Serum 42 XXL Chapter 2


I’ve written this story through chapter 11, including the finale. All chapters are available on my website. You can discover the link in my Reddit user account if you’re interested. Or if can not discover the link there, you can search my name on google to discover my site. If you prefer to wait, I’ll post about a chapter a month here. All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!


Jackson lay in bed watching an action movie on his computer monitor. Frustration filled him. His fingers squirmed inside the bandages that wrapped each hand. His mom had given him a handjob just the day before, but it felt like it’d been weeks since he’d last cum. His balls ached, and his chemically enhanced dick bobbed slightly under the blanket with his pulse. He tried to focus on the movie.

“Hey, there.” Violet swept into his room wearing yoga pants and a tank top. “How’s my favorite brother?”

“I’m your only brother.” Jackson turned his head and frowned at her. “And I don’t feel so great.”

“No?” Violet carried a large glass beaker in her hand. She walked over to the computer, grabbed the mouse, and paused the movie. “What seems to be the trouble?”

“My balls hurt.” Jackson wasn’t normally crass, especially with family. But he was very grumpy. He was thankful, however, for the invention of yoga pants. He eyed her trim butt as she bent over to move the mouse. It was almost like she wasn’t wearing anything at all. Jackson then looked away. He wasn’t supposed to look at his sister like that.

“I see.” Violet moved her tall, slim figure across the room and sat down on the edge of the bed near Jackson’s hip. “I was afraid of that. The mass distribution side effects.”

“The what?” Jackson stared at her modest boobs hiding in her tank top. He just couldn’t help himself.

“When did you become such a perv? Eyes up here.” Violet pointed to her own brown eyes. “That’s better. What I meant was that when you got Serum 42 in your bloodstream, you got a heavy dose. If we’re lucky, your synapses will reamplify. But there are other cellular reorganizing properties to the current version of the serum.”

“I don’t understand.” Jackson shook his head on the pillow.

“What I’m trying to say is, your junk went into hyperdrive when you got that blue stuff in the cuts on your hands.” She placed the beaker on his nightstand. “I’m working on a formula to counteract Serum 42, but I need a sample from you to do the work.”

“A sample of what?” Jackson had a hard tone to his voice.

“Where’s my adoring little brother? Who are you and what have you done with him?” Violet tried to smile. Maybe irritability was a side effect of the serum? Violet made a mental note to follow up on that.

“Just tell me what you need, Violet.” Jackson sighed in exasperation and his eyes fell down to her petite boobs again.

“Maybe I should come back later.” Violet put her hands together on her lap and absentmindedly picked at one of her chipped fingernails.

“Whatever, just put my movie back on.” Jackson tried not to think of the dull steady ache in his bloated balls.

“I need a sperm sample, okay?” Violet looked over at the elf princess poster above Jackson’s bed. The elf was quite the zaftig lady in a flowing dress with a thin crown on her brow. A dragon curled up next to her and she had her hand on its large head. She’s tamed the beast, Violet wondered. “The next time you’re … um … executing manual override, just save me some stuff.”

“I won’t be doing any manual override for a while.” Jackson held up his bandaged hands. “Remember?”

“Oh, sorry. Of course.” Violet looked at his poor hands and then at the pained expression on his face. “Oooohhhhhh. Is that why you’re so grumpy? All backed up?”

“Sorta.” Jackson shrugged and put his hands back down on the blanket.

“I’m so sorry.” Violet blushed. “Chad gets cranky when it’s been too long, too.”

“Fine, can you turn the movie back on?”

“But I need the sample for the new counteractive serum.” Violet’s eyes crept down her brother’s bed until they rested on the lump under the blankets. She had already seen what Serum 42 had done to him when he was soft. But what did that monster look like hard?

“Then you’re going to have to do it.” Jackson gave her a hopeful look.

“Wow. No way.” Violet put a hand to her mouth. “Gross, Jackie. How could I … You’re my … um … and … I’m your … and I’m not cheating on Chad.” Her cheeks went from rosy to a deep red.

“I won’t tell your boyfriend.”

“I … I …” Violet looked over her shoulder at the open bedroom door. She stood and walked across the room.

