The captured slaves

Another one I wrote on consignment. Very long so I’ll post in installments. If you like what I’m writing opinion. If you don’t opinion and tell me why. I enjoy writing erotica and do requests.

The blonde girl laid asleep curled in the fetal position in the middle of the living room floor. By my calculations she should be waking up in 5 to 10 minutes. Her sister was displayed on the monitors around the room, strapped to my special chair, sitting snoozing with her head on her shoulder. I figured she would wake up in about the same time frame.

I was excited. Both of them would make wonderful playthings before I sold them to one of my clients to be used and discarded at their will. I was gonna have fun breaking them.

Instagram had served me well over the years. Silly women showing themselves off and basically telling me where and when to discover them then just disappearing had made me more money than I could ever spend and the side advantages were wonderful.

Their collars glinted on their necks and I chuckled inwardly about how they’d react to the first time they found out just how much it could hurt if they displeased me in any way. My cross sat ready in the corner of the room with my discipline tools locked behind closed plexiglass. Drinks of my special mixture of THC, medical grade cocaine, and methamphetamine, sat all around the room.

Maddy laid on her side snoozing in her skin tight jeans and stylish t- shirt. Her twin sister Samantha dressed the same had been taken at their apartment in Paris. According to their Instagram accounts they were headed to the Bahamas for a photoshoot. Sadly the private plane they had chartered had ‘crashed’ and a search of the area had produced no results. It’s not hard to fake a plane crash if you have enough money. Just descend below radar tracking and do a little nap of the earth flying over open water, land at a remote airfield, and dump the plane. No big deal.

As far as their fans and family were concerned they were missing.
As far as I was concerned they were playthings to be used, abused, and turned into cock hungry whores.

My boys, all 10 of them none of which was rocking less than a 9” X 6” cock, were lounging downstairs in the media room drinking, smoking, and just waiting to be called up to join in the festivities.
Maddy stirred and started opening her eyes. I sat still in my chair waiting for her to realize that she wasn’t home in bed or waking up in a 5 star hotel somewhere around the world. It took about 3 minutes by my estimation before her blue eyes shot open and she sat up suddenly her honey blonde hair falling over her back.

‘Wha.. who.. where the fuck am I?’ she hissed.

‘Calm down’ I said ‘I’d suggest you take a look at your surroundings. Let me explain a few things to you before you freak out’.

Fuck you. I want to know what’s going on’ she nearly screamed.
I touched the button on my watch and watched her hands flash to her throat as her knees buckled and she fell to the floor grasping at her neck.

I touched the button again releasing her and watched her gasp on all fours with her hair hanging down in her face.

‘Now that was very rude’ I said ‘and rudeness will not be tolerated from a slave. Moving forward I would suggest that you remain polite. Have a drink and get yourself under control or I will have to punish you again’.

She knelt there for another minute then looked up at me as she stood. ‘Fuck you freako. I don’t know what game you’re playing but I’m gonna leave’.

I sighed and touched the button on my watch and watched her collapse again. I left it on for about 15 seconds watching her writhe and moan on the floor before I released her again.

‘That was level 2’ I said ‘There are 10 levels of pain I can give you if you displease me and you’ve already done it twice in less than two minutes. The next time you do so it will be level 3. I’d suggest you mind your manners. Now get up and stand in front of me in that circle’.

I pointed towards the circle that I wanted her to stand in.
She looked at me from the floor is disbelief, her fingers hooked into her collar, and the realization that she wasn’t in control came into her eyes. She was used to being pampered and told how great she was and now she was just a thing. I smiled because I knew she wasn’t close to being broken but for the time being she’d probably comply.

She slowly got to her feet and walked to the circle and stood still in it’s borders.

‘Good girl’ I said ‘Now let me explain a few things to you. Take a look to your left and see your sister on the monitor who should be waking up any time now. As far as the rest of the world is concerned you and her are dead. It’s all over IG with people moaning about you two being lost and how the world is a lesser place. But you’re not dead. You’re here. And here you are a thing. Nothing more than a toy and you will be played with like a toy’

‘Bullshit’ she hissed

I touched my watch again and she dropped immediately to the floor moaning and jittering. I let her go a full minute before I released her again.

She laid in the fetal position choking and crying and I gave her a few minutes before I said ‘stand up again slave or I’ll punish you again’.

She shakily got to her feet and stood in the circle glaring at me with intense hatred.

‘First of all’ I said ‘moving forward you are a slave. You are not a person. You are a thing. Now I see defiance in your eyes and that’s good. Spirit is good but disobedience and attitude is not. Any bad language or disrespect towards me or your other masters will be met with punishment. It may be with the collar which you have experienced this morning or it may be with the cross and the slave whips’.

