Step Mother-in-Law

My father-in-law (60) left my mother-in-law before I met my wife. He married his younger secretary when my wife and I were dating.

They have been married almost twenty years. My wife and I have been married fifteen years.

Amy (49) is my (37) step mother-in-law.

The drama of it all is in the past. Everyone gets on well, especially Amy and I. We joke about being the outsiders who married into a close-knit family.

She’s gorgeous. I flirt with her regularly and we talk about everything. There was never any wondered of taking that relationship further.

We are both happily married.

But this past fall we had sex.

She and my FiL live in Florida. They have a great little house with a completely private backyard. There is a screened-in pool right out the back doors.

When we visit I spend as much time nude or near nude (speedos/bikinis) as I can. I wake up early and begin the day under the sun and end the day floating under the stars.

No one else cares to be nude so I don’t do it when anyone is around.

It was a hot morning. The sun was blazing and everyone was still in bed. I went out back and stripped down. I jumped into the pool to cool off, then laid on a towel on the deck.

I had a hand towel I dipped in the pool that I laid across my eyes. I wondered I’d be able to hear if anyone opened the door. I was wrong.

I heard footsteps and then I heard Amy’s voice.

“Can I join you?”

Sure I said. I didn’t mind her seeing me naked, but with the towel over my eyes I couldn’t see what she was wearing.

She was wearing something. I heard her clothes drop in a pile nearby, and then she jumped in the water.

I heard her get out, unroll a towel next to me, and lie down.

I peaked out to formally greet her. She was naked too.

I recovered my eyes but had nothing to cover my growing cock.

We chatted for a minute before she addressed my erection. I popped the towel off my eyes and turned toward.

I gave it to her straight. She knows how I feel and seeing her naked next to me got me going.

“Me too,” she said back.

I laid back on my towel and she reached over. She danced her fingers up and down my cock before she began to stroke.

I reached my hand over. I felt how wet she was and began rubbing little circles on her clit.

Then she blurted out, “We need to hurry before everyone wakes up.”

The last bit of backstory: I had a vasectomy years ago. She knows this.

She quickly swung her leg over me and climbed on to my cock. She came down slowly. We took a moment for little movements to get acclimated before she began to ride.

She’s fucking amazing.

She rode like a pro. Her tits, so round and full but with a slight hang that makes them torpedo (my absolute favorite), bounced as her hips ran back and forth.

Her goal was speed, and it wasn’t gonna be long.

The hardest part was keeping quiet.

I came first but she was a close second. She laid down on top of me and we kissed for a minute as our bodies recovered.

We cleaned up quick and got appropriately dressed. We were lounging in chairs when everyone else came out.

The rest of the day was filled with winks and pinches.

NSFW: yes

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