The Truck-stop Whore’s Revenge

I ran through the woods, trying to avoid branches and roots. Ran is a strong word, more like power-walked. I should have brought a flashlight. I had grown up walking these trails with my parents, but at night they were unfamiliar and scary. But I had to get the hell away from my parents, there was no choice.

Maybe I should have made my escape during the day, but my parents would probably discover some loving way to prevent it. Every time I tried to make decisions for myself they intervened. I wanted to study architecture, but they said that they would only pay for school (they reneged and took loans out with my personal information without telling me) if I took a more appropriate degree like sociology or journalism. You know, something appropriate for a woman. When I graduated I got a job working as a social worker at the local college, but my parents made me quit the first time a student threw a book at my head. So I ended up working at a part-time waitress at the local family diner, taking orders and getting my butt pinched by local divorced creeps. And married creeps. And by my manager, and co-workers. My ass was basically public property.

Finally I had enough, and after applying to a bunch of jobs online I got a job working in post-incarceration rehabilitation a few states over. It didn’t pay the best and it was further than I meant to go, but it was work experience in my field. But when Mom and dad found out I was moving away they flipped out and told me they didn’t think I was ready to live without them. So I told them to fuck off, I was tired of their bullshit. In retaliation dad sold the car I was using (it was in his name, he bought it “For me” as a graduation present) and withdrew all the money from our joint profile. It was a mistake not taking them off it when I turned 18. So I was 22 years old with $60,000 of student loans in my name (big mistake #3), no transportation, and all my spare income was sitting in my dad’s profile, waiting for me to apologize. I was starting to realize that when they said they knew what was best for me what they meant was they still wondered I was 10.

So here I was, an adult running away like an impudent teen. After almost an hour of walking I heard the highway in the distance, and I walked towards the sound. Through bushes and ditches. By the time I got to the edge of the highway my arms were scratched and my shoes were soaked. I had meant to hitchhike to the city where my new job was, but I realized that at night the motorists probably wouldn’t see me.

So I walked for almost five hours along the edge of the highway, hoping nobody would run over me. When the run rose I was dead-tired and sore, so I got closer to the road edge and stuck out my thumb. I figured someone would pick me up. Four hours later I realized that hitchhiking was no guarantee. I suspect a lot of motorists won’t pick up a young woman because they don’t want to be accused of raping her. I was tired, thirsty and pissed off with the world. Then I felt a whooshing sound, and an 18-wheeler went flying by me. I saw it put it’s blinker on, and it pulled over. Far ahead of me, those things take a while to stop. I kept walking towards it.

It was a big blue truck with a white stripe down the side.

When I was near it the door opened and a guy got out. He looked like a normal trucker. He walked over and asked if I needed a ride. I said yes, I told him where I was going. He told me he wasn’t going anywhere near there, but there was a major shipping hub in that city, there was a decent chance he could get a load going there. By this point I was desperate, so I accepted and got in his truck.

For the first ten minutes I sat in his passenger seat nervously, expecting him to ask me intrusive questions about why I was out hitchhiking, but he said nothing. Then I fell asleep, I hadn’t slept the night before and it was now almost noon. When I woke up six hours later I had that shitty “too long daytime nap” feeling and my spine was twisted out of shape from sleeping in an upright truck seat. I felt like shit.

The trucker introduced himself then, he said he was Ted. I told my name was Julia. A fake name, but I didn’t trust him. He offered to buy me a meal, so we pulled into a truck stop and he bought me a gigantic steak. Like a real gentlemen he ordered for me, prick. But it was nice to have free food. We got back to the truck and we drove a while more. I told him about my new job and said I didn’t have a car so I had to hitchhike. He said he’d called dispatch while I was asleep, once he had dropped off this load at LA harbour he would pick up a load going for my destination city. He said we’d be there in four days.

Four days? Fuck. I wanted to go a city less than one day away, instead I got a four day road trip with a random trucker. He had been nice so far, but he was a random guy with a beer gut and a goatee. And I’d be living with him for four days. Yay. When night came he cleared some garbage off the floor and handed me a spare blanket. I used my jacket as a blanket and slept on the floor, in an awkward serpentine position wrapping around the seats and shifter. Every morning I had to wake up early an get out of the truck to stretch to get rid of the kinks in my back. I could see random truckers peering out their windows at the sight of a young woman stretching in a parking lot.

