Stories detailing a sexual relationship with mature asian momma at home. [MF]

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I guess to begin I am open to detailing and speaking about the sexual relationship at home over many years which has continued since I was 22 between me and my mum. Both parties are fully comitted so it’s definitely not a sob story but as you can imagine it’s not something which I ever wondered would be a factor in my lifetime.

Growing up it was never ‘a thing’ albeit culturally nudity has been less taboo than in the west so I was perhaps more exposed than the average brit or American to that but it really did begin when me and my mum shared a room & bed when my dad became ill and although they weren’t fully together all of his stuff and medical equipment was thrown into my room.

Also for reference my mum is 56, thicc, hairy, fat mum bod, brunette, 5’5, natural looking.

At that point in time albeit I could probably sit here and list 50 different reasons as to why it began there was a lot of issues around co dependency, reliance on me financially, being the rock and man of the house, us becoming closer, sharing a bed, nudity the whole pot of emotions and circumstances.

It blurred lines and it was a progression over time into 7 years now which I still can’t quite believe but here we are.

It was probably around a year into sharing a room when anything sexual happened but it did spiral and albeit getting to that line is so far removed from typical life once you have crossed that it’s very easy to run with it and become comfortable to the point now where it is a fully fledged sexual relationship and whilst I don’t walk around with a sign saying my mums my girlfriend, it’s definitely fair to say my own mother is my girlfriend after seven years of sex.

There’s no real judgement from people because no one does know and it is just us at home so whilst I do see my mum like my mum because she is we do live a life which is probably more like a couple than most married couples and it is difficult to see that changing now years have passed.

I certainly don’t advocate pulling your mothers knickers down if you did it’s one wild ride into a weird world lol.

Thanks and discussion is welcome from people reaching out.

NSFW: yes

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