Steamy Adventures Unveiled: Recent Developments in the Dominance of PluggedPantyBoy – Sex Stories Revealed!

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Sorry for our absence, but we’ve been engrossed in some scintillating endeavors.

I wanted to distribute a tantalizing update. As some of you may recall, I’m an alluring older woman, a seductive cougar, who has embarked on a captivating journey to dominate a younger man. Not only sexually, but in every aspect of his daily life. It’s a psychological necessity we both believe he requires.

To rundown, one of my first steps was to introduce him to the world of women’s lingerie. Initially, I had him sporadically wear women’s panties, gradually increasing the duration and frequency until it became his constant attire. And let me be clear, none of those loose men’s briefs would do. I insisted on delicate, one size too small, girl’s panties, favoring thongs for their feminine allure. After a week of acclimatization, I astounded him by ridding his drawer of boxer shorts and ceremoniously burning them, symbolizing the dawn of his new typical.

Next, I introduced him to the enthralling realm of butt plugs. Over time, I steadily extended the periods and frequency during which he wore them. It was paramount to me that he stayed plugged and clad in his panties if we were to embark on this path. With unwavering commitment, he achieved this goal after a couple of weeks. Every day, I meticulously select the thongs he will wear along with the particular butt plug that will grace his posterior. I frequently alter the sizes and shapes, denying him comfort and reaffirming my continued dominance and ownership.

Within the confines of our home, he is permitted to wear nothing but a plug and panties. Whether he is doing the dishes or vacuuming, an apron would offer him no solace. I relish in his constant exposure and vulnerability. It arouses us both immensely. Witnessing him pleasure himself has all the time delighted me. However, capturing those intimate moments on video and sharing them with my select circle of friends heightened the experience exponentially. I reveled in his profound embarrassment as he performed for my friends, confined solely to his plug and panties. The weekend reached extraordinary levels of heat, as he continued to entertain them, effectively transforming his experiences into a captivating memoir that took shape in the form of a small book.

To this day, the sight of my friends observing his fervent self-pleasure via FaceTime invigorates him in methods unparalleled. They too revel in the spectacle. His beautifully sculpted member ignites my desire, and his skilled strokes never fail to leave me drenched with anticipation. Our exploration of exhibitionism will undoubtedly continue. The notion of inviting more people to witness or delving into the realm of amateur pornography is gaining traction. Imagining him inserting his plug, sensuously stroking himself, and passionately engaging with his fleshlight entices me. And let’s not forget about pegging. I am willing to introduce him to this alluring realm, envisioning a provocative movie that would unquestionably leave him blushing. Perhaps I shall invite my friends to witness this exquisite spectacle; I’m certain they would relish in observing him being penetrated by a strap-on. Oh, the mischievous delight I shall have with this. ?

Furthermore, one of our upcoming endeavors includes exploring the realm of light chastity. Admittedly, it’s not a particular turn-on for either of us, but the essence of his submission lies in his unwavering trust that I will continuously test his boundaries, even if it means venturing outside our comfort. His magnificent manhood deserves admiration, and I discover great pleasure in those spontaneous moments when it springs to life for no apparent reason. ?

That’s the crux of our current situation. I shall endeavor to distribute more enthralling content on Reddit more frequently. Perhaps I’ll grace you with some tantalizing short videos. Speaking of which, today he’s adorned in a bewitching combination of a black Snug-Plug and pink lace thongs. If anyone desires a visual treat, feel free to message me. The thrill of flaunting him and witnessing his embarrassment is an exquisite pleasure for me.

That’s all for now. Rest assured, more seductive tales will be coming your way soon.

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