But for four days everything was fine. He didn’t eat breakfast, so I didn’t eat breakfast. Lunch was sandwiches. He had a mental map of grocery stores around the country that had parking lots that fit an 18-wheeler. For supper he’d buy me a nice meal. He said he usually didn’t do fancy suppers, but he was being nice. How cute. We talked about all sorts of stuff, including my school and job search. I had at all times wanted a dog but never got one, and Ted’s truck had a cute little bulldog statue on the front. I asked him about it, he said it was named Mac.

There were a couple of times I could hear odd breathing coming from the bed in the back at night, I think he was masturbating. That was gross, but it was his truck.

On the fourth day we were cruising along the highway about two hours from the destination when he took an off-ramp, which I found odd. Soon he had gone down a dirt road lined by trees, and he pulled over. He turned and looked at me, and he had an odd expression on his face. I looked back, wondering what was going on.

Then I saw a look of determination come into his eyes. He told me to get in the back and get ready. I asked him what he meant. He told me to get in the bed and take my clothes off, he was ready for his payment. What the fuck? What payment? He hadn’t said anything about payment. He looked at me with condescension and asked me if I seriously wondered that a pretty young lady like me could get four days of free food without paying for it. I was in shock, I wondered he was just a nice guy. He grabbed my arm and started to force me to the bed, so I climbed back and drew the curtain shut.

I sat on the greasy blanket surrounded by dirty laundry, hyperventilating. For maybe five minutes I sat there frozen, with no clue of what to do. Then he yelled back and asked if I was ready. When I didn’t respond he opened the curtain, and looked pissed when he saw I was clothed. He climbed back in, and started to roughly remove my clothes. I tried forcing him off, but he was probably 1.5 times my size. I quickly realized it was futile, so I stopped fighting and let him undress me. He began to make out with me, and I gagged. His breath stunk like cigarettes and unbrushed teeth. Come to think of it, I’d been with him four days and hadn’t seen him brush his teeth.

It was over quickly but felt like it took forever. Sleeper truck beds aren’t designed for sex, even though most truckers probably pick up hookers. He had me lie back with my head up against the side, and he had to have his lower legs up to get his pelvis between my thighs. He rammed his dick into me and I squealed. Not a good squeal. He laughed and began thrusting. I tried looking away, but he grabbed my face and made me face him. I tried closing my eyes, but he slapped me, so I lay there looking defiantly in his eyes while he boned my pussy. When he finally came in me he laughed again, pulled out and spat in my face. Then he took his clothes and went back to the driver’s seat. Soon the truck was going again.

I lay in the bed naked, in shock. I wanted to cry, but I refused to give him that satisfaction. I lay there and controlled my breathing until I was in control of my body, then I got dressed. I found some papertowel and cleaned myself up first. when I felt ready, I got out of the bunk and sat in the passenger seat. I wanted to never see that asshole again, but I also wanted to know where we were going. Getting out of there mattered more. I checked the position of the sun in the sky to determine whether we were still going in the same direction, and realized I had no idea how to use the sun to determine cardinal directions.

Then Ted began to talk. About his ex-wife and his daughter. About how he missed them. About how he wished he’d gone to Alcoholics Anonymous instead of losing everything that mattered to him. He talked about normal father stuff, like playing dress-up and taking his daughter to volleyball practice or worrying about what would happen when she got a boyfriend. But he hadn’t talked to her in years, once she started gonna school she basically cut him out of her life, the custody agreement with visitation only went until she was 18.

After talking about her for a while Ted looked at me, and with a tender expression told me that the past few days had been really special for him, it helped him feel like he was connected with his daughter again. He said I reminded him of his daughter, we were almost the same age. How sweet. In a best case scenario it would be patronising. There are worse things then old guys treating you like a daughter (murder and genocide, for example), but it basically means they don’t see you like an independent adult, they see you through the lens of their masculine role as a father. But this was different. One hour ago he forced me to have sex with him. That is not fatherly. Did he have incest fantasies? Was he pretending he was fucking her while his dick was in me? I didn’t say anything, but I hoped he never got near his daughter again.