“Violet, don’t go.” Jackson watched her with concern. Her slender legs looked so inviting in those yoga pants. To his relief, instead of leaving, she closed the door and locked it. She then returned to his bed and sat down next to him.

“If you tell anyone about this, you are so dead.” Violet took hold of the blanket and slowly lowered it down her brother’s body. The huge head of his cock came into view and she gasped. Then the thick, veiny shaft appeared inch by inch. Finally, his tumescent balls were revealed. “Wow. My formula really did a number on you.” She folded the blanket over his legs. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” Her fingers trembled as she reached for her brother’s dick. She wrapped her hands around the shaft. “It’s so … warm.”

“God … that feels so good.”

“I’m only doing this for science,” Violet whispered. “And to help you … with the side effects.” Her hands moved up and down the lengthened penis. “I’m so sorry this happened to you, Jackie.” But a part of her wasn’t sorry at all.

“Aahhhhh … keep … going.” Jackson watched her boobs under the tank top bounce as she moved her arms.

“It’s too dry. Isn’t it?” Violet removed her hands and spit in them. She then put them back on his cock and pumped. “Better?”


They were silent for a long while, the only sounds in the room were Violet’s slick hands on Jackson’s dick and the faint squeak of his bed.

“Are you close?” Violet couldn’t take her eyes off the dick. Her brother now wielded so much power between his legs.

“Almost … there …” Jackson shut his eyes tight. Nerves tingled all throughout his body.

“Okay.” Violet removed her right hand and grabbed the beaker from the bedside table. She kept stroking with her left hand. She then held the beaker at an angle above Jackson’s angry dickhead. She wasn’t sure how she was gonna collect the sample. Catch the stuff out of the air?

“I’m … cummmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg.” Jackson’s dam broke loose and the pure rapture of release flowed through him.

“Oh, my God.” Violet wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but it wasn’t this. A geyser of cum erupted from Jackson’s cock and sprayed high into the air. It landed in the beaker, on the blanket, on his bare stomach and chest, and on Violet’s arms. It was so hot on her bare skin. There was so much of it. She doubted Chad had produced that much the whole time they’d been together. Eventually, her writhing brother calmed down and his penis fired its last spurt. She let go of his dick and looked at the beaker. She managed to catch ten milliliters. That was more than she was expecting. Way more. And she’d failed to catch most of it. She looked down at her brother. His frail torso was covered in cum, and his dick slowly deflated. “We need to get you cleaned up before Mom finds you like this.”

“Thank you … Violet.” Jackson let out a long, shuddering breath. “I feel … so much … better.”

“Well, that’s good. I guess.” Violet bit her bottom lip. The smell was familiar to her, but so much more pungent than any of the boys she’d been with. “I’ll be right back.” Violet stood and walked toward the door. She prayed her mother wasn’t anywhere near at the moment. She set off to clean herself, get the beaker into refrigeration, and then return to Jackson to get him all cleaned up. A life in science certainly kept her busy.


“How on Earth did you change your bedding, Jackie?” Lucy stepped into her son’s room carrying a tray with a steaming bowl of soup. She closed the door behind her with her foot.

“Violet helped me out.” Jackson looked away from the movie on his computer monitor and took in the sight of his lovely mother. She had a green headband in her blonde hair, and she wore a matching green dress. “Well, that’s what I like to see in the Burton house. Sisters and brothers lending each other a hand.” She walked into the room and set the tray down on the bedside table. She then went over to his computer and paused the movie.

“Um … yeah.” Jackson didn’t really know what to say to that.

“How are you feeling?” Lucy walked back to Jackson and sat on the edge of the bed. “Any better?” She reached out with her left hand and smoothed Jackson’s brown hair off his forehead.

“Well, I sorta hurt down there.” Jackson nodded at his aching balls under the new blanket. His dick lurched a little as it filled with blood.

“Maybe some soup will make you feel better.” Lucy took a napkin off the tray and placed it under Jackson’s chin. She sprinkled some parmesan on the soup and stirred it with a spoon. While she worked, she sang a little song about wood elves finding a lost unicorn in a forgotten grotto.

“I’m eighteen, Mom. You don’t have to sing to me.” Jackson looked up at her loveliness from the pillow.

