The rainy evening

**I haven’t written for a while so I threw this together in a hope to inspire me to write some more. I hope you can discover some enjoyment in it** Ashlyn.


Oscar turned the key in the ignition causing the car engine and lights to cut off simultaneously, the result plunged Oscar into pitch black darkness as every source of light diminished. He looked over to his house to discover not a single sign of life, not a single light could be seen.

“Strange, Jessica should be home?” Oscar questioned openly to himself.

It was a rainy wintry night outside the safety of Oscar’s metal containment. A loud patter of rain could be heard as it hit the windows and windscreen of Oscar’s car, droplets of rain water danced down the glass all around him. Oscar sat in the silence for a moment as he surveyed the area in bewilderment, Oscar and Jessica shared a house in the countryside with the nearest neighbour 20 miles back down the dirt track driveway.

“I wonder where she is.” Oscar asked again as if the rain drops would give him the answer he desired.

With a sudden outburst of energy, Oscar swung the car door open and frantically slammed it shut behind him. He fumbled with his keys to lock the car door. Like a horse out of the starting gate Oscar darted towards the safety of the house, after a few large strides Oscar reached the porch. Oscar let out a sigh of relief that he had made it, which was short lived, as he discovered that his attempts to mitigate getting wet were futile.

Oscar reached the front door and turned the key in the lock as he pushed his way into the house, plummeting himself into more darkness as his eyes were yet to adjust.

“Jessica?” Oscar called out. But there is no answer.

“Jessica…?” Oscar called out once more, this time with desperation in his voice.

“Jessica, where are you?” Stern but fair as he called out for a final time into the darkness.

“I’m here!” A soft voice responded out from the darkness. Jessica was home and a sigh of relief was able to wash over Oscar. A lamp flicked on in the corner and for the first time Oscar was able to see her.

“What are you doi…” Oscar stumbled upon his words, unable to finish the sentence, Jessica stood in the corner of the room, clad in Oscar’s favourite lingerie set, suspenders and garter belt too.

The bra Jessica wore lifted her breasts high and out away from her. The lingerie complimented Jessica’s figure as if the set was tailor made to her specifications.
Oscar’s eyes left their resting place atop her cleavage as they began to wander down her body. The orange lamp illuminated her light pale skin, her belly showed itself to him as his eyes passed Jessica’s bust and undercup, Jessica had taken the time out of her day to groom and clean as not a single hair could be seen. Oscar’s eyes continued down, slowly as he glanced over the panties and garter, they were matching the bra with the same colour and design. The journey was not over as Oscar’s eyes continued down once more, his eyes trailed over the straps, lower and lower they went until they collided with the black stockings that covered Jessica’s legs. The wandering eye journey came to an end when Oscar’s star reached the heels Jessica had decided to wear.

“This is all for you.” Jessica called out softly from across the room. She had a little smile on her face.

Oscar looked her directly in the eye for the first time but his glare was distracted as he caught a glimpse of something else, something new, wrapped tightly around Jessica’s neck.

A collar. from the angle it looked like she had no room to breathe with how tight it was, but Oscar knew she wouldn’t have worn it that tight if it was uncomfortable.

As if planned by Jessica the design and colour of the collar matched her entire outfit with flawless execution. Oscar smiled widely back at her.

“I love you.” Oscar called back from the other side of the room.

Jessica walked towards Oscar and with every step she took it only added to the mounting excitement building up inside Oscar. She could see it, she could sense it, evidently something was stirring within Oscar’s suit trousers. A shadowy outline cast by the lamp. She knew Oscar wanted her, She knew Oscar needed her. Her advances stopped as she stood directly in front of him.

His mind went blank as for a moment he forgot he was standing in the lounge, his rain clad clothes dropped droplets of water off his clothes and in turn caused a small puddle to form at his feet.

Jessica raised her hands to unbutton Oscar’s shirt, instinctively his hands cupped the side of her neck with the pure intention to cop a feel of the leather collar hanging perfectly on Jessica’s neck.

Jessica let out a little moan as Oscar hooked a thumb under the collar, playfully he pulled Jessica closer towards him using the collar as leverage. She didn’t break the eye contact that had uncontrollably locked between them, and the sudden jerk didn’t deter her from finishing the unbuttoning of Oscar’s shirt, with one fell swoop Oscar’s suit jacket and shirt hit the floor.

The jacket soaked up any water that lingered at Oscar’s feet, Oscar stood topless in the lounge, his skin was still slightly wet from the rain outside.
Jessica’s hands began to wander around and over Oscar’s bare chest, he didn’t break his clasp on the collar, he merely explored it, the idea of it, It was new to him but this didn’t suppress his excitement. Oscar’s mind began to flutter with all the possibilities of the evening ahead, he ran his fingers over it, through it, he even jingled with the tag clad perfectly to the D ring affixed to the front of the collar.