By now we were in a city. I assumed it was the city I wanted, but my phone was out of batteries and Ted’s GPS was tilted to face him. after a bit he pulled over on a side-street. He handed me an envelope, a grocery bag of food like granola bars and trail mix and a second grocery bag full of water bottles. He told me we were right beside a homeless shelter that served homeless women, they could help me. Down the street was a pharmacy where I could get Plan B, and the facility where I had gotten the job was a few bus rides way.

Then he handed me a little knife on a string, he told me it was a neck knife he’d picked up a while ago because it looked cool. He said I needed it more than he did. I could keep it around my neck hanging between my tits (I almost punched him for saying that word after what he did to me) in case I had to defend myself, he told me this was a rough area of town. I wonder if he saw the irony of him of all people giving me self-defence advice. He also told me to keep valuables in my bra or panties, anything that wasn’t close to my body would get stolen.

I gave him the fakest smile I could manage, thanked him, and got out. I just wanted to be away from him. As he drove away I opened the envelope. It had $500 cash in it. I tucked the money into my bra and went into the shelter. I instantly regretted it, a bunch of homeless guys were suddenly looking at me with great interest. I’m not biased against the homeless, I was just painfully aware that I was a young woman surrounded by older guys.

But I was hungry, and the counter at the front had food of some sort. So I went up and took a tray and got some food, the server didn’t ask questions. The guys mostly left me alone. One of them tried to sit at my table, but another guy wearing a USMC Vet hat blocked him and moved him away. How nice, that was genuinely sweet. I think, maybe the guy coming to my table had no ill intent. It’s hard to tell, but I need to cautious. When I went to leave my two grocery bags were gone. I understood then what Ted meant about keeping my valuables on my person, I wondered he was just being a perv by trying to discover a way to talk about my underwear to me. Fortunately I still had my backpack.

The next few days were hell. I found an outlet and charged my phone, and found the facility where I had the job offer. I went there and talked to them. They were confused because I hadn’t responded to the job offer, then suddenly showed up days later. They had unfortunately filled the position, but they knew multiple other charitable organizations that were desperate for staff, so they were able to set me up with a job that started in two weeks.

But that meant a month with no paycheck. I found a motel, but in a few days the $500 Ted gave me was nearly depleted. I was gonna the shelter twice a day for food, and I got to know a couple of the guys. The USMC guy was cool. He offered to teach me how to work the street (begging) and told me about which of the other local homeless were safe. Turns out the guy who had approached me was on the sex offender registry. Yikes. The USMC guy had never served, but he found that wearing a service hat tripled his income. I usually don’t like people impersonating veterans, but in his case it was understandable.

After an afternoon of begging on a street corner I gave up. When a middle-aged guy in a service hat begs people give him money and thank him for his service. When a 22-year old woman in a T-shirt and pink hoodie does it people ask for my hourly rate, whether I do anal, and where the nearest motel is. I got sick of it, so I went back to the motel.

But then money ran out, so I went back downtown, and within two hours a random guy’s penis was in me. I did three customers that day. All of them smelled bad. That night I lay in my bed and cried. I couldn’t escape what happened because I was sleeping in the same bed I fucked them in.

The next evening I went back to street corner, but after a few minutes a hooker walked up and demanded I leave. I know she was a hooker because she was dressed like one. Heels, black leather skirt, slutty crop-top showing off saggy tits, and too much makeup. She said this was her corner. I spent the rest of the night walking around, and eventually realized that every corner was claimed. Fuck. I must have gotten lucky the night before.

On the way back to the motel a pimp came up to me. At least, I think he was a pimp, he talked like one. He told me if he saw me in his neighbourhood again there would be consequences. I asked him if he was hiring, and he said no, and he wouldn’t hire me if he was. I was obviously middle-class with good parents, girls like that don’t long, even if they fetch good money for a few days. He didn’t deal in fantasy-fucks, he sold pussy. Ouch. He told me to go to the truck stop. It was the one area of town not owned by someone, it was fair game.

