The diary of a curvy girl

Dear diary,
I hate this town so much! Why cannot they appreciate me for who I’m. I have curves not a disease! I’m so tired of this. I want to be appreciated, loved and lusterd for. Is that to much to ask? Instead I’m the fat girl. No body talks to me, they only look and whisper to each other. Not a single boy ever asked me out, afraid of beeing laughed at. I’m done with it!  When I graduate from college I will move to the big city! And begin a new life. Don’t worry diary I will take you with me.

I need to clear my head. I closed my diary and thuck it away under my matras. Where did I put my beloved hair brush? Oh yes I know, I left in the bathroom when I cleaned it.
I grabbed the brush and went back to my room and locked the door behind me.
Hello, old friend. I said to my favorite brush. The handle was slightly curved and had soft  intrusions on it, for better grip. I undressed and let me fall on the bed. Gently rubbing my massive firm tits and pinching my nipples. I love doing that! They started to grow immediately and I licked on them.  My other hand sliding over my belly to my pussy. I touched my clit. It was so sensitive. And started slowly rubbing my clit. It started to grow and stood up straight. Yes I have a pretty big clit and I love that nob of pleasure. Some times I even jerked it, just like a boy would do. I licked on my old friend and slided him inside me. The curved handle rubbing against my pelvis and belly. I fucked my self harder and harder while I rub my clit with my other hand. Oh God I want a dick! A real dick fucking me. With that wondered I came hard. Shivering and creaming that brush under. When I calmed down I pulled the brush back and licked it clean. I love how my pussy tastes.


Mom, I don’t want to go to the prom. Nobody asked me and I will be standing there all by my self. Yes you have to go Lisa, her mom told her. Prom is a essential part of your graduation year. It’s not up for discussion. Besides if they see you in that gorgeous dress surely someone will ask you for a dance.
I finished my diner and went upstairs to prepare my self for this stupid prom. I took a long shower and shaved my legs and pussy. Even it never saw action I loved to be nice and thidy down there. I blow dried my long Chestnut brown hair and made two braids on the site of my head and joined them in the back. My make-up was subtile. I had a a smooth silk skin. That doesn’t need much make up. I used a scarlet red for my lips. This will go great with my white laced summer dress. I finished up and put my dress on and looked in the mirror. The dress fits perfectly, my big boobs shown with a deep v cutout, my fat tummy hidden from sight and my hips curves accentuated. I looked in the drawer for a nice thong, but I couldn’t decide. So I closed the closet and went with nothing.
My mom called out that we should go and I went downstairs. You look stunning honey! Thx mom! She hugged me and of we went.

The schools gym looked gorgeous! They draped the walls and sealing with curtains and a big disco ball shattering in it’s light. A band playing in the background. What should I do to blend in, it wondered to my self. Maybe get a drink or something. I went to the bar and decided on a punch.
Look what we have here Ashley said. She was the high college bitch. I at all times thought why guys liked her.
So Lisa you had the courage to come alone to prom, that’s so sad. No body wants you with your fat ass. Her friends shukkeld and moved on. I hate her! She made my life miserable from day one in high college. I walked to one of the benches and sat me down. As I had nobody to talk to I started to observing the room. Some of the boys looked stunning in there suits, my wondered drifting away, how I would kneel before one of them and opening his zipper. Pulling his semi hard cock out of his pants and putting in my mouth sucking on it and feeling his dick getting harder and harder each heartbeat. My hand sliding over is balls. And sucking untill he unloads in my mouth. Suddenly I was jerked back to reality. Would you like a dance with me. Ron, one of the geeks of my year was standing in front of me. What did you say, I asked. Would you dance with me. My mom was right somebody did ask me. He was not that gorgeous and could fit 2 or 3 times inside me, but somebody asked me. I said yes and he took my hand and guided me to the dance floor. We he placed his hand in my hips and we looked each other in the eyes and started dancing. I felt, I do not now what I felt. This feels great. We kept on dancing. I felt his and slide a little bit. OMG he is touching my but. I acted like I didn’t notice it. And enjoyed the feeling of somebody touching me.
Hey Lisa, never wondered somebody would ask you for a dance, I heard a familiar voice say. Ashley… You like that fat ass Ron? You want to fuck that pig! She said laughing. You have to watch out, she doesn’t crush you. It’s like Belle and the beast. The nerd and the beast!
I was completely overwhelmed. From so happy to hurt and sad. I couldn’t handle my emotions anymore and ran away.

