Sleeping sisters swap.

Some time has passed since our last story, but the tension is still rife. There are countless, noticeable stares and well placed movements. No intentions are directly stated, but it’s obvious what everyone wants to happen.

Late one evening, while we are home alone, my wife and I are up watching movies, and she decides to have a drink. My wife is a lightweight, to say the least. It does not take much for her to get drunk, and on this night, she was putting them back. When she gets drunk she becomes quite the character. She’s silly and playful, but also immensely horny.

We are in our room, and she is in nothing but a t-shirt and a tiny leopard print thong. As the night, and the drinks, progress she starts to get a little restless. She ends up in my lap, legs spread over my crotch, gently riding back and forth. I can feel the warmth of her growing as my cock begins to swell. I’ve got one hand on her ass helping to keep her rhythm and the other up her shirt playing with her breasts. We lock lips and our tongues swirl as passion envelops us.

She continues to ride me and I can feel her begin to squirm. She moans and her breathing escalates as her chest starts to heave. Her legs tighten their grip around me as her head falls to my shoulder: “oh god, oh god.” I can feel her soaking through her panties as she cums. Her riding slows, and she immediately makes her way down to my crotch.

She is between my legs, head bobbing up and down, my cock filling her mouth. Her ass fully exposed. She gags a little when she takes me all the way. I am overcome with pleasure. I put my head back and enjoy the warm, wet feeling on my cock.

Now, as I said before, my wife is a lightweight, and on this particular night she was really drunk. The combination of it being late, her being drunk, and having just had an intense orgasm was enough to do her in. She had taken my cock out of her mouth and was lying there slowly teasing it. I was too busy writhing with pleasure to realize that she was checking out. Soon the teasing stopped.

I looked down and noticed that she had passed out. She lay there with her shirt half up, ass out, cock still in hand. I was disappointed, but couldn’t be upset. I sat there, head back, eyes closed, just relaxing for a bit before I would eventually get up.

Warmth. Wet, slobbering warmth. My cock is pulsating. My wife is sucking my cock again. I let out a soft moan as I reach down and run my hand through her hair. She must have woken up and realized where she had left off and decided to begin up again.

Moments pass and I open my eyes to meet hers, to acknowledge and thank her, except the eyes I see staring back at me are not my wife’s, they belong to her sister. My heart skips a beat. My wife is still passed out between my legs. When I closed my eyes, I must have drifted off. Her sister must come home at some point and found us lying there in our exposed state.

She looked up at me with a smile before depositing my cock back into her mouth once more. My wife, her sister, was only an inch away. The rush I’d felt before when standing in her doorway masturbating was nothing compared to what I felt now. What if my wife woke up and saw her sister lying next to her with my cock entering in and out of her?

My panicked thoughts melted away with each passing second that my arousal built. The sound of wet lips and spit were hypnotic in my current state. Seeing her dark hair bounce up and down between my legs was a dream. I could feel her soft, supple breasts pressed up against my thighs. Through the haze of night I could make out the shape of her wonderfully round ass.

My legs started to quiver. I placed my hand firmly on her head to let her know I was gonna cum. I felt her take my cock deeper–the warmth and wetness intensified. My cock pulsating as hot cum hit the back of her throat. Swallowing, she took it all. Slowly coming to a stop she tightened her lips up to the tip of my cock making sure not to miss a drop.

She left the room without a word. I watched, both relieved and saddened, as she left. My mind a blur, my toes still curled. I felt the blood return to the rest of my body elated. I put my head back once more and closed my eyes wondering what I might wake up to next.

NSFW: yes

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