That Prank Derailed Quickly! [Cheating] [Roommates] [Size Kink] [Spying] – Short Sex Story

(I did not proof read properly I just wanted to get the story written so bare with me. Also I CANNOT find out this format of reddit so sorry if it looks weird. I write in word and it doesn’t like to copy and paste)

Sitting in the lecture hall, I lean back putting my feet on the headrest of the chairs in front of me. I all the time thought why they would have such a large room picked out for a guest lecture from Havinis Delain. What is there like twenty people scattered throughout this room that easily seats two hundred? Seriously twenty people showed up, and honestly, that’s a high turnout for a one to a two-hour lecture on Technical Writing, which has mostly been on the subject of how to style a complaint letter.

I guess it would be beneficial for when I work in some dead-end corporate suits job where I’ll, no doubt have to write or rewrite a letter. Leaning my head back I look at the ceiling, having no issue still following the lecture wishing for anything to happen to spice things up. That got me thinking about Lexi.

Lexi is my roommate who is just, someone you had to fight to keep from creeping into your thoughts. When I first met Lexi, we didn’t get along, well I should say that her boyfriend and my girlfriend made it more awkward than it was. But six months later and she has become one of my closest friends. What helped us get along so easily was how she was able to take a joke and even return a few herself.

I remember the first time I pulled a prank on her, wrapping a rubber band around the sprayer connected to the faucet. I sat in the living room watching some useless crap on Netflix just so I could watch her get sprayed with water. It took a good hour and a half before she went to the kitchen which is just a cut-out small section of the living room. Ordinary of a small two-bedroom apartment for school students. She walked in wearing a t-shirt and some of those tight cheerleader short things, doesn’t matter it made her butt look good but that’s not what this is about. Turning on the faucet, the water came rushing for her, soaking the front of her gray shirt making it a darker gray. Having her hair in a tight ponytail made it safe from getting wet.

She squealed in such a cute tone, slapping the faucet closed cutting off the water from spraying her. I remember watching her slowly turn and yell my name. I wondered I was in so much trouble but then she said “Oh really one of the oldest tricks in the book? Come on, come here give me a hug?” She chased me all through the house, it’s not that I didn’t want to hold onto her tight wet body, I just didn’t want to lose, it was the competitive side in me. She has it too because she was upset, she lost by getting sprayed, so she was gonna make me lose by getting me wet. It was a really fun day and I wish I would have slowed down and let her hug me, maybe I should have let her but instead I never let her get close enough.

Since then, it was just ramped up to bigger and bigger pranks. A lot of the pranks are very innocent, but some of gotten pretty graphic which is why I have started thinking about Lexi. One prank I pulled was pouring a bucket of cold water on top of Lexi while she was taking a shower. She screeched in pain and maybe some pleasure, and she yanked the curtain back enough for me to get the briefest glance at her one wet and soapy breast. I remember thinking that I was in so much trouble for that prank, but she got me back. She was walking back to her room after that shower wearing just a towel, walking slowly to make sure I was paying attention. She got back to her bedroom door and let her towel drop as she slowly grabbed the doorknob, giving me a nice, well-lit view of her perfectly round and perky ass. It was the ass you would expect a lifelong cheerleader to have, and it was not at all a letdown, I mean it served for multiple withdrawals from the spank bank memory.

Thinking about Lexi might not have been the best idea to do while at a lecture. The lecture is over, and people are leaving but I’ll be hanging back to “act” like I am still taking some notes and not because of any other reason; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The walk back home was a nice and simple one. Birds chirping, the autumn breeze carrying leaves of different colors, and people everywhere walking past me. I think I saw someone playing Pokémon go and think about how I haven’t been on my Pokémon Go in a while. I take a different route than I normally take because the game was showing a Machamp nearby and I haven’t gotten that one yet. After catching the Pokémon I needed to help me collect them all I notice a food joint and I go in because it smells delicious. Sitting in the booth I overhear the couple talking behind me while I eat.

“Yeah and that’s when I was told that there was a spyware app thingy on my phone” the voice of a stereotypical preppy girl said.

“Wait who put it on there?” a guy’s voice said in concern
Reading my book about coding on my phone I really wasn’t listening fully. Gonna college for artificial intelligence coding wasn’t something that you could just take lightly. Meaning getting studying done at any moment is helpful.

