The time [M]y [F]riend came over for cuddles

So, as with my previous stories, this is another adventure I had in school.

When I was in school, I worked retail, and at our particular shop, we had plenty of regulars and hangouts. They’d come in and chat, talk shop, we’d stay open late and order pizza just having a great time. This is actually where I met Violet and Pink before it developed into a more steady hangout. It’s also where I met a very good friend and his future wife, as well as his sister, that I ended up having an “adventure” with.

Among this crowd of misfits and friends, I met another girl by the name of Elizabeth and immediately developed a crush on. She was petite, MAYBE 100 pounds if you soaked her in butter, with short blonde hair and dazzling green eyes, a firm and well shaped ass, with perky B-cup tits on her short frame. She was just a year or so younger than me, and so easy to chat with, her smile all the time bright, and we hit it off immediately.

We exchanged numbers and texted almost constantly, trading memes or videos or jokes when we weren’t hanging out at the shop. I kept having inklings that she may be into me, but I was a much more shy younger man and didn’t take hints very well. That is, until she made the hint as subtle as a car wreck.

We were texting one night, bored, while I was laid out on my couch, free of projects, and she was still living at home, dealing with her parents. I mentioned trying to discover something to watch or do, and she offered to sneak out so she could help me figure it out. Stupid me asked why she’d want to go through the trouble just to see me. Then she sent me 3 words that proved quite a lesson in signals.

“Think about it.”

The pieces fell together in my confidence free brain, and I told her I’d see her in a bit.

She arrived maybe half an hour later, and we quickly started chatting, flirting, and ended up cuddled up on the couch. She picked out some movie that I remember exactly zero of and started lightly pressing back against me as we laid out beside each other, my arm around her waist. I tried desperately to stop my dick from steadily hardening, but to no avail as she kept “shifting” to get comfortable.

I let out a soft groan, hand pressing against her stomach and pulling her tight, pushing back against her. She smiled a mischievous smile and turned slightly towards me, head resting on my shoulder as I moved down to kiss her. It was electric, moving quickly from a soft experimental kiss to a full makeout, my hand never leaving her hip as I pulled our bodies as close as I could.

“About time,” she whispered, lips tracing light kisses down my neck and pushing me back to roll over on top of me. I shuddered and ran my fingers through her hair, mind short circuiting as she gently sucked my neck and ground her hips into me.

Groaning, I leaned up and swung my legs out, holding her in my lap before picking her up and walking with her wrapped around me to the bedroom. She giggled and sucked my neck harder, tracing her tongue up to my jaw as I kicked the door to my room shut behind me. Groaning, I quickly pressed my lips to hers before tossing her lightly onto her back on the bed and climbed on top, pressing roughly into her small frame.

“What took you so long?” She said, nibbling my ear and pressing her hands into my back, pulling me closer.

“I honestly didn’t think you would be interested,” I said, kissing her and starting to kiss down her collarbone, her breath hot in my ear.

“I thought I was being obvious!” She giggled, hands moving under my shirt to trail her nails down my back.

“I’m bad with hints,” I said shyly, leaning up and looking into her eyes, a light smile on my face.

“Apparently…” she said, pressing into my shoulder with a hand.

I let her roll me over, and she quickly climbed on top, lips crashing into mine as she started grinding against me again. We both let out a soft moan as she pressed against me, tongues tracing circles around one another before she broke the kiss and leaned back, hands gripping the bottom of her tight fitting t-shirt. She quickly tore the shirt off and flung it to the side, revealing a bright red bra with her ribs pressing out and framing her abs as she moved back down to kiss me.

“I guess I have to be more obvious,” she said teasingly in my ear, flushed bare skin pressing into me as she reached down and began yanking my own shirt over my head.

I rolled my eyes and lifted my arms, feeling her press me back into the bed the second it was off and on the floor. I let my hands wander, tracing patterns across her back and stomach before reaching up and moving to undo her bra.

She smiled as we kissed and leaned up again, fingers under the cups of the bra to lift it over her head before I had a chance to undo it. Her perfect B-cups dropped out, and she stayed sitting up, resting her arms on top of her head to give me a full view. Light pink nipples barely contrasted against her white skin, already hard and in desperate need of attention.

“Since you don’t take hints, I’m just going to take over. Condom,” she said, leaning over and holding her chest inches from my face.

