The Waterpark (CFNM) (FM) (20s) (redhead)

The Waterpark

The sky was cloudless and the sun was just beginning its descent into the west, although still very much sending its direct rays onto the earth. Needless to say, it was very hot outside. So hot, that even the damp concrete held the heat and slightly stung on bare feet.

I was there with my family, although most of them were tending to the younger members for lunch and nap time. The fatigue of climbing up the steepest, most thrilling water slides was beginning to get to me. I had thoroughly enjoyed this rare time to myself during our annual family trip to the waterpark.

Nearly halfway up the wooden stairs, I admitted this will have to be my last trip down the tallest slide in the park. My body needed the rest, not to mention some food. I was also reaching the point where the chlorine was stinging my eyes and beginning to irritate my skin. I had to acknowledge that the wondered of a hot shower, dry clothes, and some tasty sustenance was very enticing.

As I neared the top of the structure, I was looking forward to getting off my feet and food in my belly. However, my attention was immediately diverted to the fiery red hair, forest green bikini, and porcelain white skin of the beauty a few stair levels below me. My heart skipped a beat and I was frozen.

“Go ahead buddy,” an impatient, adolescent voice broke my trance. The impatient, zitty teen behind me gave me a not so gentle reminder to continue cascading to the top. To be fair, there were several stairs between myself and the couple in front of me. I sighed a breath of annoyance, climbed the empty space, and returned my gaze to the creature below.

“Wow,” I audibly let out. She was absolutely breathtaking. She was maybe in her mid 20s, and seemed to be by herself. She had that aura to her of a girl who is an absolute smoke show and doesn’t even know it. Her breasts were perky, yet full. She certainly filled her bikini top.

Traveling down her body, I admired her narrow waist, then practically drooled as I took in her curvy hips and thighs. I had to imagine what her ass must look like, as I could only see her from the front at the moment.

Her hair was full and long, which she had in a single braid and over her shoulder. Her features were soft, and I seemed to see some freckles around her nose and chest. She had this overall vibe of softness to her. Her face was cute and attractive, and she seemed to have this soft smile while she waited patiently for her turn.

“Dude, are you gonna go or not?” I heard behind me, breaking my trance once again. The punk kid was angrier this time, probably trying to impress the girl he was with. He had his hand outstretched to point out it was my turn to enter the slide.

“Yeah, yeah,” I huffed in return. He had a fair point, but I was still annoyed at his presence.

While I strode to the slide entry, I peeked over the railing once more, and spotted my red headed beauty. She had her hands clasped in front of her, almost a little nervously. She was beginning to turn and look the other direction, and I caught the faintest glimpse of her full, round, ass.

My cock twitched a bit as I sat in the ready position, waiting for the uninterested lifeguard to give me the signal to go. The past several minutes had been so focused on her, I’d lost the excitement for the thrill that was waiting for me. I saw the lazy hand motion and it was my turn. I pushed off and began the speedy descent below.

Once in the moment of speeding down the massive slide, I momentarily forgot about the entrancing experience up top. I lifted my butt so it was only my heels and shoulders touching the slide, as I at all times did for maximum speed. I swished back and forth through the slide’s final twists, then was dumped into the shallow landing pool at ground level.

While I made my way up the ladder and onto the solid ground, I felt how I was still slightly hard. Hopefully it wasn’t too noticeable to those around me. I looked up into the bright sky to try and catch a glimpse of the fiery beauty, wondering if it was nearly her turn to travel down the ride. However, the sun was blinding, the ground was hot, my feet were tired, and my stomach was growling.

So, I tried to accept that I’d likely never see her again, and begrudgingly began heading to the large locker room area. I had at all times wondered it was a bit strange that this place had one central building with loads of lockers and individual showers and changing areas. I guess it was more practical than having two separate locker rooms for women and men. In this case, everyone still had full privacy for showering and changing. It was just unusual for a set up so “progressive” in the US.

Before I even had the building in sight, I could hear the stirring commotion of many, many children and their accompanying adults chasing them, trying desperately to get them to listen. The racket grew louder as I strode closer.

