SIL Weekend Visit Continued…

SIL weekend visit again continued…

So after finding her in our bedroom fucking herself with a replica dildo of my dick the rest of the night sort of goes by without any incidents. Just the typical hanging out. My wife, SIL, and myself did get in the hot tub and she kept brushing against me under the water. Which was hot being so close to them both and not knowing if my wife could see or not!

Saturday morning is where things pickup a bit. I all the time get up early about 4:30 and go down to our home gym and begin working out. I have music playing so it’s hard to hear if anyone else comes down or anything. So anyways I’m laying down on my stomach on the bench doing a workout when I feel bare breast pushing up against my back. I look back and see it’s my SIL!!

I said oh you must’ve needed a good workout too! She said absolutely! I’m all the time looking for methods to increase my pussy muscles. I said well lucky for you I have a few workouts in mind that can help you. She said well lead the way! It’s crucial to know my bench is positioned right in front of a full length mirror so we both can have a perfect view.

I flip over and lay on my back and she straddles my face and lowers her pussy down on to my lips. I grab her bare ass while I’m eating her out and tasting her! Her hands slide down my chest to the top of my shorts. She sees I’m starting to get hard and starts rubbing me on the outside of them. She then unties them and slides her hand inside and grabs my dick and pulls it out and starts stroking me. She’s started grinding on my face a little more as things are starting to amplify.

She grabs the sides of my shorts and pulls them down a little and then leans over and starts sucking me. So we are in a full 69 position. We continue for a few minutes before swapping positions. I lay her back on the bench and climb on top of her and begin titty fucking her making sure my dick slides up to her lips with every thrust. While doing this I’m reaching back with my other hand and playing with her clit making sure she’s good and wet before sliding a couple of fingers in her. She then says I’m the guest here allow me to please you.

So we swap positions she mounts me and slowly starts grinding her hips on my dick making sure not to make it slip inside. With one quick flip of her hips and mine my dick quickly spread her lips and the tip begins to enter her. She looks down at me and moans while biting her lip and slowly pushes her hips down and makes it enter her the rest of the way. She begins to slowly ride me and maintain eye contact and give me kisses in between moans.

I then get up and position her on her knees on the bench making sure we are facing the mirror and start fucking her doggy style. It’s so hot fucking her from behind and getting a perfect view of her facial expressions in the mirror as I’m watching her tits bounce back and forth with each thrust.

She then flips over on her back and hangs her head off the edge of the bench and I continue fucking her while she gets an upside down view. Her moans have gotten louder and I can’t last much longer. I ask her where does she want me to finish. She says get up here I want to taste you. So I move up and begin throat fucking her until I explode all down her throat and mouth. She makes sure to stick her tongue out and shows me before and after she swallows!

She says mmmm that was a good workout! I may need to join you again sometime.

NSFW: yes

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