Spa stories – part two – Short Sex Story

After my first experience, it left me longing for more. The next time I went travelling in a new city, I took my time researching where I can get a Happy ending massage. Finally found a spa I was almost sure about. I walked in and asked if there were any therapists available at the moment. The lady in her early 30s was behind the counter, I paid in cash and she showed me to a narrow dimly lit passage where she introduced me to my therapist.

She folded her arms in a namaste and said “Sawadee ka”
I wasn’t expecting this. I was thinking, this doesn’t look like a HE massage place. My masseuse was a thai girl maybe in her mid 20s, she was 4’11” tall, b cups. She was wearing a red top with dragons on it and a wrap around as her bottom. She gestures me into a room, this place had doors unlike my previous encounter. She asked me to strip down and put on the flimsy underwear and left the room.

I change and lie on the table. She comes in, stretches me and then starts using the oil on me. She doesn’t speak English and is trying to communicate asking me if the pressure is okay. I complimented her about her hands being soft but she didn’t find out. She asked me if it’s okay to massage my butt, I said its fine she can go ahead. I was even more sceptical now that she asked for permission to do this. She was massaging my inner thighs and butt, I was already hard and I adjusted my dick position. She kept brushing my balls while massaging and when I twitch she kept asking me if I was okay.

The massage itself was amazing. If I didn’t have all this sexual tension, I would have dozed off because it so relaxing. She asked me to flip and I did. My penis was sticking out from the top of the flimsy underwear. She looks at it and giggles. I didn’t know what to do so I lay still. She continues with the massage, pours some oil on my chest and starts massaging my nipples and playing with it. I have sensitive nipples and this is driving me crazy. She could see my penis twitching and she makes the hand job gesture.

Me: Blowjob?
M: No, body to body
Me: okay, body to body. How much?
M: 4000₹
Me: 3000₹
M: 3500₹
Me: okay.

I hand over the cash, she strips completely revealing her petite body and perky nipples. While she is striping I ask her if I can touch her, she said yes and I started groping her breasts, licking her nipples while she is having me a handjob. After 10mins she asked me to lie down on she got on top of me. She put my penis between her thighs and was moving, all this while pushing me to cum. I finally shoot my load, she cleans me up with a towel, finishes the rest of the massage naked and joins me in the shower. We play a bit and then I exited with a very nice experience.

NSFW: yes

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