“Well why would he do that? What a fucking creep!” the guy said getting a little bit outraged.

“So that he could get my OnlyFans pictures or some shit” The preppy girl started to sound irritated.

Perking my ear up a bit I realize I have missed something, and this conversation has escalated quickly. Now I wish I was paying more attention to them. But unfortunately, this is messing with my studies so I finished up and left the restaurant. Walking back to the apartment I begin of thinking about pranks I could pull that might give me more time looking at Lexi’s sexy little body.

Walking into the door without announcing myself might have been the best Idea for me. I close the door behind me seeing the kitchen bar to my right with the little kitchen past that breakfast bar type of furniture. I put my keys on the counter in the bowl we set for keys. Looking straight ahead I see the floor to ceiling sliding glass door to access the small balcony, before that is our couch and the tv in front of it. Something catches my eye as I was looking forward to plopping down on the couch to study.

What I notice is a light coming from the counter. It was Lexi’s phone, unattended, and unlocked. There is so much I could do with that to prank her. Grabbing the phone, I begin to look for anything like pictures or videos I could send myself to enjoy of her. I pause thinking about it, I want something that is gonna last longer as a prank. I don’t know what came over me but I went into the phone and downloaded multiple apps that allow me to spy, view, and possibly control her phone. Connecting my phone to hers through backdoors, I also use another app to hide all the applications I had just downloaded.

“What are you doing?” Lexi said standing at her bedroom door that overlooks the kitchen. I have been caught red-handed, but how do I get out of this. I hold out the phone so that she can take back the phone.

“ah ummm you know looking for nudes like normal guy stuff” I say as I mentally pat myself on the back for coming up with something off the top of my head. Lexi takes the phone looking at me weird, but I can’t tell if that’s a ‘you’re a creep’ weird or a ‘How did you not see any nudes?’ weird. “Welp! I guess I should be heading to bed for a few hours of sleep, you know before my next class or work…” I said trailing off as I slowly step off to the right heading to my room.


In my room, I lay on my bed with my right arm behind my head acting as a makeshift pillow to prop me up sitting against the wall. Holding my phone in my left hand, looking down at it just waiting for something interesting to happen. The programs I have installed on Lexi’s phone are completely new to me, I all the time love to hate the new application learning curve. It’s fun playing with something new but absolutely frustrating when it doesn’t work like opening an app you’ve had for years like Instagram.

Wondering why I haven’t seen anything from Lexi’s phone I dig into the app a little bit. I put a few programs on her phone, one that lets me intercept text messages from almost any messaging app, one that screen shadows hers, and even one that lets me track where her phone is. I was just wanting to screen shadow her phone just so I can see what she was doing on her phone but it doesn’t seem to be working.

After a little bit of researching and possibly some cursing I was able to find out what the issue was. The app doesn’t work unless she’s on her phone and it can’t be locked. “Ok well I guess I can’t do anything about it but wait for her to unlock her phone”

After what might have been longer than I want to admit, I came up with a great idea of how to get her to go on her phone to see if my app works; I’ll just text her. Wow I’m dumb… doesn’t matter I got it now. I sent her a message that reads ‘Hey did you touch my stuff in my room?’ Wow that was probably the lamest thing I have ever texted a girl. It doesn’t matter I just need her to look at her phone.

Another forty-five minutes later and I get a notification on my phone, one of those little red blips on the program. Why did I all the time have some sort of dislike for them…


I open the program, and it takes a moment to realize what I’m looking at, but it really is her phone and even shows me what she was pushing on the screen. Basically, if she were playing a game on her phone, I would be able to watch everything she clicked on. She is looking at the message I sent her. She starts to type something out as I read it. ‘STFU! I do what I want but then she erased it all. Again ‘I was looking for your dildos (smiley emoji)’ but again she erased it all. ‘For all you know I was setting up cameras’ with a bunch of emojis. I watched her hit send and a few seconds later I had it pop up on my phone. “Sweet! It works”

Texting her only a few more times, I drop the whole camera conversation… after actually looking around for some sort of creep camera. I wouldn’t be mad if there really was one, I would just be upset that I didn’t think of it first. After digging around a bit in the app I discover a setting where I can intercept her text messages.