I gestured towards the cross.

‘Let me make this clear’ I said ‘moving forward you are not a person you are a THING. Your sole purpose in life is to give men and women of my choosing pleasure. Embrace your place in this world as a thing and a slave and it will go well for you. In fact in the past most of the women that I’ve taken have become enamored with their lives because they are well cared for and live in orgasmic bliss. But the longer you fight your place in this world now the more it will hurt and the more fun I’ll have breaking you.’

‘Fuck this bullshit’ she said and I zapped her again. This time I left her writhing on the floor for a full three minutes. She lost control of her bladder and pissed herself leaving a golden puddle on the floor that she flopped around in. When I let her go she laid there and shuddered for another five minutes crying and moaning.

‘Well you’re gonna have to clean that and yourself up’ I said giving her a #1 jolt. That’s just disgusting’

I sighed dramatically and walked to a cupboard where I had cleaning supplies ready. Walking back to her and handing her the bucket I said ‘clean that up then we’ll get you clean and redressed’.
I watched as she mopped up her urine with a towel then instructed her on what cleaners to use and had her clean and dry the floor. I had learned from past experience that some women just had to be thoroughly broken and occasionally made messes in the process. Rubbing their noses in it so to speak just reinforced what they really were. Fucktoys and slaves. Better to get that message across early in my comment.

I noticed on the monitor that her sister had started to wake up so my timing was pretty close. It would make things easier moving forward so I flicked them off and escorted Maddy to the bathroom.
Shower and clean yourself up’ I said ‘and no funny business. You know I have your sister somewhere and if you’re not out of here in 10 minutes what you’ve felt so far will be nothing to the hell I’ll put her through. Make no mistake I’ll enjoy it but your sister will become a fucking vegetable. Don’t fuck with me. I have a timer set for 10 minutes starting now. If you are not in the circle in the living room clean, dressed, and ready to listen the system will automatically punish you so I suggest you get moving. I’ve left a pair of your jeans, underwear, and a shirt you need to put on. I’d also suggest you try as best you can to put on your makeup. Try to look like the Instaslut you post all of the time. But make no mistake if you are NOT in the circle in 10 minutes starting now you and your sister will regret the fuck out of it.’

I was pretty confident that she would make haste getting clean so I headed down the stairs to the room her sister was confined in. Opening the door I said ‘hello slut.. how do you like your chair?’.
Samantha eyed me but said nothing. I could tell she was testing her bonds like many others of her had before and I was amused. She was more the type that wondered she could break anybody. Well time to remedy that.

I walked to her and backhanded her across her face and once forward.

‘I asked you a question slut’ I yelled ‘how do you like your fucking chair?’

‘Who the fuck are you?’ she hissed licking a drop of blood off of her lip.

‘I’m your master from today moving forward’ I said walking around her.

I wanted to humiliate her a bit so I said ‘Nice tits but I’ve seen better, your ass is a little too fat for my tastes but it will do, you could do a situp from time to time instead of relying on that bullshit device you use. But all in all you’ll make a pretty little sex slave for some Arab dude that just needs the occasional cum dump’.

‘What the fuck is going on?’ she yelled at me.

‘I’ve taken you and you’re my slave. Do you want the details that your sister has just learned? As far as the world is concerned you’re dead. But here you are living and breathing. I took you and you’re about to be trained and become a sex slave. Now that’s all I’m gonna explain. Moving forward you’re gonna serve, fuck, suck, and do whatever you’re told to do. Any resistance or attitude will be punished. Pretty simple. You are now basically a fuckhole and a servant. No better or more useful than a porn video and a hand full of lube. Now I want you to open your mouth and suck my cock. I need it good and wet for when I fuck your sister’.

‘Fuck you’ she yelled.

‘That the idea’ I laughed and touched my watch.

I watched as the voltage hit her and she stiffened against her bonds screaming. Secured as she was she didn’t have the release of shaking her head or trying to fight against the pain. Fortunately the chair kept her from doing any real damage to herself which just made the pain worse because she couldn’t flop around like her sister had. I gave her about 10 seconds, stopped for about 10, then hit her again for another 20.

I stopped then walked around in front of her.

‘Want to give me more attitude?’ I asked.

‘Ugh, ugh, ugh, what is going on’

‘I told you. You are dead as far as the rest of the world is concerned. I arranged it, you are now somewhere on the planet Earth thousands of miles from where your ‘accident’ happened and you’re basically gonna be turned into my slut slave. In a minute you’re gonna have my dick in your mouth warming it up for your sister to get fucked by. Pretty simple really’.

‘Anything you try to put in my mouth you’re gonna lose you bastard’ she hissed.

‘Want to bet?’ I asked.

NSFW: yes

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