So in half an hour I was walking down the gravel side of the road to the truck stop. When I go to the parking lot I looked around and nearly left. It was scary. Whoring myself out downtown was scary, agreeing to get naked and get penised by random men is not fun, but in a city you are at all times near someone. Maybe I could run into a random company and scream Help! Even in a motel you have a decent chance of being heard if you yell. But this truck stop was just a gigantic gravel lot with isolated trucks parked around it. If I got in a truck I was stuck there.

I stood at the edge of the lot, looking around wondering how this worked. I had vague memories of hearing about truck stop hookers knocking on doors, so I figured I had to begin doing that. I started approaching the first truck when the door opened, and a smiling face popped out. He asked if I was looking for a place to spend the night. I said yes, because it was technically correct. I really wanted to get paid to fuck, but I assumed that is what he meant. Soon I was naked on his bed with him eating me out. He kept going until I orgasmed, then he put a condom on and gently fucked me while making out with me or kissing my nipples. He was gentle and sweet. When we finished he lay beside me and gently told me gorgeous things about my body and my smell (weird) until he fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me tight.

Usually this would be romantic, but I didn’t know him, I had been too nervous to negotiate a price, and I had no idea where this was going. I lay there for maybe two hours, I was determined to not fall asleep. Maybe I’d fall asleep and wake up halfway to Albuquerque. Maybe this trucker would also begin out nice and then morph into a daddy-daughter rape fantasy perv like the last guy. But eventually I got tired and fell asleep.

I woke up to the feeling of the trucker getting out of bed. Once he was up front I got dressed quickly. When I climbed past the curtain he was sitting there with four $100s. He gave me the money and asked if I wanted to be dropped off anywhere, he had to leave. I had him drop me off at the motel. When I left he sincerely thanked me for a gorgeous night. I thanked him back. I meant it. I never would have fucked him if I wasn’t desperate for his money, but he was a nice faid puck.

That was the last good fuck I had. Most truckers are controlling, domineering cheap jerks. At least the ones who pay for sex are, I am sure there are tons of upstanding truckers who would never treat a young woman in a demeaning way, but they aren’t the ones hiring hookers. The second night I knocked on a few truck doors, and when a guy opened up he immediately asked for prices. I said $400 for the night because that’s what I got last time and he laughed. He said $80 for an hour. I said $200 for an hour, he told me to get out. so I agreed to his price, I needed money.

He began to undress me roughly, then took his pants off and asked for a condom. I told him I didn’t have any, I wondered he had some. He told me I was a fucking stupid lot lizard to not have condoms. He sent me in to the truck stop to buy some. I asked for my pants and shirt back, but he told me this was my punishment. So I walked into the truck stop in my panties and bra to buy condoms. The cashier watched me the whole time with a gigantic grin, and when I went to pay he told me he had to do a price check. He called the owner out from the back, and an older guy game out. he nearly had a heart attack when he saw my bra-covered tits, but he managed to make a big show of checking the price of the condoms while also checking me out. after I paid and walked out I heard the two guys arguing over whether they’d fuck me in the ass or the pussy.

I got back to the truck and got fucked. This was the beginning of my education of trucker sex. These are men whose livelihood depends on well-maintained heavy machinery and punctuality. If you need to arrive on time you can’t slow down, you need to maintain speed and keep your piston thrusting at a steady rate while watching the temperature and keeping things lubed to minimize friction. Over time this mentality carries over to how they fuck. Honestly, it’s not the worst way, and at least truckers figure out lubrication. I had to bring my own lube because I didn’t want fifth wheel grease being shot up my pussy.

I fucked three guys that night. Over the next week I learned the hard way that three guys is the minimum to cover my costs, being a lot lizard is not easy money. I also learned that truckers don’t regularly shower or trim their pubes. I realized that a fair number of truckers had those cute bulldogs on their hoods. Every time I asked them what they named it they said Mac. How unoriginal.

