The girl in the next cell over

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NSFW: yes

It fell quiet, still for a few seconds. Then there was a slap, a dull moan, and the guard laughed something unintelligible. The girl’s door creaked open, then closed with a slam. Hardly any noise came from the girl’s cell now, just shuffling and what might be sniffling.

Then there was the rattle and creak of her door again. “Oh no, PLEASE” the girl began to sob. Mary’s stomach knotted and she grabbed her thin pillow to pull over her ears. *Oh no, they were gonna do it to her again*…the thin pillow did nothing to muffle the girl’s cries as the new guard struggled with her. First the girl begged, then she yelled and growled as she actually fought with the guard for a minute…then there was the high, shrill scream as he penetrated her, then the steady grunting yelps as he sodomized her roughly, along with the crude slapping of his hips banging against her fleshy buttocks.

The woman on the bus had said it would be like this.

She looked quiet and nervous. “This isn’t a good place, the one we’re going” she had whispered to Mary.

“They rape the women there.”

The woman’s eyes had darted around.

“The guards don’t like to wear condoms. They aren’t supposed to get the women pregnant so they rape them in the mouth and in the rear end.”

Mary hadn’t believed her. She had to be crazy. But the woman had kept mumbling.

“I don’t have the kind of fanny the guards like so they mostly left me alone when I was here last, but some of the girls have it very bad.”

She had pointed to the redhead. The girl looked nineteen or twenty, her hair vivid orange, her skin pale, her issued jumpsuit hugging her curves.

“That poor girl is going to have it really bad” the woman had said simply.

Mary had seen the guards eyeing them, heard the crude jokes, seen the hands grabbing asses and slapping and fondling as soon as they’d got off the bus. They’d been hustled through processing and shoved into tiny cells on an infinite block in the dark.

Then the laughing and screaming began.

It echoed down the hallway. The outraged, pained yells of the women being violated. The grunts and laughs of the men raping them and jeering at them. Slaps and shrieks, grunts and moans.

And the woman was right about the redhead.

Four men had visited her cell so far. The first time the redhead’s voice sounded scared, babbling, then she’d gone quiet…then a tinny, shocked wail told Mary that the man was forcing his cock up the poor girl’s asshole.

“Oh no, oh no please…oh fuck, please stop, it hurts…it huuuurts” the redhead bawled. The man just laughed. The poor girl’s voice turned into a stream of animal grunts and squeals. Pap, pap, pap, pap….it had seemed like the sound of the man assraping her would never end. But then Mary heard the grunt of him orgasming.

The walls were paper thin.

The second time, she’d heard the man groan while he came, then keep assfucking the crying girl, and Mary could hear the slimy sticky wet sounds of the man buttfucking the girl’s cum-filled asshole.

Mary wanted it to end, but it just kept going on and on forever. No one was coming to save them.Mary couldn’t believe the girl was still struggling after she’d been raped so many times. She wished the girl wouldn’t fight. She wished she could go deaf, but she had to vividly hear the sound of wet sticky flesh slapping together and the fading grunts of the poor girl as the fourth man enjoyed her fat curvy ass.

The girl didn’t struggle for the fifth man. “No please…I can’t, I can’t” she begged weakly. The man told her to roll over and lay on her belly. Silence. Then the redhead’s pathetic yelp as the man roughly entered her ass. Then the steady slapping and grunting and moaning again. “Please stop….please, I can’t keep doing it…it hurts so bad, please” the girl begged and sobbed as her rapist slammed his hips down on her juicy ass repeatedly.

He was still going at it when Mary’s cell door creaked open. All the fight was already gone out of her. She understood why all the women in the prison walked around with their eyes on the floor.

She didn’t withstand as the man pulled her pants down and spread her ass and straddled her.

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