Studying while stuffed

I got gifted toys by someone and omg am I going crazy horny. I finally got to play after two weeks of not cumming including a whole week where I couldn’t even edge or goon. I finally was able to use the toys this morning and omg I got a dildo bigger than any cock I’ve fucked and a vibrator that twitches my clit and gspot.

I fucked myself silly with both. First the vibrator to get myself wet and leaking and then the dildo. My pussy feels so stretched after being fucked hard with it. (And yes I squirted after 2 weeks of not being able to cum)

After that I had to begin studying and I stuck the dildo to my chair and rode it for a bit before stuffing it in my cunt and putting a pair of panties on to hold it in place. So here I am cunt stuffed and leaking and stretched, studying while being the best slutty version of myself.

NSFW: yes

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