Then my job started. It was great, for the first time I was using my education to make money. But this created a issue. I had two weeks to my first paycheck, and I had been fucking at night and sleeping during the day. Now that I was working I had to sleep at night. But working at the rehab facility meant I was far enough way from the shelter that I couldn’t eat lunch there, so I had to buy food to bring with me. I was fucked. Figuratively.

I lasted all week by not eating anything, I survived off break room coffee and supper at the shelter. On Friday night I went to the truck stop and fucked five guys to make up lost revenue, I fucked all weekend. By the time Monday came I limped into work. I wasn’t limping from pussy impact, it was my left leg, it had to be at weird angles to fit my body into small beds of sleeper bed trucks. I was about to call up truck companies and tell them to think about lot lizards when they designed sleeper cabs.

My first paycheque was the best moment of my life. Until I saw all the deductions. I realized then that I wasn’t finished being a lot lizard. The next two years were some of the best and worst of my life.

Monday to Friday I was an up-and-coming social worker helping vulnerable populations reintegrate into society. On Friday and Saturday night I was a truck stop whore. I figured out that if I cleaned out my ass before heading over I had a four hour window where I could take dick in my ass before things got poopy. Truckers pay extra for ass. They suck at fucking ass, but they’ll pay good money for it. Eventually the manager got tired of seeing me always, so I had to begin fucking him to keep being allowed to work the lot. I only once shat on his dick, I told him I was out of my clean window, but he insisted. He wanted to spitroast me with the cashier but I said no, I owed the cashier nothing.

I got chlamydia twice. It’s treatable. Turns out the shelter has an agreement with a local sexual health clinic, I was able to get treatment there. I eventually got an apartment. I bought more clothes, I wore the same pair of panties for six months.

Ladies, if you run away from home, bring spare undies. Especially if guys use leaky condoms that leave trace amounts of cum on your lips and you get crusty cum stains on your panties.

Then one glorious day I got a promotion. Kind of. I was told that in one month my direct supervisor would be moving, and I would take his position. Hell yeah. With the extra money I could stop fucking truckers. The next two weeks was hell, every time I had a penis inside me I lay there and reminded myself that this would end.

I had only one week of trucker dick left when I saw a truck I recognized on a Friday night. It was a blue truck with a white stripe, and Mac was proudly standing on the front like Kate Winslet. I stood on the edge of the lot, frozen. A thousand thoughts went through my head, and finally when my mental Wheel of Fortune stopped spinning it stopped on Revenge. This man started it all. Not really. He didn’t decide that I would run away or that I’d become a lot lizard, but he took benefit of a dumb scared young woman to non-consensually indulge in daddy-daughter fantasy. It was time to make him pay.

Fortunately I still had the neck knife he gave me. I hadn’t dared wear it when gonna get fucked, I figured that when a trucker took my shirt off he wanted to see boobs, not a knife. But I carried it with me.

I went up to the truck and knocked. The door opened and Ted looked out. I flashed him a big smile and did clasped my hands in front of me to accentuate my tits and said “Hi Daddy! I saw your truck and I was just wondering if I could see inside it? Mommy never lets me see inside your truck! Maybe if I’m a good girl you might give me my allowance.” The dude had a daughter fantasy, so I would deliver. Ted looked excited and invited me in. I am 99% sure he didn’t recognize me, I was put together well and had too much makeup, last time I was haggard and had been running like mad through woods for hours.

I climbed up into the truck and looked around, I recognized it. All trucks look the same, at least to me, but I recognized the plaid shirts and Macdonalds wrappers on the bed. Most truckers are slobs, but they leave garbage on the floor, Ted had garbage everywhere. Ted asked me my rates, I told him. he asked if he could have me for two hours, one time for pussy and for ass. I looked excited and said of course! But he had to do pussy first. I don’t take a dick in my pussy once it’s been in my ass.

Soon we were in his bunk and we were naked. I made sure to have my knife in arms reach. I put a condom on him, and he was pumping in and out of me while I begged my Daddy for more. “Oh Daddy! You’re so good! Mommy is so lucky! We should have done this years ago!” I gently writhed and massaged my tits while Ted stared down at me with a weird look, like he wasn’t fully in the moment. I was enjoying this. Not the sex, but I wanted him to live out his fantasy with me before I hurt him. I was high on revenge.

