his will, totally owned. I relax then smack the same place again. I gasp. He walks in front of me slipping his fingers inside me, I’m dripping wet he roughly forces 3 fingers inside me. My body shivers I’m so close to cumming. A wondered flashes through my head don’t be this easy for him. I manage to hold off the orgasm my legs begin to shake, I feel a sharp pain between my shoulders as he fucks me harder with his fingers. He looks into my eyes, he’s wondering why I haven’t cum. I bite my lip. ” Cum for me now my precious princess” Exhaling a enormous wave washes over me, my legs shake, as my cum pours over his hands and onto the breeze block bellow. “Good girl” he continues to fuck me I can not control my body I hang from my wrists, breathlessly.

After what feels like an age he pulls his dripping wet fingers out of me forces them into my mouth. I lick and suck them as he forces them down my throat. Starting to gag I open wider.. saliva drips into my bear chest. I strain against the restraints trying to breath. I look into his eyes. I’m his totally. He pulls his fingers out and wipes them down the front of the bodice.

He takes my face between his hands and kisses my lips firmly I kiss him back passionately. He pulls away and looks directly into my eyes. “Open your mouth” I comply immediately without thinking he looks straight at me and spits into my mouth. I’m so repulsed. I close my mouth and turn away. I can feel his spit inside my mouth, his fingers inside me. I look away. I look at him my face is annoyed. He says firmly “Swallow it now” my eyes roll back I think about saying my safe word. I’m can do this. I swallow. I look at him “Open your mouth” I comply “You are such a good girl”. I feel ashamed, filthy and cross at him.

My arms are starting to ache the muscles and pulling. I try to close my legs and put more weight onto my feet. He kisses the other side of my neck I become aware of a sound slightly behind me he’s picked something up from the floor. He kisses me again and walks in front of me and makes eye contact. ” I’m going to blindfold you won’t be for very long ” I discover myself nodding I can not really think.

NSFW: yes

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