“Well isn’t this interesting” I said to myself alone in my room smiling like a goofball looking at my phone. Turning on the intercept setting, nothing happens immediately, but after giving it a few moments wait. Lexi opens her phone again and starts typing another message this time to her boyfriend and it reads “Hey Baby! Want to come over for some Netflix” followed by a good bit of heart emojis and one winking face. Watching my screen, I expected to see the three dots on her phone pop up letting her know her boyfriend was responding. What happened was the message was routed to my phone and never actually went to him.

“Ah so I become the middle man… how do I make this work for me?”

So if her outgoing message come to me then more than likely I might get her incoming messages too. Before I can make this work for me I have to have something else. I turn off the intercept coding and turn on my computer


Not able to discover what I was looking for on the dark web, I have to code it myself. Something that took me a good month of non-stop working in my room. Normally something like this would take months to complete, but coding is what I know and I have been non-stop coding feverishly thinking about Lexi and how I’m gonna take benefit of this situation.

Turning on the shadow viewing and the intercept mood, leaning back in my gaming chair to get comfortable, putting my feet up on my desk. With good timing on my side, Lexi sends a message to Joey, “Hey babe I have a surprise for you tonight if you want to come over”. The message then pops on my phone, and now it’s time to test my new program.

I send the message to Joey spoofing her number and if he thinks it came from her then I will know I have made it work. After a few moments of nail-biting waiting, I get a message from Joey. “Cant 2nite bae got 2 work l8” I roll my eyes inwardly reading his message

“Geez Joey I almost had a fucking stroke trying to read your message come on man, you’re an adult for crying out loud” I exclaim to myself in my room. Then thinking about what he said I realize. “If he isn’t going to be coming over tonight this might be my chance” I say to my empty room.

I spoof Joey’s number and pull up Lexi. “Hey Babe, I have an idea if you are feeling a little bit frisky today. It might be a little bit weird but it will be fun. Do you want to know what I have in mind?”. After sending the message I hope that it doesn’t look too different or seem too off from what he texts like normally. One thing I have learned is that everyone has their own style of texting, it’s almost as unique as fingerprints.

The longest fifteen minutes passed agonizingly slow. But then a message digitalized on my screen. From Lexi it read “oohhh yeah? What’s got into you lately? IDC! TellME!” plenty of emojis along with the message. Well, that was far too easy, is this girl deprived or just has a hyper sex drive.

Sending her another message I leave no detail out. “Ok, first things first I’ll be over in about an hour, enough time for you to get ready. First, you are going to be get naked for me. Second, you are going to wear a blindfold and the major rule is you are not allowed to take it off no matter what happens, only at my command can you take it off got it? Last, I’m not going to be saying anything no matter what, you can talk and in fact, I want you to talk, tell me everything that you feel or what’s on your mind” I was on a roll typing this out “Oh and the last thing I have to work late tonight so afterward I do have to leave and go to work” That last part was to cover my tracks so that hopefully she will say something like sorry you had to work late. Which is why I also phrased it that way.

This time she responds a little bit faster, almost immediately. “AWW you have to leave? You can’t call out? I want to have cuddles!”. Knowing that this would be something that she might say, I mean my girlfriend would say it too… along with other stuff too. I type out “I know baby girl but I got called in and I already told them that I would come back it’s hard to go back on that you know that” she then sends a rapid set of messages back to back “Ok! Fair enough” “I understand the rules” “So what’s the play here”. I hadn’t wondered past the point “House burglar and sleeping girl?” I took a guess at her kinks. The next message said more than it read “OMG finally!” with a bunch of emojis following in a separate message.

“Good now get ready ill be over in a little bit” I send her one last message, and through my door, I swear I could hear her running around to get ready. There’s no way that is true as her room was on the other side of the apartment. That’s when I heard three rapid knocks on my door. Looking at the door I raise an eyebrow.

“Hey! Kevin, do you have a blindfold?” the tone of Lexi’s voice was high-pitched dipped with sexual undertones, even through the door. “You know the sun is bright and I want to take a… nap. Yeah, a nap!” She starts to talk more but is interrupted by the door swinging open.

“A what? Why do you want a blindfold?” I need to play along so she doesn’t get suspicious. “I have seen you take a nap on couch with the sun right in your eyes before. You were also laying upside down on the couch with all the blood running to your head like you were a bat. So tell me why you need a blindfold?” I smirk, wanting to see how she reacts.