“Ah, shit,” I muttered to myself. I looked at my watch and it was 1:30. Of course, this was the busiest time to try and snag a shower and change, as all the families with young children were desperately trying to corral their little ones and head to lunch.

I closed my eyes and took a breath, as I immediately felt the annoyance in me create. I was not in the mood to navigate around dozens of little crotch goblins just to get rid of the sting and smell of chlorine off of me.

To be perfectly honest, I could really use the release of getting myself off. That red head was still stuck in my mind’s eye, and despite the annoyance in front of me, part of me continued becoming more aroused as I wondered of her. Now I realized the hope was not very realistic, but I had slightly hoped for a sparsely populated locker room where I could make myself come and not feel like a total weirdo.

Unrealistically hoping that it would be less busy in just a couple minutes, I headed to the men’s room to pee, then returned to the large open area of lockers and showers. Maybe a dozen rows of lockers filled the middle of the space, where people could leave their clothes and belongings while they enjoyed the park.

Along the perimeter were the individual shower stalls, which included a curtain for privacy. Each stall was rectangular in shape, with a changing area, hooks, and a bench near the curtain, then the actual shower head. I remembered how each stall is at all times stocked with minty body wash and hair products, which lifted my mood slightly.

I had to think for a moment, but once I remembered where my locker was, I found it quickly and scanned my wristband in front of the sensor, which opened immediately to reveal my backpack and sandals, safely tucked away.

Once I swooped up my things, I began scanning the perimeter for any open stalls. There were none, as the standard was to leave the curtain open if the stall is available, and literally none of the curtains were open. It was just a sea of dark blue shower curtains, all closed.

Frantic parents and little kids were scattered all around, waiting for the next open space. Just while scanning the area, two stalls opened, only to be claimed immediately by desperate moms trying to get their kids dressed and off to lunch.

Both times a curtain opened, it was an instant display of survival of the fittest to determine who would win the prize. It took no more than a second for any opening to be claimed.

I looked for areas with slightly less traffic, deciding that I can’t be the guy who budges in front of small children, let alone their exhausted parents. I notice off to one corner, there seems to be fewer moms chomping at the bit. I made a dash to claim a small amount of space and began to wait for my turn.

I was pleasantly surprised when the end curtain began to twitch. I gripped my bag and readied myself to dash into position to claim the spot. The navy blue cloth curtain swiped open, and I hesitated for a brief moment, making sure I wasn’t stealing this stall from some desperate parent.

I gave it a split second, then decided it was fair game. I was hit by instant relief once I crossed into the stall, the air still steamy from the previous tenant’s shower. The minty smell of the soap and shampoo brought me instant comfort and I couldn’t wait to wash off.

The eucalyptus or mint or whatever was in the shower products must have provided too much calming, since for some reason, I slowed my pace to hang up my bag and start pulling out my towel. I quickly snapped out of it, and rushed to the curtain to close it, officially claiming the space.

But I was too late. Before I could grab the blue cloth, a milky white hand grasped it from me. I took note of the bold red nail polish. My heart sank. I have never been one for confrontation. I began to ready myself to forfeit the shower stall to some desperate housewife, but then it clicked who the pretty hand belonged to.

It was her.

“Oh! Oh no! I’m so sorry, I just…” the beautiful woman uttered. She was even more gorgeous up close. Her eyes were green and mysterious. Her green bikini was even lower cut and generally provided less coverage of her body than I had noticed before.

For that moment, I was completely frozen. My brain went completely blank, forgetting how to speak and how to move. Then, of all things that could have come out of my mouth, I said, “We can just share.”

Instant regret. I felt like a perv just suggesting such a thing. I tried to think of a way to backtrack or apologize, or put some words together. Meanwhile, she let out a soft sigh and looked around at the overpopulated area.

“I mean, I guess we could do that,” she replied. “This place is crazy. And I really need to get back and meet with my friends.”

“Umm. Yeah. Okay,” I fumble out.