“This is perfect, where did you get this from?” Oscar asked, his eyes met Jessica’s for the first time that night.

“I stopped at the pet store on the way home.” Jessica coyly responded almost instantly, Oscar caught her biting her lower lip in an almost seductive way.

The collar was made of a single band of leather which covered the circumference of Jessica’s neck. There were six glistening dog bone shaped trinkets adorned the collar which were evenly spaced to cover the material. The front of the collar a small piece of leather held a metallic D ring in place where a heart shaped tag hung delicately from it.

Jessica didn’t break eye contact as her hands blindly navigated further south surpassing Oscar’s belt, they didn’t stop until they reached the top zipper of Oscar’s suit trousers and in a moment Jessica zipped the suit trousers open. Jessica reached into Oscar’s boxers with her long delicate fishing for Oscar’s hardened cock, Jessica drew a short sharp breath of excitement when she found her prize and pulled it out eagerly, her smile comically contorted by her bitten lip.

Oscar’s cock grew steadily in Jessica’s hand as his eyes wandered from hers to the top curve of her boobs and then back to the collar on her neck. He was ready for her. She was ready for him. Jessica dropped to her knees which forced Oscar’s thumb to automatically retract it’s hook from the collar, his thumb trailed gently up Jessica’s neck and towards her mouth. Oscar placed his thumb delicately in Jessica’s mouth to playfully suck, an obvious hint of what’s to come, Jessica just looked up, her eyes playfully made contact with his, she smiled.

Moments passed but it seemed like a lifetime, Oscar let Jessica take control of the situation as he stood dripping the rain water on the hardwood floor. Jessica closed her eyes as Oscar released his thumb from her mouth. She took Oscar’s cock in both hands now, slowly and steadily she raised his cock up in front of her now closed eyes. It was completely hard to touch now, Oscar was ready for her. Jessica licked up the underside of the shaft with one swift motion before she took Oscar’s cock into her wet, warm mouth.

In his mind’s eye, Oscar could see Jessica’s eagerness, the passion and her unending submissiveness and she hungrily relished his taste. Her head bobbed which caused her mouth to unconsciously love the sensation of being filled and fucked. She could feel his tip slide over the altar of her tongue and she worshiped the pleasure to the depth of her soul. Occasionally Jessica looked up to make eye contact as if to reassure herself that she’s doing a good job for him. Oscar’s affirming nod and warm smile only reinforces her decision and dedication to complete her service.

Oscar couldn’t take it anymore, the collar jingled as Jessica worked up and down Oscar’s shaft, As her lips slid over hisd length Oscar nearly swooned. The wave of pleasure wiped his mind of all the other consciousness as his world focused solely on his gorgeous woman kneeling to service him from the floor. Jessica licked and teased the head of Oscar pulsating hard cock, she swirled and spun her tongue around it. Then it happened, he released, jet after jet of warm cum shot down Jessica’s throat. It didn’t stop her, nothing was gonna stop her. She kept going deeper and deeper with his twitching member, she used the cum as a lubricant to take Oscar further down her throat than she had ever before, Oscar’s cock probed the back of her throat.

The mixture of cum was too much to fit in Jessica’s small delicate mouth, she loathed to swallow so she proceeded to just hold it under her tongue. After about half a minute when Oscar’s throbbing cock stopped jerking and twitching in her mouth Jessica drew it out. A torrent of cum leaked and dripped out and trickled in all directions down her chin and neck, over the leather collar where it found it’s final resting place, it seeped into her cleavage and over her breasts.

“Good Girl.” Oscar muttered as he pat Jessica playfully and gently on the head.

Jessica knelt quietly on the hardwood floor, the cum solidifying and trying on her ample breasts, her neck and face reflected the faded orange lamplight.

Jessica could hear Oscar arrive at the bathroom but the noticed click of the light upstairs and a faint sound of footsteps could be heard, Oscar was gone a while and his intentions and actions were a veil of mystery.

Oscar returned, clinging a small wash cloth in his hands, his breath was now with a hint of peppermint. Jessica was still on my knees on the hard floor. Oscar stopped walking as he reached her, her natural response was to playfully but shyly look up at him.

“Are you here to clean me up” Jessica pleaded with him in a soft faint voice

“Yes darling” Oscar comfortingly responded.

Oscar began to slowly clean the mess he made on Jessica’s chest, neck and face as she knelt motionless on the floor, the damp cloth left beads of tiny water droplets in its wake, This kind of aftercare was crucial for Jessica, it made her feel typical, feel loved. Jessica simply looked into his eyes as his attention scanned over her body. The washcloth entered the crevices of Jessica’s neck line, under the collar and even into her cleavage.

Just like before, he slipped a finger under the side of the collar and slowly walked around Jessica so that he loomed over her from behind he retained the connection with the collar throughout, Oscar cast the towel to the side.