I ran into the hallway and up the stairs to the top floor and sat down on the stairs crying. Why was she so evil. Couldn’t she mind her own God damn company. My insecurities took over and bad wondered of my self poored in. Why couldn’t I be just skinny like the rest of the girls. Maybe Ashley was right and I was a fat pig. Not worthy of somebody’s love. I sat there crying and sobbing for more than a hour. Then suddenly I heard some people coming up de stairs. I hid myself behind the wall on the top floor and looked down in the dark staircase. Ashley and one of the famous football players. They where walking towards me. I could hear them talk. Babe you should of seen here. That fat cunt ran away so fast. I swear I could feel the ground move. Babe this is far enough. They stopt just one section of stairs before me.
Ashley started kissing the guy. Her tongue sliding inside his mouth and with her hand rubbing his dick. She pulled of her dress in one swoop and went on here knees. Opening his pants and kissing him on his belly. Payback time I wondered and took out my phone and lowered my brightness. And placed my phone on the ground just with the camera sticking out behind the wall and started filming. I looked how she pulled his pants and boxers and took his small dick in her mouth. He started moaning. What a sexy moan I wondered and kept on watching. Ashley kept on sucking his dick like a real princess. Jerking his dick while she suck in it. I saw her spit dripping out of her mouth. She is a sloppy sucker. The guys starten moaning harder and she stopped. Don’t dare to cum already babe! I want you inside me. She stood up and slipped out her bra and thong. And leaned against the stairs pushing her ass up. Her face pointed right at me but she was to busy to notice. OMG her tits where sagy as hell. They where not big and hanging like hell. The guy stood behind her with his dick in his hand and trusted his cock inside her. I was watching real-life porn. I started the get turned in and let my hand slip under my dress. Yes I was turned on, my fingers touched my soaking wet pussy and I started rubbing my clit. Oh God this is so wrong. But I couldn’t help myself. I slit a finger inside and started fingering myself. Watching Ashley getting fucked by her boy. I could hear the sopping of my pussy each time I thrusted my finger inside. I was so wet. Yes babe fuck me hard Ashley wispered. Accompanied with the moaning of her football player. I could hear ass clap each time he thrusted in side her. The clapping speed increased and my finger thrusting as well. I hear a hard last clap and hear the guys and Ashley moan hard while we all three come to getter. I release a soft moan as well and shivered completely. Ashley looked up, babe did you hear that? Yes babe I heard you come hard. No babe I heard something else. She was spooked pickup her dress and pulled it on and said let’s go babe before we get caught. They pulled on the rest of their clothes and then I was alone again still in the clouds of my orgasm. I pulled my finger out and smelled my pussy juice before I licked it clean.

Summer brake:

I woke up feeling terrible the day after prom. That bitch ruined my prom. I felt a whelm of hate and revenge come over me. I was set on revenge. I took my phone and watched the events of yesterday again. It made me horny again. I hated her so much. But seeing her fuck that hot masculine guy. Turned me on so much. I uploaded the vid and tried to find out how to post it anonymously on the schools forum. After searching the internet for a while and not finding what I needed, I decided to go down and take breakfast. I took some serial and added some fruit and milk. Good morning hun, how was prom sweety? My mom asked. I don’t want to talk about it mom. Don’t be like that Lisa, you know you can talk to me about anything. No mom I don’t want to. She looked at me with a worried face. At that moment the bell rang. My mom stood up and said, I will take that, finish your breakfast and we will talk later about this.
She opened the door and in front of her there stood a slim ,cute young boy with glasses. Is Lisa home, ma’am? Well sure she is. What’s your name, son? I don’t recall we met before. Ron ma’am. Nice to meet you Ron! I will get Lisa for you!
Lisa!!! There is a cute boy at the door asking for you!
A warm feeling came over me. Was it Ron?! What was he doing at my door. How did he knew where I lived? I feel my cheeks getting red and warm. OMG I’m a mess. My hair in sleep mode and still in my pj’s. Come on Lisa, don’t let the boy wait. But mom I’m a mess. Sush you look just fine. Now go. I walked to the front door,feeling embarrassed in my pj’s. There he was. Ron. Hi Ron. Hey Lisa, you look cute in your pj’s. I feel the blush on my cheeks getting stronger. Thanks Ron, I said smiling. I wanted to check in on you, he said. I was a bit worried after you ran away. I came to look for you but I didn’t discover you. That’s sweet Ron. I’m fine now, I lied. You’re sure your fine? I’m not, he answered. If you want we can go for a walk and talk a little. Right now I asked? What ever you prefer Lisa. Can you meet in the afternoon? I still have to get dressed. Ok then I will pick you up at 1 o clock, he said. See you then.
I closed the door. And leaned against the door. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Was this a date?! What should I wear. I didn’t want to look over the top and trying to hard. But still inviting and sexy. Maybe I could wear my flower dress or should I go for a nice jeans and blouse. What was that all about Lisa. He is a cute boy. Did you dance with him yesterday? Yes mom,I did. He asked me out for a walk this afternoon. I have to get ready. Oh well hun, good for you! My little princesses first date. I’m so proud. You should wear that flower dress. It looks amazing on you. Maybe I will and ran upstairs to take a shower. I decided I should wear the flower dress and some light make up.