When he came and pulled out I took the condom off, then we spooned, I think he wanted to be face to face but I maneuvered myself so I could reach the knife and stab him. But as I lay there with his hairy gut protruding into my back I started to doubt my plan. What would I do once I stabbed him? run out of the truck naked and do the 45-minute walk to my apartment in my work clothes? I’m a hooker, I work naked. What if I injured him but he fought back and hurt me? Killed me? Locked me in the truck and drove off with a personal sex slave? Called the cops?

Eventually I realized I couldn’t do it. I desperately wanted to get revenge, but I wasn’t eager to pay the consequences. So when the time came I lay on my stomach, and he moved my butt cheeks aside and started to finger my ass. He slid his finger in and out, working my starfish open. He knew what he was doing, a lot of truckers went straight to trying to ram their dick in. As he fingered my butt he stroked my back and squeezed my asscheek, telling me I was the most gorgeous daughter in the world. I wanted to vomit.

When he could feel I was ready he got over me and put his dickhead on my anus, and began to push in. soon he was in, and he began to pump in and out. As I lay there trying to relax he leaned down and began to lick my ear, and I got a whiff of that cigarette breathe that I remembered so well. I lay there and tried to not cry. This was the second time I got fucked by Ted and wanted to cry, but this time I had agreed to it. All I wanted to do was make him regret what he did to me, instead I gave him my ass.

After what seemed like forever he gave a guttural groan, tensed up, and I felt a warmth inside me. Fuck, the idiot came in me, he didn’t use a condom. Doesn’t the asshole know you can get STDs from buttsex, even if you can’t get preggers? Is this why so many truck stop whores have chlamydia? I rolled over him and with eyes wide open gushingly told him that was the best butt sex I ever had and thanked him for cumming in my ass. He smiled at me and stroked my boob. As he looked down on me I could see his exposed neck and I wished I had the strength to carry through.

I got dressed, collected my money, and got out. I went in to the truck stop and bought the biggest Slim Jim there was and ate it like it was a penis. I was mad at myself, I figured I needed some oral punishment. While I dicked my own mouth with cheap meat two truckers came in, laughing. I listened, when truckers laugh it usually means a good story. One of them was telling about how his friend had let a gas station attendant fill up his truck, and the dumb kid put regular gasoline in the tank instead of diesel. The two guys laughed like was the funniest punch line in the world. Then the guy said his friend wasn’t a mile down the road when his truck blew up. I don’t know what he meant by that, but it sounded dangerous.

This gave me an idea for revenge. It was too good. I hung out in the truck stop for a while, I wanted to make sure Ted was asleep. The cashier asked me why I wasn’t out working, I told him it was none of his damn company. I was so busy plotting my revenge that I barely noticed it when the cashier took me to the backroom and fucked me. I usually would have said no, but my mind was elsewhere, so his dick ended up in me. It wasn’t until he came that I noticed he wasn’t using a condom. This was not my night.

By 11 I was sure that Ted was asleep, so I stole a jerry can from the front display and a cheap flashlight from by the cash. The cashier asked me when I was gonna pay for them, I told him I paid for it a half hour ago. I went out to Ted’s truck and took the gas cap off, and looked inside with the flashlight. I saw nothing. I was hoping to see that they gas was low, but I couldn’t gauge the fuel level from what I saw. But that didn’t deter me. I went to the pump, filled up the jerry can, and put the gas into the tank.

At this point I realized the flaw in my plan. The jerry can was tiny compared to the truck tank. So went back to the pump, paid again, refilled it, and put more into the tank. I spent five hours going back and forth until I finally saw gas trickle out of the tank. My right shoulder was sore and I was high on gas fumes. Before I went in I climbed under the truck and tied the neck knife to something for him to discover later. I don’t know what I tied it to, it was too dark to see, but my hands were filthy after I finished.

Now all I had to do was wait for Ted to wake up. I was shivering, so I went back into the truck stop.