Oscar gently gave the back of the collar a little tug in a downward direction, Jessica instinctively followed his control as the front of the collar tightened itself around her neck and forced her down. She followed his guidance until she was laying on her back, Jessica shivered slightly as her warm skin landed on the cold hardwood floor.

Oscar stood tall over Jessica, her eyes now pleading at him from further distance. A smile broke out across Oscar’s mouth as he walked over and grabbed a couple of cushion and throw-over from the nearby couch, he laid the throw on the floor and ushered Jessica to schootch over onto it to aid in her comfort. He laid one cushion under Jessica’s head and the other at her side.

“Perfect” He rhetorically said to himself.

Oscar knelt on the cushion at Jessica’s side, he leaned down to kiss her on the mouth, Jessica eagerly returned the open mouthed kiss, he moved his body to lay down next to Jessica, he pushed the cushion up to form a pillow for himself before he moved in to kiss Jessica again.

“Now it’s your turn.” He smirked as their mouths were a mere millimeters away.

Jessica’s lips pucked as she was expecting a kiss, Oscar quickly returned with a couple of pecks one on her waiting mouth and one on her cheek,

“Fair” he rhetorically asked.

Jessica didn’t even have a chance to respond even if she wanted to, Oscar was already making advances on her neck, he kissed around the collar and down to her collarbone. Each kiss caused Jessica, as she sunk into the pillow. Oscar swung his leg over her body, as he planted a knee at either side of her hips.

A deep kiss from Oscar hit the top of Jessica’s chest, directly in the center. His fingertips pressed into her shoulders and slid down firmly, he cupped both of her breasts equally. Gently he teased and played with them through the fabric of the bra which still partly kept them from him, the lace bra was soft and well made, a fine expensive piece, no doubt Oscar has unknowingly purchased it anyway. Jessica released a stifled moan as her chest was kneaded under his strength. Oscar kept on the same line as his kisses moved between her breasts, around the curve of her cleavage down below her bra line, running down the length of her stomach he kissed around her navel, he knew she wasn’t fond of him kissing her there. Oscar finally stopped at the hem of her underwear.

Oscar’s back straightened as like a meerkat he sprung up to look at Jessica’s upper body in full. Her eyes glanced back as she begged for more, this made Oscar smile.

Oscar shuffled himself so that he was now bent down between Jessica’s legs he kissed the hem of Jessica’s underwear that concealed her shaved mound, Oscar planted several kisses across the hemline, each one caused Jessica to flinch uncontrollably with the suspense and tickleness.
Oscar once again raised with a straightened back as he pulled the panties down Jessica’s legs to be flicked off her feet.

“That’s a surprise, you never leave the underwear on” Jessica playfully complained as he slid them down.

“You know it only gets in the way” Oscar responded.

With the barrier out of the way Oscar returned to his commando lying position, his head resting gently between Jessica’s thighs.

Oscar began to kiss Jessica’s mound of venus in a downward motion, his lips never stopped as he slid himself on the floor, down and down until the kisses reached her clit. Jessica trembled, and let out a gasp when he found her throbbing sensitivity; she gasped and jolted her hips, she was so close already.

As Oscar began to swirl his tongue around, Jessica slowly bucked her hips in response, his tongue extended down to her dripping slit that has surely formed a small puddle of fluid beneath them by now.

Jessica moaned louder as his tongue moved faster against her. He could hear her breath shortening with glee as her moans increased in pitch, they echoed between the walls of the living room.

Jessica’s hips began to buck violently into his mouth, he put one hand on her thigh to keep her in place, the other he used to slip two fingers inside her wetness with ease, this was the climax for Jessica as her walls began to spasm and contract around his digits, he curled his fingers slightly but didn’t stop his in & out movement, his tongue remained circling her throbbing clit.

Jessica’s hips lifted off the ground causing her to half levitate from the floor, quivering over his hand and mouth as she reached orgasm with a final load and deeped moans that deafened Oscar so for a split second, all he could hear was her ecstasy. Her short breaths began to regulate as her climax completed, Oscar’s tongue movements came to a slow stop and fingers regrettably left her soaked wetness. Oscar raised his head and realised he was right; she had created a small puddle on the floor. Oscar moved on his knees up to her to lay down Once more. A deep kiss was shared between the two of them before they utter in unison:

“Welcome home.”

Each shared a smile and another peck, followed by a giggle. Oscar’s fingers traced Jessica’s body and landed at the collar once more, four fingers under it he pulled it gently against Jessica’s neck.

“I… like this new addition… don’t take it off.. ever.” Oscar playfully ordered.

Oscar’s tone was serious. Jessica’s eyes widened to a previously unknown size, she simply nodded with a tiny smile and nuzzled her face into his neck.

“Perhaps when I have to go to work” She shyly responded.

NSFW: yes

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