“Are you sure it’s okay?” She asked. “I mean, I could go back out there and wait…” then her voice trailed off. “This doesn’t have to be weird, right? We can just… shower and get dressed and go on our ways?”

“Yes. Um. Yeah. Sure. That’s… fine,” I say. Idiot, I think to myself.

“Okay, cool,” she returned, and finally unhinged her grip from the curtain and stepped into the stall. Once in, she worked quickly. She pulled the curtain behind her to show everyone else that this spot was claimed.

Next, she pulled her small backpack off and began looking around, seeking a spot to settle and access her things.

“Oh, right. Here. Sorry.” I stammered, still a bumbling idiot in the presence of her hotness. I shoved my bag over to make room on the one single wooden bench in the stall.

“Thanks,” she said with a warm smile. “I’m Sam, by the way,” she said.

“I’m Matt,” I replied. She stepped next to me and set her bag next to mine. Her proximity to me and her body heat made my belly tingle and my cock twitch. Her natural scent was sweet with a hint of sunscreen. I desperately wanted to taste her.

“So… I just go on as I normally would?” I postulated. “Like… Just… Shower right there?”

Sam’s big green eyes peered up from tussling in her bag. “Yes, Matt. That’s how this works, silly.” She said it as if it were the most obvious thing ever.

“Oh…Okay,” I began. “Just a final check that you’re cool with it. I’m gonna take my trunks off and shower now.”

I began sliding the wet trunks off and couldn’t believe my dumb luck at the scenario I found myself in. I hung the damp shirts on one of the hooks, fully nude now.

“So I’ll shower,” I continued my rambling. “Then once I’m done… You’ll… be naked and shower. With me here.”

“There, now you’re getting it!” She chided me.

I stepped under the shower head and turned the handle to provide a hot/warm shower. Despite the hot day, the clean, hot water felt so good.

Looking over, I saw Sam assembling her toiletries, getting ready for her turn. I had the best view yet of her fit, curvy form. I was practically drooling at the sight of her green bikini, which was only a tiny string along the sides of her hips.

Her skin was absolutely tantalizing. While under the guise of washing my face and hair, I scanned every inch of her body. I was confident I’ve never been in the presence of such an attractive woman.

“I’ll be right back,” She stood up and said, most certainly catching me eye fucking her. The smirk on her face suggested she was okay with it. “I think I left something in my locker. Do you think you might be about finished in a couple minutes? I’m eager to get out of this wet suit.”

She looked down at her body, and my eyes followed. Her tits were magnificent. Round and plump. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had pale, pink nipples under that top. Her hands began to slide up and down her torso, as if she was turned on and feeling herself.

“Uh yeah, no problem,” I replied without a wondered. Then, a surge of courage stuck me out of nowhere. “Actually, I’m really enjoying this shower. If I’m still here when you get back, maybe you could just hop in here with me.”

Regret and excitement coursed through me.

She cocked an eyebrow. “Well, there’s an idea,” she quipped. And she disappeared behind the blue curtain. She left all her belongings with me, so I knew she wasn’t having second thoughts and bailing on me.

My cock was throbbing and begging for me to stroke it. Fuck it, I wondered. The smirks. The smiles. She is wanting this to get naughty.

For better or worse, that surge of courage continued and I lathered up my hand to give my body what it desperately wanted.

Within seconds, my member rose to full attention. It felt so good, and so naughty to be stroking myself in this insanely populated place. With each second that passed, I became less concerned about Sam’s potential reaction, and more focused on my own pleasure.

Eventually, she did return. I would guess it was only two to three minutes, but my sense of time was completely off kilter so I can’t be sure. She whisked herself into the stall quickly, and closed the curtain behind her.

“Ohh. Looks like you’ve been busy,” she mused. Sam licked her lips deliberately, and had no qualms about eye fucking my thick, veiny cock. That smile returned to her lips, but more adult, more wanting this time.

She set down what looked like an eye liner pencil, which must have been what she’d forgotten. With pure lust in her eyes, she strode straight to me.

