Spending the night with my wife and my childhood friend (Part 1 of 2)

Let me set the scene first. My wife, Rachel (F, 25), and I (M, 26) have a very good relationship. We’re both very committed to one another and have full trust in one another. Besides the occasional dirty talk in bed where I may call her a “bad girl” or where we might roleplay as another person/couple, we are in general very conservative, modest people outside of the bedroom. That being said, it has all the time turned me on to think about my wife with another man. Particularly, my childhood friend Matt. Matt is a former athlete who is admittedly in very good shape still in his mid 20’s.

While I do consider myself straight, Matt and I were all the time so close growing up and were not shy to distribute a bathroom together and/or change around each other. We would often see each other naked, but it was all the time in a very natural way. We were practically brothers, and while I did catch Matt glancing at my naked body every now and then, it never bothered me. I couldn’t help myself from catching a glimpse of his naked body as well. Never once did I think of making a sexual move on Matt, for I have all the time considered myself straight. With Matt and I, it never went further than us innocently cuddling while watching a movie or slapping each other on the butt playfully. However, when we entered school, there was one night where our cuddling went a little further than usual. As we were chilling on the couch watching a movie, my head resting on the pillow right next to Matt’s chest, with his arm around me, I suddenly felt Matt reach his hand down my pants and lay his hand on my bare butt. Butterflies immediately flowed through my body. I remember looking at him ever so slightly, only to discover his eyes still fixed to the TV in front of us. Not wanting to make things awkward, I kept quite. And to be honest, I enjoyed it. A little time passed, I repositioned my body, and found my hand reaching to his lower back. As my heart pounded, I reached further, my hand now flowing between his boxer briefs and his shorts that he had on. The plumpness of his butt is what amazed me at first. Matt was a soccer player, and let me just say that I could tell from his butt. It was so juicy and just had a great feeling to it. Again, I had really no interest in going further than this, but for some reason it just felt so good laying there with him that night, our hands down each others pants as we cuddled. Throughout the rest of school, whenever Matt and I were alone in one of our dorm rooms watching a movie or TV together, we would discover each other in a similar position, our hands down each others pants, sometimes stroking up and down, sometimes massaging, or sometimes just grasping each others butts. It never went further than that. We never really even discussed it. I all the time wondered that Matt might be gay, or at least bi, but it never bothered me if he was. Hell, I was even figuring out myself what I was interested in. Matt and I were all the time so close throughout our childhood, and this stage in our lives just felt right.


Fast forward 6 years later, and I am now married. Matt is single and we are still close friends. My wife Rachel has come to be friends with Matt as well. She doesn’t know about our “past” and I didn’t intend on ever bringing it up to her. Until about a week ago. Matt came over on Friday night to hang out with the two of us, nothing out of the normal. A cold, wintery night with nothing much to do around town, we decided to stay in and drink some beers/play some board games together.


Like I said, my wife and Matt have a great relationship. They were both athletes in school and still distribute the strong, athletic create, particularly in their legs. It’s funny for me to think that I’ve both felt both of their bare butts before. And let me tell you, they both distribute a great bum. They will often joke about their high college/school careers and the rigorous workouts they used to have to complete. They still keep up with their workout routines even now after school. Matt will often come over to workout with Rachel in our downstairs gym. I will join them sometimes, but working out has never been my thing. And honestly, I like that one of my best friend’s can have a great, friendly relationship with my wife without me around. They’ll often come up from the downstairs gym sweaty and panting for breath, willing to refill their water bottles in our fridge. While Rachel often wears a t-shirt and shorts when she works out, she would often come back upstairs wearing only her sports bra and her shorts folded over, making them extra short on her. I could make out the nipples protruding from her sports bra, and I know Matt could too. Similarly, Matt would wear a simple t-shirt and shorts when working out, but would come upstairs with his shirt off, sweat trickling down his body. This is where my sexual fantasies wandered into imagining Matt and Rachel together. While I don’t believe anything every happened sexually downstairs while they were working out together alone, it was fun for me to imagine. In fact, once their workouts together became a routine for them, I couldn’t withstand masturbating to the idea of them together WHILE they worked out. It is the biggest rush ever beating off in our bedroom while I hear them talking/joking/grunting their way through an intense workout together. Blood is rushing to my dick now as I just think about it.


Back to our Friday night together… (next, in part 2)

NSFW: yes

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