That time I got bent over at a concert and left full of cum [25F]

Early last year, the weather started warming up and one of my favorite indie bands was playing locally. A group of my friends wanted to go and I couldn’t turn down a fun evening with my friends. I was excited and got ready earlier than I needed to, but I didn’t want there to be any chance that I could get blamed for making us late. I decided that for the night, fishnets, my favorite black mini skirt, and a black crop top would show off my assets and help me get the attention I was craving.

There wasn’t assigned seating, so we left early so we could get a good spot in line before the gates opened. We ended up between two other groups, and ended up making friends with the group in front of us. Ethan. Ethan was in the group in front of us, he wasn’t the normal guy I like, he was tall and a bit bulky with some muscle. He was cute, but what got me was his ability to make me smile and laugh. By the time the gates had opened, we had become quick friends and our groups wanted to stay together.

We were able to discover a nice spot and we setup our blankets for the evening, and with it being a 420 friendly venue we decided to go ahead and light up. By the time the music started, I was feeling good. I was in a cute outfit, the weather was nice, and I had the attention of a cute guy. I was feeling myself and enjoying the evening. I don’t remember the next hour or so, but I do remember one of the girls in my friend group making comments about how hard Ethan was flirting with me. We had been dancing and grinding on each other since the music started, but I didn’t too much of it until he gently pulled us away from our groups.

I went with him and we took a short walk to the bathrooms. I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen or what I was even thinking, but I let him lead me into a quiet family stall. As soon as the door closed and he locked it, he had me against the wall and he made sure to kiss every inch of my neck and shoulder. He knew he had me and I was ready to give him anything he wanted. Before I knew it, he dropped to his knees, pulled my panties to the side the best that he could, and he started eating me out from behind.

I melted a little bit from the pleasure from his tongue, the weed fully kicking in, and still being able to hear the rumble of the music even inside the bathroom. I wiggled into him and tried to keep quiet, though I’m sure if anybody walked by the bathroom they could hear me.

I’m not sure how long he ate me out before he stood up, grabbed my hips, and pushed himself inside of me. I never heard him undo his pants, but trust me, I wasn’t disappointed. He was well practiced and must’ve had some built up anger because he knew let me have it. He tried his best to keep his thrusts to the beat, but the music was too fast lol but I still enjoyed every moment. He eventually squeezed my hips and pulled me back into him and gave me a load that I wasn’t quite expecting. I didn’t finish but I faked it to make him happy.

We quickly got ourselves cleaned up and tried to sneak back to our groups and hoped nobody would notice, but my friends gave a knowing glace when we got back. But we made sure we enjoyed the rest of the concert. It was an interesting ride home to say the least. My friends pushed for details while I tried my best to hide the cum that was starting to leak out of my panties.

I’ve tried searching for Ethan on social media but I haven’t found him yet. The band is gonna be playing again soon in a town not far from me, so I may try to go discover him there.

NSFW: yes

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