“I have to admit,” she said in a breathy, willing tone, “I was hoping you’d show me that rock hard dick,”

She took her plump left tit in her hand and massaged it, and looked down at me jerking myself off.

“You need a hand with that?” She offered.

I shifted my hips toward her, but didn’t give a verbal response. The cock practically placing itself in her right hand was all the permission she needed.

“Yeah, that’s right,” she moaned. “Mmm fuck. You have such a thick, beautiful cock.”

Sam stroked up and down my shaft, finding a slow rhythm at first. After several strokes, she gave special attention to my pulsing cock head.

As her handjob became more vigorous, so did her titty massaging. Her hard nipple began showing through the thin bikini fabric.

“Let me see,” I muttered, equally begging and demanding.

She obeyed without hesitation, and pulled her majestic, milky white breast out for me to see. As anticipated, her areolas were a pale pink, perfect for her skin tone. They were also perfectly round, and her hard, aroused nipple stood tall above her skin.

“Mmm, fuck yeah,” I groaned. Our eyes met for a moment, then I raised my hand and placed her stiff nipple in the center of my palm. I squeezed firmly. The way she leaned into my grip told me she wanted it.

“Ohh my god,” I moaned, and our eyes met again. For an extended moment, we only spoke through our eyes. She had the firmest, softest, most perfectly round tits I’d ever felt. Not that I’d felt many, but there was no doubt she had objectively amazing tits.

“You like squeezing my juicy, round titty while I jerk you off? She purred into my ear. I was on the edge of coming now. Her sultry voice and hot breath were nearly enough to push me over the edge.

“You sure were eager to offer to share your shower,” she continued to tease. “It’s like you… wanted to see these tits,” she purred.

She found the perfect stroking motion. It was firm and fast, yet deliberate and with care. I was ready to burst and held back as long as I could.

“Fuck… fuck yes,” I cried. “I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come.”

Sam’s lips were still against my ear and neck. “You wanna see all of me? You wanna see my pussy, too?”

That was the end of the line. My hot fluid rushed from my core and shot out of my cock. The first blast the longest, but the next two nearly as powerful.

I groaned, grunted, and moaned. Loudly. Almost certainly loud enough for the next stall or two to hear. Sam’s stokes slowed, and she expertly milked any remaining come out of my grateful cock.

Once I was dry, she rinsed her hand off under the shower stream, winked, and turned back to her bag of things.

I was essentially finished with my shower, but let the water pound on me for a few breaths. I looked over and saw Sam fully removing her top, now both pale mounds out for me to see.

Next, she peeled off her bottoms, revealing her thin labia and a reddish peach fuzz on her mound. She pulled her hair out the braid and shook it loose.

“Should I just leave it on for you?” I asked.

She smiled as she used her fingers to comb through her auburn hair. “Thanks, hun,” she said.

We stroked each other’s hips as our bodies touched and we changed places. Her skin was the softest I’d ever felt. Yet she still felt firm and strong; like she could ride me like a pro if we crossed paths again.

I grasped my towel off the hook and began drying off. I felt full clearance to stare and admire her feminine figure as she lathered her body from head to toe. Her movements were graceful and easy, yet she was very possible.

Either I was moving very slowly from a post-orgasm haze, or her shower was extended fast. By the time I had dried off and gotten dressed, she was turning the faucet off and wringing out her hair.

Our eyes met, and I thought what would come next. I was fully dressed and had my bag on my shoulder. I watched her dry herself off. She sensuously dried herself from her ankles to her torso, popping her ass a bit for my viewing pleasure.

“Thanks for sharing,” she purred as she pressed her naked body into mine. She ran her fingers through my hair, and pulled me in. Then, she kissed me softly and deliberately. Her full lips pressed fully against the scruff on my cheek. It was electric, sensual, and so very sexual.

She pulled away, and it was clear it was time for me to leave. I wondered it would be weird to leave without saying goodbye, yet it felt right to give her one more knowing smile. We locked eyes and savored how incrediblely sexy, playful, naughty, and loving this exchange was.

Then, I made my swift escape through the curtain, and we each went our separate methods

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