Strangers in the dark at summer camp

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This happened when I was a 19F summer camp counsellor. The staff had to come to camp a week early to do training and set up for camp before the kids arrived. We were all around 19-22 age range. They had us divided into male and female cabins, but there was no one supervising since we were the staff, so people went back and forth always. On the second or third night I woke up because someone opened the door of our cabin and came in. Whoever it was got into the bottom bunk next to mine and started making out with the girl who was in there. It was too dark to see what they did, but based on the moaning towards the end I assume they had sex or oral sex or something like that.
The next night, the door opened again and two people came in, and one got into the bunk next to me like the night before, while the other got into my bunk next to me. I wasn’t sure who the guy next to me was, I couldn’t see his face in the dark. It felt really strange to do but I whispered to him, “who’s this?” and he said “it’s Matt.” I told him my name too. There were a few Matts who were on the staff but I wondered I recognized his voice as the Matt from cabin 5, who was a decently cute guy, I hadn’t talked to him much. He took my hand and put it on his dick, which was already hard, and he felt around for my boobs and started touching them, squeezing them. The whole situation, listening to the couple in the other bed, was getting me horny fast, so I started rubbing his dick. He pulled his pants down and put his dick in my hand, and I started stroking it. I had never actually held a dick in my hand, only felt them through guys’ pants. It was exciting hearing his breathing get heavier while he got closer, and feeling my pussy get wet. At some point he took his hand off my tit and rubbed through my panties, then slipped underneath them and found my clit. I had never had it touched by another person and I couldn’t help but moan, it felt so good. Pretty soon he was whispering “I’m gonna cum, fuck, go faster.” I jerked faster and he came, and I felt some of it on my hand. He rubbed my clit harder until I came too, the first orgasm I had from another person. Neither of us said anything and he just got up and left. I saw Matt from cabin 5 the next day but we didn’t talk, I still couldn’t tell for sure if it was him or not. I never did end up finding out for sure who my partner was that night.

NSFW: yes

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