Taking turns dominating and degrading each other

Me and my girl like super rough, degrading sex. I know most couples usually have a dom and a sub, but we do this thing where whoever’s on top is in charge, and it’s amazing.

It usually starts with a bj. I like to make her kneel on the floor and suck me off with her hands behind her back for a while before I move on to fucking her face. And I mean really fucking her face – fist full of hair pounding her mouth as hard as I can. If she doesn’t gag and drool, it doesn’t count. I at all times slip in some cock slaps and spread her spit over her face with my dick when she catches her breath. The other day I made her say “please fuck my mouth” and then “ahh” while i throatfucked her before getting her to cockslap herself! I like shoving my cock in her cheek such that it bulges out too. One of the best things is making her just stick her tongue all the way out and running my taint, balls and entire shaft across her tongue before showing my cock down her throat again.

If we do missionary, it’s at all times in a pile driver position so I can really rail her pussy good. She likes getting slapped, and the other hand is either at all times around her neck or groping her tits. She has really sensitive feet and sometimes they end up in front of my face when we’re in this position. I’ll lick her arches or nibble on her toes tenderly and then suddenly slap her soles real hard which makes her yelp and cream at the same time.

When I hit it from the back, I like to make her do a modified doggy where instead of being on all fours, her hands are behind her back and her face is right against the mattress. Usually I make her pose submissively for me like this while I spank her ass before I put it in. She likes it when I have my hand on the back of her neck and push her face into the bed. If we’re feeling frisky, I’ll even bounce her head off the mattress a few times and it at all times make her gush. If she starts getting lazy and loses the arch in her back, she gets a double fishhook till she behaves herself. Sometimes I even do it regardless.

When she’s on top, she rides me harder than any girl I’ve been with. I’ve had to learn how to keep myself from busting early. All the time chokes me hard while
she rides, and slaps the shit outta me the whole time. I’m talking real tight slaps, multiple in a row.

Sometimes she’ll hop off and throat my dick, then get back on, grab my face and spit in my mouth. It’s so disgusting and so fucking hot at the same time.
She digs into my skin when she cums and likes to straddle my face, grab my hair, and full on ride and grind on me as I eat her out.

It at all times ends with me back on top though, so I can cum all over her face and tits

NSFW: yes

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