I leaned up, quickly tracing my tongue across her nipples as I reached for the bedside table and opened the drawer. The box of condoms was empty.

“Shit, I’m out,” I said, falling back onto the pillows.

“Hmm. Makeouts are nice but without payoff…” she said, trailing a hand down my chest.

“There’s other ways to have fun,” I said, leaning up and taking a nipple into my mouth, tongue swirling lazily around as she groaned and gripped my hair.

“Like what?” She panted, pulling my head back to stare at me, a false innocence dancing on her face.

“Take your pants off,” I said, hands slipping down to grasp her ass.

“Someone’s getting better with hints,” she said, standing on the bed and shimmying out of her jeans to reveal lacy red panties underneath.

Smiling, I leaned up and pulled her panties down, her tiny shaved pussy greeting me as I tossed them to the side and quickly pulled her down to kneel over my face. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her down, sucking her pussy and running my tongue up to her clit, eliciting a surprised yelp from Elizabeth.

It was heaven. Her pussy was tight, small, and easily one of the best tastes I’ve ever experienced. I pressed her down hard onto my face, tongue rolling and thrashing while sucking her lips into my mouth. She moaned deeply, hands quickly gripping the sheets to either side of my head as she ground into me.

Fuck Orion… fuck!” She said as my hands gripped her ass, tongue slipping inside her to let her ride and grind against me. Her slight frame bent and flexed, her perky tits bouncing slightly above me as she rode my willing mouth.

Her body started to shudder, pale skin flushing as she moaned before she bit her lip and suddenly stood up, turning around and sitting roughly back on my face while her hands quickly shot to undo my belt. I teasingly traced my tongue up to trace her tight asshole before diving back into her pussy, eliciting another moan as I gripped her ass and pulled he towards me. She quickly regained her composure and I felt my hard cock being pulled from my jeans.

She leaned down and immediately began running her tongue around the head, planting wet kisses and licking up and down my length. I started moaning into her, her thighs gripping harder against the side of my head as she eagerly stroked me with her hand, her body tensing and shaking with her first orgasm.

With a half growl she quickly bent down, panting and shoving my cock into her mouth, sucking and stroking wildly. Her tongue worked me as I refused to relent, my face soaked but enduring as I brought her to a second orgasm. She shuddered and let out a stifled scream, riding it out before standing and turning to face me, panting.

“Promise to pull out,” she said as she quickly stepped back and lowered herself onto my glistening cock. I wiped my mouth, panting and trying to take in what she had said when she slammed down onto me.

“Holy shit… Elizabeth…” I managed as she started pumping her tight pussy rapidly up and down my dick.

“Promise…” she groaned, not slowing down.

Fuck… I promise,” I said, head falling back as I watched her fuck me. Her little pussy ran easily up and down my cock, tits bouncing and her mouth half open as she rode me as hard as she could.

I grabbed her hips and started thrusting up to meet her, her moans growing louder as I pumped harder. She was incredibly wet, wrapped around me, and I quickly had to begin fighting back my own orgasm. Her ruthless riding was proving too much, and knowing I’d cum soon I reached up and pulled her off of me, quickly flinging her down on her stomach and getting behind her. I didn’t even give her time to get on all 4’s as I quickly slammed my cock inside her, hand pressing into her shoulder and pulling her back onto me.

“Yes, Orion.. Fuck YES,” she screamed, grabbing a pillow and burying her face in it as I fucked her as hard as I could. She was so small that it was easy to pull her back and hold her as I watched her tight ass bouncing against my thrusting hips. Finally, I couldn’t last any longer.

“Elizabeth, I’m going to cum.. I’m-” I groaned before quickly pulling out and shooting my load across her ass and back. She let out a final soft moan as she felt my cum landing, both of us collapsing into the bed, panting.

After a minute recovering, I went to the bathroom and got her a wash cloth, quickly cleaning my cum off her, smacking her ass and planting one more firm, sucking kiss on her pussy, causing her to yelp and giggle.

“That was fun… but I need to get home. It’s getting late, and I don’t want to risk getting caught,” she said, sitting up and pulling me into a kiss.

She quickly got dressed, and I walked her out. She texted me a short while later saying she had a great time and made it home safe. Sadly, things didn’t go any farther, and I was left trying to avoid explaining the giant hickey left on my neck to my coworkers.

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NSFW: yes

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