The naughty professor [M49] and the innocent student [F21]. Pt3

I could see precum oozing out as I put the tip of my dick on Belle’s lips. I covered her lips with the precum, like lipstick and pulled back. She licked her lips then swallowed. “More,” she said as she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.

I slipped my dick onto her tongue then into her mouth. She closed her mouth on me then took me in until I hit the back of her throat. Her suction was tight as she pulled away until I was out of her mouth. It made a popping sound and she quickly put me back into her mouth and repeated the process several times.

I’m one of those guys that have difficulty cumming for oral so once I saw Belle tiring, I pulled away. We locked eyes and she knew what I wanted. I wanted inside her.

“I hope you have a condom? I want to ride you and have you cum in my mouth.”

I was surprised at how quickly Belle’s aggression changed and also disappointed she wanted a condom. Without saying anything, I slipped my shoes off and then my pants and underwear. She stood and took her top off, showing her cute, small breasts. I went to my desk and got a condom.

“Shame on you professor for having those in your desk. It looks like I’m not the first you’ve fucked in here.”

Little did she know but I didn’t say anything. I handed her the condom and sat on the couch. This was the first time I really looked at her body. Her small breasts looked good on her frame and her large hood over her clit looked amazing from my POV.

She opened the condom and put it on me. She then straddled me and lowered her tight pussy on my cock. I could see her eyes were closed and she was holding her breath. Her small breasts were in my face and my mouth quickly latched onto one of them and then the other. She gasped and opened her eyes to see me sucking on her.

In no time, she bottomed out on me and began to fuck me. He hands were on my shoulders to get leverage. Her tight pussy felt amazing despite the condom. I probably would have nutted quickly without it.

She fucked me good for a few minutes until she came. She fell exhausted into me and whispered into my ear, “you feel amazing. I want you to take me from behind. Don’t forget I want your cum in my mouth.”

Belle hopped off of me and got on her hands and knees on the couch. I moved behind her and right before I slammed into her, I took the condom off. I put a hand on her ass and guided my cock to her pussy and pushed in.

“Oh fuck professor, that feels so good. Fuck me good.”

I’m not sure if he knew I took the condom off but I didn’t care. I had both hands on her hips now and my thighs were loudly smacking her ass. Within a minute, she squirted all over me.

“Fuck professor, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. Keep fucking me hard.”

This innocent lady is turning into more than I had hoped for and I wasn’t gonna disappoint her. I slammed into get as hard as I could and I took her hair and pulled her hair back to hear her sexy moans.

At this pace, I wasn’t gonna last much longer. I wanted to creampie her but I decided not to.

“I’m going to cum Belle. Come get your treat.”

It looked like a porn movie the way she moved to get to my cock. She was on her knees and reached for my dick. When she grabbed it, she had a really confused looked on her face.

“Where the fuck is the…..”

She didn’t get the sentence out before the shot hit her in the face. “Shit,” she mumbled before putting me in her mouth and stroking me. She swallowed all my cum then looked up at me pissed.

“What were you doing? Why did you take the condom off? I can’t afford to get pregnant.”

“Don’t worry Belle, I’m fixed and can’t have kids. You’re lucky you wanted me to cum in your mouth of I would have creampied you.”

She calmed down a little bit as she got the cum off of her face. I stood up and started to get dressed. She sat naked on the couch.

“That was one of the best sex experiences of my life. I really hope this wasn’t a one and done thing?”

I told her it wasn’t and we continued to fuck every Tuesday and Thursday after class until the semester was over. Belle graduated and moved back home. Can not wait for the semester to begin to discover a new fuck buddy.

NSFW: yes

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