After an hour of waiting I bought some stale coffee to stay awake, I was tired. The cashier got pissy about me hanging out again, so I offered to blow him. I was crouched down behind the counter with his dick in my mouth (I could taste my pussy on it) when a woman came in to pay for her gas. She was convinced that the amount on the gas pump was different than the amount at the register and started to get bitchy. The cashier tried to explain things while I aggressively deepthroated him and stroked his balls. He was struggling to not groan, and the lady wondered he was sighing at her. She was ranting at him about how she was driving cross-country to see her sick sister when he orgasmed in my mouth. I think she misinterpreted his “Oh god, oh god!” and swore at him and stormed out without paying.

At 6:50 I was standing in the tree line overlooking the truck lot. I remembered Ted getting up at 7. At almost exactly 7 I heard his truck rumble, then he got out and came towards the trees. As his truck warmed up I saw him relieve himself by the trees with that familiar penis. The sight did not turn me on. Then he went back to his truck and drove out. I could already hear an odd stutter to the truck by the time he got to the exit, something wasn’t right. By the time he was on the road I could see him struggling to accelerate. Then I heard a loud rattling sound with multiple pops, and a gigantic puff of grey smoke started billowing up out of his truck. I was hoping for a fiery inferno that incinerated him alie, but this was good enough. I probably eliminated his profitability for the year with this move.

I hung there for almost four hours. I saw almost every trucker in the stop go over to see what was happening. I saw Ted stalking around furious, climbing all over his truck looking at stuff. Then a gigantic tow truck showed up and began to load him up, and another tractor showed up to take his trailer. At this point I figured I’d seen enough, so I went back to my apartment and slept all day. That night I woke up, got dolled up, and went back to the truck stop.

Within a few minutes of getting there the manager came out and told me to come in to the backroom. I told him my rates, he told me he wasn’t paying for a fuck. So I went with him, I thought what was going on. He took me to the back office, and on the computer showed me security footage from the night before. He had hours of footage showing me putting gas into Ted’s truck. He told me that he knew dealing with whores was part of running a truck stop, but he couldn’t have his hooker (fuck him, I’m not his) messing with the work assets of his primary customers. He told me I had to convince him real quickly to not call the cops.

Fuck him. Fuck fuck fuck. I knew exactly what he wanted, and he wasn’t gonna get it. For the past year I had voluntarily sold my body, but I would never again be forced into free sex. The cashier didn’t force me, he didn’t count. And he was under four inches, so it wasn’t real sex. But now I felt a surge of anger rise up in. I smiled at the manager, twirled my hair around my finger, and told him that he should take off his pants so I could show him I was ever so sorry. When his pants and formerly white whitey tighties were around his ankles I struck, kicking him as hard as I could in his saggy nuts. When he bent forward in pain I pushed him back, and then picked up his computer monitor and smashed it on his chest.

I strode out, just in time to see the cashier look down the hall in confusion. What the hell is it with this place? Most places have like four or five cashiers who rotate through shifts, this guy basically lived here. I strode down the narrow hall and ripped my shirt open and pulled up my bra. I told him to drop his pants, which he did. I also kicked him in the nuts. I later felt bad about that, he didn’t deserve it, but I was on a rampage. As I stormed out of the shop an older couple gaped at my tits and the wife told her husband to stop looking. He ignored her. My tits are good enough to damage a multi-decade marriage.

I walked home holding my shirt together, I shouldn’t have ripped it open in a way that popped open the buttons. I flashed a few drivers for the heck of it, but stopped when one of them pulled over and offered me a ride. He looked like an axe-murderer. I got back to my apartment and flopped on my bed and slept again. When I woke up I felt different, and I realized I was no longer a whore. I couldn’t go back to the truck stop, and in five days I was starting a new job.

I never had sex for money again. I didn’t have sex for six months, unless my ring finger and middle finger count.
This is how I started my independent life. I ran away from home, got fucked by a trucker, then fucked by a bunch of other truckers, and then I blew up a truck. I also got a good job and chlamydia. Twice. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten a copper IUD when I was under my parents health care plan. I hadn’t made payments on student loans for over half a year and my credit was probably shot, but I could rebuild that as an independent woman. And from now on I would only fuck for free, because I wanted to.

NSFW: yes

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