The Long Lasting Lust [M26/ F28] [Dominate] [Graphic] [D/S] [True story]

This is a fantasy come true with the wildest efficient person around me at work. I’m M26 and work as a Manager in a Tech business. My colleague is F28 and we’ve all the time shared the spark of a flirtationship since the day we met. Being stakeholders, we were constantly at odds for struggle for power with each other professionally but could never have imagined us satisfying each other in these many methods. I’ll begin ASAP:

We were both at an office party on the terrace after a very long and exhausting day. Though both of us were professionals, we almost ripped each other aside in front of an audience of 40+ during a heated debate that day. As expected, both of us got quite drunk quickly to get over the day but were still focussing on getting everyone else drunk as responsible seniors. While there were some looong eye contacts throughout, I could never imagine a shared elevator ride could change my life. We both got into the elevator to come back to our work floor and grab some cake for everyone. Here it goes, narrating from my PoV:

After a few moments of silence, we both look at each other. She says “Is it just me or do you feel the heat too?”. We are both thinking it but I am surprised at this opinion. As soon as the lift stops she provokes me again. “I knew you could only be ferocious in words”. This is it! I begin walking on the floor angrily holding her hand. She is borderline getting skirted along but I don’t care. I can not take any more of her tease. I keep my tits calm until we are alone. I see an empty board room.

I take her inside and slam the door behind her. I knew slamming the door wasn’t enough. So I decide to throw her at the door too. I’m concerned someone outside might hear this but its too hot to back off now. The sight is gorgeous. I look at her and it’s crystal clear to me. She is not leaving this room tonight till I’m done ravaging her. She pushes me away. I hold both her hands with one of mine. Put them above her. A girl like her in front of me with her hands up and guards down. No sight like this!
I begin kissing. She bites back. I know how to treat a bad girl right. So I hold her jaw tight and excuse my lips. It is best to teach her who’s boss right now or she might misbehave through the night. She puts her legs around me, taking support from the door. She gets a small peck on her cheek but a tight slap follows. I didn’t expect it would leave a print but she is too fair for it to not. What could be more inviting than this? She stares back at me as if she’ll kill me as soon as her hands are free. She tries to get to my neck, trying to leave a mark there. To remind her who’s the boss here, I decide to make sure she behaves for rest of the night and keep them slaps coming until she is all teared up in her eyes. Now that she’s teared up, I feel she’s ready. So I get started with it right away. That flimsy coats of cloth can not hold me back but she had to try. So I rip it out. One by one. Some come off easy. Some get messy. But I won’t stop until she is completely topless. She gets hurled around with her clothes a little but all the time within an arms length. At all times in my fist. There it is. Time for a pause!
Time to adore her a little bit before I dig into this. I take a look at her from an arm’s length. Up to down and all the way back up into the eyes. I am already hard. But its time to test myself. I won’t give her what she wants so easily. So I decide to let it throb in my pants. While I take my palm and my fingers all over her body, she bites her lips. I can feel her nipples are hard. So clearly she is enjoying this. Time for some foreplay around her boobs until she craves for a full touch.
Round and round, all over the place. But not quite there. Behind the ears. To the neck. To the cleavage. Around the boob. Back to the neck again. And then suddenly she feels like she’s being grabbed. I hold a full cup in my hand and try to squish it like a soft toy. She moans a little, surprised. This goes on for a while. I grab both of them one by one. Pinch her nipples a little so her squeaky voice comes out. Her hands stay at the top, without me holding them. Squish. Grab. Pinch. She’ll do anything for me right now. Grab again. Pinch hard. I need to let my dick go. Its trying to get right out of my pants. She slides down the door. So her face is right in front of my dick. So I pull down the pants and throw them away

I see there’s some pre cum already at the tip. She looks at me, just with the eyes, face still facing my dick. She asks for my permission. So I use her face to clean it up a little before she could mess it up even more. Its not completely clean. So I make her lick it at the tip while I smudge what she had on her face across her cheek. It’s just the tip until I decide to let it go. So I ask her to keep licking slowly and clean it up. She does more than I ask. Her mouth is too watery looking at me. Cannot withstand. She starts taking it in. I push my tip towards her cheek from the inside. My dick gets harder while a little more than its tip is still inside. I pull it out completely. Hold her lower jaw with two fingers piercing tight. And shove the dick right to the throat. She gags as the first reflex. She brings her hands down and grab my butt. I bring my hands behind her head and push it in. All of her short hair can be held with a single hand. So I hold onto them, wrap them around my hand tight and then use it to pull her mouth off the dick
I see the shaft is all messy and sticky with her throat saliva. Some of it still slinging from her lips 👄
Everything is hurting, the slaps, grabbing hair, boobs but she is too hot for me to focus on all this.
So I push her head and shove it back again. This time with only her nose to let the gag reflex out. I can feel how slippery and wet it is inside. So I take the momentum up a notch and thrust her slender neck with my moderate but girthy cock. The tears can not help her anymore. This will only stop with me making a mess on her. So I keep it up. None of us is in control of what’s happening now. All that stays is the animal instinct in the room. All that matters is the end of her throat my shaft is hitting. And to keep it hitting until it doesn’t want to anymore. I feel I’m losing the sensations at the tip I know I’m gonna cum in a couple more thrusts. I do 5-6 more. But then stop completely at the end of her throat with me completely inside her to the balls. I can feel myself ooze out inside of her. So I pull it out immediately and hold it over her. There are some slings from her lips still. But I still have 2-3 more ropes left for her face. So I paint it all over she and her specs. A little bit in her hair. Like she is on free use policy

She swallows what she had in her mouth. And look at me as if she’s still ready to do anything for me.
I make her clean it up till I’m good again. I leave her in my paint job while I’m completely clean. She just lies on the floor. Playing with the paint. I finally enter the farther end of the room and check it out. She removes cum from her face with her fingers and starts eating it up. I walk away towards the tub looking at her cleaning up my mess

NSFW: yes

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