The time my gf’s sister walked in on us M22 F24

We were visiting my Gf’s sister for the weekend. So to begin the story my Gf and her sister are very close and distribute everything together they talk about each others sex lives and other things. It started out by one morning I overheard my gf and her sister talking about me. Of course my gf was bragging about how good I am in bed and how big I am. I’m about 8in. Anyways the sister was intrigued and asking a lot of questions about me. To think about it in the past I have caught her giving me the eyes. For details her sister is 26 with 32c breast and a fat ass. So in this story one day we had the house to ourself. So we started out teasing each other until it got to intense and we started giving each other oral in the 69 position. I filled her mount with cum and I felt her cum dripping into my mouth. About 30 mins go by and I flip her over in doggy. I’m not gonna lie this was a very passionate sex session. So I begin getting into and begin fucking her rough and hard it got loud between the clapping of her ass cheeks hitting my hips from me being balls deep and her moaning. We did not hear her sister get home. Although the sister could hear what was happening she came in the room I think she just wanted to see me naked. When we noticed her we jumped and covered up with the blanket. A little while later I caught the sister in the kitchen and asked her if she enjoyed the show and she said she did so I asked her to join us tonight. Hopefully I get lucky and get to fuck both of them I will update you guys later

NSFW: yes

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