Thanksgiving story

Now that it’s thanksgiving time I got reminded me of thanksgiving when I was 18. My family hosted and a family my parents knew but weren’t related to showed up. It was my first time meeting them. They had a daughter my age. She showed up in skimpy clothing. At the dinner table we sat next to each other and she rubbed her feet on my legs. I started rubbing her leg under the table too. A football game was on tv and everyone left the dinner table to go watch. I was going to get up and go but she grabbed me. She whispered in my ear, “let’s fuck”. We snuck n upstairs to my room and locked the door. She took her tits out and wr started making out. I got a face full of tits too. We took each other’s clothes off and I ate her out and rubbed her clit. After that she sucked my dick. After that we did missionary and doggy on the bed. I came in her mouth after she said she wanted a creamy dessert.

NSFW: yes

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