The time me 23m and gf 20f fucked on campus.

So hey I’ve made some posts on here before but not too many have been actual stories about being slutty so I’m gonna change that so I can feel like I’ve actually contributed to this sub lol. So this story happened about a year ago I think in April? This was the tale end of my girls (20f) spring semester and we had started to branch out link wise and began to dabble with free use and public play this is a day where it came to fruition for us.

So It’s a saturday I’m off work and we are chilling, when she realizes she has to study for a chemistry test she has forgotten about. She needs to go to her school library where she can use the college Wi-Fi to download a study guid she had been putting off. We were in her apartment at the time and she had no Wi-Fi.

It’s about 7pm it’s dark already and I was starting to get horny so it dawns on me I can do something fun with this. “Ok I’ll go with you” She’s happy about me accompanying her and says I can buy her Starbucks. We get there she shows me where she is gonna be sitting/ studying I go down to the campus mess hall and grab some Starbucks since we were going to be there a while.

I get back she is hard at work eyes glued to her screen. I hand her her coffee and settle in the seat beside her. She accepts the coffee and is on the edge of her seat fully focused. I take in the sight of her. She is wearing skin tight black leggings. They hug her form so tightly they leave nothing to the imagination really. A T-shirt and denim jacket her hair is pulled back and she isn’t paying any attention to me.

We are sitting pretty far away from the heavier traffic parts of her library we have our backs up to a window (we are on the 4th floor and students and staff are walking briskly in front and to our left where there are book shelves we have a wall to our right so all and all pretty sucluded. The desks we are sitting at have partitions so you can’t look and see to person sitting to your right or left depending where you are sitting at. so we were basically cut off from everyone around us. So those leggings while solid black show off her hips and ass perfectly if you look closely you can make out the thong hugging her back but her ass swallows even her leggings defining her ass amazingly well.

So she’s focused and in a way so am I lol. I pull my sweats down exposing myself and begin stroking myself getting my self nice and hard. I tap her and say to her get up a little and spread her legs I’m going to scoot over and sit down and let her sit back down in my lap she says ok and does it without looking up.

I scoot over into her chair her ass in my face basically and I reach up to her waist and she starts to sit I tell her no wait she says huh and is about to turn I smack her ass a quick pop not loud like at home so as to not draw attention but enough to tell her exactly what’s up and she stops and quiets down with very little protest. I grab her waist and quickly pull her leggings and panties down in one fluid motion her pale white ass jiggling in my face her right cheek a little red from my pop moments ago. I spit on my fingers and plung them in her tight pussy. to lossen and lube her up for what’s next. She gasps loudly, but quickly controls herself and only lets out soft moans.

I finger her a little just enough so that the entry will be easier I use her juices to lube my head and slowly guid her onto my cock inch by inch and she’s so tight She is sitting her whole weight into my lap I can feel myself bottoming out but she is holding me her legs holding tight just taking it in for the first moments and composing herself. She eventually evens her breathing and returns to her screen focus in on the job she came her to do (she tries to anyway) I’m loving it even though she isn’t moving she is clamped on to me like a vice and I can feel her juices running over and dripping down my balls.

I’m brought back to reality of where we are at the sound of someone scuffling down one of the isles of books too our left. They were walking away but I know now it can end for us at any second and I get her to begin moving up and down on me. She starts slow at first but eventually she gets a good rhythm and I’m in heaven.

The feeling and the light squelching sounds are intoxicating and I feel it welling up inside me. I tell her to speed up and she does. I’m white knuckling the chair and trying keeping my head on a swivel looking out for anyone who could find us but as she is riding me her as recoiling as she rides me I can’t help but be mesmerized by her. And it happens I’m cuming, as I’m about to climax I grab her at the height of her stroke and pull her down onto me and hold her there as I unloaded my heavy streams of cum into her, balls deep into her.

I’m panting and beat red and she stands up pulls her leggings and panties up locking my load in her cunt(not very well lol)

She quickly turns around and cleans me up with her mouth before giving me a kiss and thanking me for “studying” with her before she gets back to her study guide. I pull my pants up and watch YouTube on my phone for 30 minutes before we leave as she has finally finished. When we are walking you can see her glistening where my cum has leaked through her legging’s. It was probably my favorite study date ever lol.

So if you made it this far hopefully you enjoyed it sorry it’s so long, this is my first proper confession so sorry for poor writing skills dm with any questions or if you just want to chat!

NSFW: yes

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