The Girl Next Door [M21, F20] [Oral, Straight Sex]

If you’ve never had a crush on your neighbour you’re truly missing out on some painstaking years.

Laura, the daughter of the family next door, was 2 years younger than me and had this beautiful petite figure. I would all the time see her in passing coming home from somewhere or heading out. We rarely exchanged much more than a passing nod or a “Hey there”, and I could never seem to work up much more than that. I guess part of me was scared that had I been forward in any way and she wasn’t interested, things might become weird between us. Definitely a stupid wondered looking back now.

For a couple years I had dreamed of something more than a passing glance happening between us. I could dream up a million different scenarios in my head in which we somehow ended up naked together. But I never wondered anything would happen.

In the winter, our town would all the time get at least a couple days of heavy snowfall. I was back home from University for reading week and we got a pile of snow overnight. So the next day when I was out shovelling our driveway I decided to clear my neighbours drive as well.

Judging by the lack of cars on their driveway I figured no one was home so they might appreciate not having to shovel when they got back. I got the entire driveway cleared and moved on to the front porch. As I was clearing the snow away I guess my shovel knocked into the front door a couple times cause suddenly it began to open.

Laura stood in the opening, looking as cute as ever, and asked me “were you knocking on the door?”. I apologized and explained how my shovel must’ve knocked into the door. She thanked me for clearing their driveway and then said “You must be cold, can I offer you a hot chocolate or something?”. I would have been an idiot to say no, so without seeming too willing I responded “that would be amazing”.

She invited me inside and took off into the kitchen I assume to put the kettle on. I stood at the door patiently, unsure what to do with myself, until she popped her head out from the other room and said “uhh you can come in”.

I slipped off my boots and jacket and scampered into the kitchen. The kettle was on the stove and I sat down at the table next to her. We sat and chatted for a minute about University and our subsequent programs until there was an inevitable silence. That’s when she mentioned the shovelling again and said “I’d like to really express my gratitude” as she placed her hand on my thigh. Chills ran through my whole body, and I wasn’t sure how to respond. Then she leaned in and whispered, “I’ve seen the way you look at me”. She stared at me with this adorable grin, and desire took over from there.

My lips, still slightly cold from outside, pressed gently against the soft warmth of her lips. I closed my eyes, as dreams and reality started meshing into one. I caressed her neck as the kiss became more intense, careening from a gentle curious exploration, to a deeper lust that had been developing for years. Her hand slowly crawled its way up the inside of my thigh as my cock pulsed to life, longing for her touch.

As her fingers found the tip, a smile spread across her face, and she moaned “someone’s ready for my thank you”. I pulled her shirt off to reveal these adorable little perky tits, and she pulled mine away in turn. We continued to make out as she toyed with my cock from over my jeans and I played with her cute little nipples.

As my dick throbbed against my pants she slowly started undoing the button and zipper. At this point I stood up to help get my pants off and she dropped to her knees pulling both my jeans and my underwear down all at once. My cock bounced out right in front of her face, and there it was again, that naughty grin as she leaned forward and opened her mouth.

She started slowly just playing with the tip, working her tongue in circles as she stared up at me. It didn’t take long for her to begin taking more of me into her mouth. Her lips slid up and down my shaft until my cock was hitting the back on each stroke. She took me in as deep as she could and suddenly with a bit of a gag I slid in deeper until her lips were touching my balls. I held her head there for a moment as my dick throbbed in her throat and then slowly I slid out of her mouth as she gasped for air. Spit strung across her lips to my cock and by god she looked beautiful.

I reached down grabbing her head to bring our lips together again, her mouth slick with spit. She rose to her feet as my hand found its way around her neck, our tongues dancing together. She had her hand firmly around my cock, rubbing it gently against her crotch through her pajamas. My hands slid down her torso curving outwards with the shape of her hips. I gave her tight little ass a squeeze and then started sliding her pants down. Willing to get to the next part she finished the job and then leaned in and exhaled “I’m so wet for you”.

She turned around and bent over giving her ass a little shimmy, enticing my cock with her glistening little pussy. I pushed into her wet lips and it slipped downwards twice before finding its way inside. Third times a charm I wondered, as I slowly worked my way deeper, her pussy spreading aside to accommodate my girth. She moaned in ecstasy as I pushed deeper and deeper. Her ass cheeks pressed into me each time I disappeared inside her.

I could feel my cock throb with every thrust, as she whimpered with satisfaction; I was getting close. As I plunged deep, my balls meeting her clit, I said “fuck your gonna make me cum”. She lurched forward, letting me all the way out, and then turned and dropped to her knees. She grabbed hold of my cock and started stroking up and down aiming at her face. She begged now “cum for me”. My whole body tensed as cum poured out of me onto her adorable little face. That cheeky little grin smiling up at me with my load dripping down her lips.

Suddenly there was a high pitch whistle coming from behind me and I turned to see the kettle had started to boil…

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NSFW: yes

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