“Uhhhh… I’m… doing a cosplay?” she smiles showing one of her dimples and cocks her head to the side with her ponytail dangling. It was only at this time that I noticed what she was wearing in the first place. She had on a neon pink sports bra, which was only barely hiding the true size of her breasts. She was also wearing yoga pants or leggings, really I couldn’t tell you the difference if you paid me. Either way, it was stretchy pants that also made her ass look great. Now I wonder if she was doing her daily yoga or… how would I know? I work mostly with the bench press ok!

Wait. Not Crucial. Back to the half-naked girl in front of me.

“Please Kevin? I’m trying to dress as Naruto” She said almost as a plea or begging.

“Umm Naruto huh?” I ask knowing she doesn’t watch anime

“Yeah” she demands with her hand on her hip now feeling like she said the wrong name but not backing down.

“Ok good enough reason for me” I say smiling. “Let me go grab it” I walk into my closet and pull out a blindfold that is pink and fuzzy, handing it to her she holds it out and looks up at me since she is barely five foot three and I’m over six feet. She raises her eyebrow in an accusative demeanor. “What? Don’t judge me, it’s Zoey’s ok! She has this thing about not being able to sleep without being in complete darkness” I lied but convincingly.

She looks at me again tilting her head to the other side and rolls her eyes smiling “ok whatever you say ill just take your word for it”

She turned on her heels and practically skipped back to her side of the apartment. I watched as she opens her bedroom door and slips into her privacy. I close my door and pick up my phone, curious as to what she plans on saying to “joey”. Will she tell him that she got it from me or will she say she found it?

No mention of the blindfold all she sends is “I’m Ready!!”. That’s good enough for me, maybe joey gets jealous, and she didn’t want to make him before getting something that she has been wanting for a while now it seems.


With the time getting closer to what we set I begin to get a little bit nervous about finally getting to see my roommate naked. My phone is charged, and she is waiting for me naked in her room, well she’s waiting for her boyfriend. Doesn’t matter I don’t plan on doing anything that would be wrong just want to get a picture or two and then somehow think about how I could turn it into a prank.

Sneaking out of my own room, I feel ridiculous, I look from right to left which makes no sense. To my right is a wall with my room on the other side, straight ahead of me is the shared bathroom. Yes, if I cut a hole in my wall in just the right place I could see into the shower. I step out of the room standing up straight, because this is my apartment damnit, I shouldn’t be afraid, also because there was no movement or sign of Lexi, so the coast is clear.

Walking slowly into the kitchen/living room area, one step at a time to make sure it doesn’t make a noise or disturbance. The afternoon/evening sky was orange with purples and pinks, something I would expect to see in a vivid anime. Pretending to enjoy the view out of the sliding glass door just in case Lexi walks out and catches me I have an excuse. After enough time passing without hearing or seeing Lexi, I discover it the right time to begin walking to her door. The last obstacle I have before hopefully seeing Lexi naked.

As I grab the handle of the door, I can feel my heart racing. She could be on the other side waiting to catch me in the act and get me in a lot of trouble. Or, and this might be the worst of the two options. She is waiting to catch me in the prank and somehow turn it around on me because she knew all along.

Fuck!” I whisper harshly to myself. “That would be the worst”. Me getting into trouble with her is one thing but getting reverse pranked, absolutely the worst.

Opening the door slowly, as it slowly glides into the room, I poke my head in hoping she isn’t just standing there waiting for me. She wasn’t standing there, no, in fact, she was laying on the bed fully exposed to the orange and pinkish light coming in through her window. When I describe her body as perfect, I have no other way of describing it. She was laying on top of the covers, only wearing the pink blindfold. One knee bent with her foot on the bed, the other leg stretched out in just the right way that her thighs were blocking the ability to see her pussy. She had her arms above her head to make sure she is exposing herself completely. I found myself staring at her breasts which looked smaller from her laying on her back, but I knew how big they really were. Her athletic body, perfectly toned from her constant cheerleading practice. It’s also not often that I see her long blonde hair down, normally it’s up in a ponytail.

Lexi was smiling as big as she could without showing her teeth. “Don’t just stare at me baby” her voice is softer and way more seductive than I have ever heard it. “Come on touch me baby. I know you can’t talk but that doesn’t mean you can’t touch me, right? Please!”