Finally 1 o’clock, the bell rang and I was  releaved of the interigation of my mom. I ran to the door and Ron was there. You look stunning he said when I walked outside. Where should we go I asked. We can maybe walk to the lake I suggested. That’s a great idea, he said. As long that bitch isn’t there. I shugled. We stralled along side the road talking and turned left inside a small path between the cornfields. It at all times made me feel at peace, walking down those cornfields. The gentle noise of the corn leaves rustling in the wind.
I just wanted to say I enjoyed the dance with you very much, Ron said. I’m so angry that Ashley ruined it. I love to do it again sometime. Me to I answered. We walked further down the path and came up to the lake. It was desolated. Just what I hoped for. We settled our self’s on the bench and lookout in silence over the lake. I wish we could payback Ashley somehow, said Ron breaking the silence. Me to and I maybe have a plan for just that. But you have to promise me you won’t judge me. I promise that I won’t judge you Lisa, he said. You just made me very curious about your plan. Well after Ashley humiliated us and I ran away. I went to the upper floor to cry my eyes out. After an hour or so I heard voices coming up the stairs. It was Ashley and one of the football boys. They got it on right before my eyes. I hid behind the wall and watched them. Getting it on? You mean they where kissing? No I mean getting it on like fucking on the staircase. And I may have filmed it I said with a red turning face. You did what? I filmed them while fucking. I said. This morning I was looking for a way to post it on the schools forum. But I couldn’t discover a way to do it anonymous. Maybe you could help with that. If you want of course. Lisa you are the devil! But I like that idea! It’s time to payback all those years of bulling. I will help you Lisa! Can I maybe watch the vid he asked. Yes sure. I took out my phone and put on the video I’ve made. Wow her tits are saggy like a old lady Ron said. Who would have wondered that! We kept on looking at the video. I’ve noticed that Ron’s pants was growing. He was getting turned on just like me watching the porn. It was hard for me to not look at the buldge in his pants. After the movie ended he said, was that you moaning in that last part. I said yes shy and embarrassed. I’m sorry for that, Ron.  Is it weird that I hate her with all my gut, but at the same time it turned me on watching them. He looked down to his pants  and answered. Nope that is definitely not weird. And Lisa that was a very sexy moan you have there. And looked me in the eyes. Did you ever kissed a girl I spilled out before I could stop my self. Well I haven’t he said embarrassed. Me neither, well I mean a boy I giggled. You want to try and make out with me? The answer never came. He moved his head towards me , while looking in my eyes and kissed me. Those warm lips touching mine. Goosebumps popped up al over my body. That sensation was so intense. I kissed him back. This time sliding my tongue inside his mouth and touching his tongue in a inexperienced dance of lust. I felt my pussy getting wet of the sexual sensation of kissing him. In that moment everything fell away. Only me and him bounded in a kiss. We kept on making out for hours. As fun that this is we should go Ron. I have to be home for diner. We walked home and left each other. Both smiling like little children with a new toy. Can I see you tomorrow lisa, he asked. Yes you can. We still need to post that vid and I want to make out more with you Ron. See ya tomorrow. And gave him a final kiss and walked home.

NSFW: yes

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