If this wasn’t the most deceptive way to see a girl naked on her bed and she was aware it was me, I would already be spreading her legs. Instead, I have already taken a few pictures of her gorgeous body and the intoxicating smile.

“Baby are you still there?” Lexi starts to reach for her blindfold.

I smack her ass on the leg that is lifted so there is room for me to hit her ass and not just thigh. Hoping that she gets the message not to take off her blindfold.

“Oh right! Sorry baby” her voice still sweet and innocently playful. “I have to play the role. Sorry baby, ok ill play. No! don’t touch me…. Wait I’m supposed to be asleep aren’t I? I can do it please baby I swear I got this”

She finally said in a soft whining tone that was clearly used to be overtly sexual. I walk back around to where her feet were and I slowly place my hand on her knee, I then slowly push it away from her other leg. I have my phone recording as I slowly spread her legs, revealing her gorgeous pussy lips. As her leg slowly fell to the bed I watched her pussy lips slowly spread aside, not by much as she had an innie and I could tell that she was already completely soaked, clearly, she was turned on by the idea of a robber breaking in while she was sleeping and to be used by them. Her pussy lips were already glistening and dripping wet. I could tell that at this very moment she wanted to have something, or someone touch her.

Lexi pretends to be asleep but making soft moans at my touch to presumably make sure she lets me know that she is playing along and hasn’t really fallen asleep. Once I have taken enough pictures and videos to have for my own accord, I take my hand off her leg and head for the door. The doorknob has a very distinctive rattling noise that isn’t made from the outside apparently.

“Baby where are you going? I thought we were going to have some fun. Please! You can’t leave me turned on like this and not touch me even a little bit” She whined as she also rolled around on the bed. Now her voice seemed to get a little more demanding as she used more force to sit up and said “You can’t leave! You got me all riled up now get your ass over here and finish what you started, I do not care about your job at this moment!”

What else could I do at this moment? So, I did the only thing I could think of, I close the door back and made a show of it so that she knows that I haven’t left. I make my footsteps heard this way she didn’t take of the blindfold, and I get in trouble.

“That’s more like it! Now get your cock out and fuck the poor unsuspecting sleeping girl that you are robbing” She used her tone of demanding again, then she laid back down on the beck spreading her legs more, making a show of what she wanted.


After getting closer I put a little bit of my weight on her bed as I use my fingers to slowly trace up her thighs and legs. This action is followed by a moan that I was not expecting. I teasingly slide my hand up her thigh, recording as much as I can as well. I slowly slide my fingertips over her glistening pussy lips, feeling how wet she is and if I wasn’t being careful my finger would easily slip into her little pink slit. After she moans out from the pleasure of my touch she speaks.

“This scenario is perfect for you baby! As a robber you wont have to eat me out or finger me.” She contemplated what she is about to say next. “I know that you don’t like to do that. Which this is perfect all you have to do is stick it in and have your way with my sleeping body”

Hearing that I think to myself. What guy wouldn’t want to feel this soft perfect little pussy, hell who wouldn’t want to taste it. She looks like she would taste of cupcakes. But I can’t have sex with her right? I Cant take benefit of her can I?

“Baby! Are you there” Lexi reaches for her blindfold again.

I grab her ankle hard to let her know I’m still here and hopefully she doesn’t take off her blindfold. I notice how much bigger my hand is to her ankle, I could probably cut off her circulation with how much my hand can squeeze around her tiny ankle. That’s it isn’t it? I don’t have a choice now. I stand up and slowly take my cock out of my jeans.

I slowly place the head of my cock against her wet pussy lips, and the first thing I notice is how much bigger my cock is to her whole pussy. The head alone blocks and covers the entire view of her little pussy. It was only at this moment that I noticed the size difference there was between me and my roommate. Just to notice the difference I place the base and my balls against her pussy lips and see how far my cock would go inside of her by placing it against her belly. I slowly drag my cock against her belly hearing her moan. I place the head against her lips again rubbing the head of my cock up and down on her wet pussy lips getting the head of my cock soaking wet in a matter of a few strokes. Lexi’s moans are now seeping into my brain releasing the proper chemicals to awaken my animalist urges of ripping my cock inside of her.

I can’t fight anymore, from her moans and the size kink that I have acquired over the years from my girlfriend. I slowly begin to push the head of cock into her pussy. She moans and grips the bed sheets hard. If she wasn’t so wet this would have been a nightmare to fit inside of her. I can feel how tight her pussy is and from her moans getting more strained and mixed with pain. I watch as the head of my cock slowly disappears into her tight hole. That’s when I begin to wonder, was she a virgin before this? No! right? She seemed too comfortable to be the same characteristics as the ordinary virgin.

As if reading my mind Lexi lets a passionate voice fill the air “OH fuck! Baby, did you get bigger since last time?” She lets out a moan as I watch her toes curl slightly.

A primal turn-on of being bigger than the girl’s last guy starts to take over. I push a little harder and I can almost feel her pussy walls stretch around my cock. Watching her squirm around on the bed pulling up the sheets and gritting her teeth from the pain but moaning with pure pleasure. I keep pushing until I am all the way inside of her. The head of my cock pressing against her cervix bottoming out.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” Lexi starts breathing heavier and her legs wrapped around my waist. “STOP!!! Just STOP! FUCK! You got bigger WHAT THE FUCK!” The grip of her legs around my waist is almost preventing me from moving. Instead of pulling out I stay where she has me to hear what she has to say. “FUCK! That’s Fucking DEEP!” Breathing heavy still she gets her breath back and says “Ok baby Fuck! Slowly ok? ITS FUCKING DEEP”

I do as she says going slow which only causes her to moan more. As I slowly pull out I swear I see a little splotch of blood. Getting all the way out I push slowly back into her pussy. She moans more and I can feel her pussy was still just as tight as the first time. I push all the way back in, hitting her cervix again I hear her let out a grunt which only turns me on more.

She has lost all character by now, no longer playing as a victim as a robbery instead Lexi was moaning and clawing at my thighs. I was standing up and not laying on top of her because I don’t want her to notice the difference in body types. I grab one of her thighs forcing it down as I begin to thrust harder and faster with each thrust. Repeating this action until our bodies were making clapping from each forceful thrust.

“OH GOD BABY DON’T STOP IM GOING TO CUEFFUPH….” That was all I heard as I could see her entire body losing all body motor functions. Shaking uncontrollably.

Lexi lets out a moan that I never heard her make before and then she starts to try begging me to give her a breather but I’m already too far gone. She switched to begging me to keep going as she wanted to cum again. After a few more times of making her cum she starts to lose her grip on the bed, and I can tell she was worn out.

Grabbing my cock, I yank out and begin shooting my hot load on her belly and tits. I admire my artistic work of cum all on her tanned tone body. Lexi moans and breaths heavily as I make my exit and head to my room.


Falling backward on my bed I look up at the ceiling wondering what I have just done. I cheated on my girlfriend with my roommate who has no idea it was even me. Letting out the first full-strength breath I have let out since sneaking into her room. I get a message from Lexi, or better yet I should say that “Joey” got a message from Lexi. The message read “That was so much fun baby and you left such a mess, you have never cum this much! Have fun at work” the emojis were mostly hearts and kissy faces. But next came a full nude of her covered in my cum.

I only forward the have fun at work message to Joey, but it changed when he messaged her back. “Hey babe they let me off work early and I’m heading that way”

Normally I would freak out but I have been planning this for a while so I know what I should do. I send Lexi the message “Hey babe just called from work they don’t need my help after all so let’s go for round two but this time don’t say anything about the last time act like it never happened” and now I sit here and wait to see if she takes the bait.

“Ok baby ill take a shower see you in a few” and that’s when I heard her outside my door rushing to get into the bathroom.

The next morning, I have the messages on automatic but I watch the exchange. Lexi texts Joey “OMG BABY last night felt better than ever before your cock hit every spot. Don’t feel so bad that you came so quickly I loved it so much”

Joey sends back “Idk what happen but damn you felt so different I could not hold it anymore” and another message “Idk what you did to make it feel so different”. “Stretches or exercises but fuck, do it more often”

Lexi seems confused in her next text and says “What do you mean of course you do. It was you! You fucked me hard and deep baby that was the only thing that was different. You stretched me out and then were more gentle the second time which felt so amazing if you would have lasted a few more seconds I would have cum but I don’t care I came like 12 times the time before it”

OH FUCK! This is bad he is gonna freak out and I’m gonna be caught…

NSFW: yes

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