“Okay, mister grumpy.” Lucy stopped singing, took a spoonful of soup, and blew on it.

“Sorry, Mom.” Jackson tried not to stare at the wide curves Lucy’s boobs made under her dress. His sister had taken care of him a couple hours ago, but somehow he needed another release. And his need grew.

“That’s okay, you ragamuffin.” Lucy took the spoon and carefully brought it to his mouth. “Open up, sweetheart.” She fed him the spoonful and then dipped the spoon in the soup again. “Isn’t that good?”

“Yeah, it’s great. But –”

“Shh. Have some more. It’ll help you heal.” Lucy fed him another spoonful.

“It’s really good, Mom. But I’m not hungry.” Jackson’s dick continued to harden. It looked like a creature rising under his blanket. “I need you to do what you did yesterday.” Jackson nodded his head at his dick.

Lucy put the spoon down on the tray and turned her head to look at her son’s erection. “Jackie … gosh … I don’t know … I can’t keep helping you with that.” But despite her words, she reached for the blanket and quickly uncovered the monster. “It’s like something from the carnival.”

“It’s not my fault. Violet said her serum did this to me. She put it in hyperdrive or something.” Jackson’s heartbeat increased as his mom lightly caressed the veins along his shaft with her soft fingertips.

“This is because of your sister’s experiment?” Lucy marveled out how hot the skin on his penis was to her touch.

“Yeah.” Jackson nodded, his head still on the pillow. “She’s trying to fix it, but …” He shrugged.

Something inside Lucy snapped and the spell broke. “I can’t.” She pulled her hands away. “What would your father say if he knew you were asking me for such things.”

“Please?” Jackson’s lower lip trembled and tears welled in his eyes. “It’s not my fault. I need help.” He desperately needed another release. He mustered all his energy and slid out of bed. He stood looking down on his mom as she sat on the bed. “Please?”

“Well …” Lucy looked up into his face. He looked so sad. “I suppose we don’t have any other choice. Do we?” She lowered herself to her knees on the floor in front of her son. She cupped her hands over her mouth, delicately spit into them, and raised her hands to his mammoth tool. Lucy stroked with a steady rhythm. “Are you almost ready?”

Jackson’s tears dried. “We just started. Jeez, Mom.”

“Sorry, sweetheart.” She couldn’t take her eyes off Jackson’s penis. The raw masculinity of it made her feel so feminine. “You and your father are a little different I guess.”

“Yeah.” Jackson tried not to snicker at the wondered of his dad spewing the second his wife’s hands were on him.

Lucy pumped her son with furious determination for a while, willing to bring him the release he needed. But none came. “Are you close yet?”

“Getting there.”

“I’m a little tired over here.” Her hands continued to work him, her thin arms shaking with the effort. “Maybe if I put another naughty movie on for you?”

“Sure, Mom.” Jackson watched her get up and move over to the computer. He admired the flare from her waist out to her ample butt as she leaned over his desk. Apparently, she remembered where his porn folder was, because soon there was a movie on his monitor with a petite woman sucking on a giant cock.

“Is this a good one?” She looked back at him over her shoulder.

“It’s great.” Jackson loved that his sweet mom was now playing porn for him. What a world.

“Good.” She returned to her spot on the floor in front of him and resumed the handjob.

“Um … Mom …” Jackson built up the courage to ask for what he wanted. “Could you do what the woman in the video is doing?”

Lucy looked over at the monitor and then back to her son. “Jackson Christopher Burton. Oral sex is dirty and no respectable woman would ever do that.”

“But you must have done it sometime. Right?”

“Never.” Lucy’s hands continued their stroking even as she refused this new request.

“Not even with dad?” Jackson wondered most women probably gave blowjobs. This was a surprise.

“Never.” Lucy shook her head and her eyes wandered back down to that huge snake in her hands.

“Please?” Now that he knew no other dick had touched those pretty pink lips, Jackson had to see his mom with his cock in her mouth. “Pretty, please?”

“I wouldn’t even know how, Jackie.” Lucy dropped her voice, already accepting the inevitable.

“Just look at the movie and copy that.” Jackson’s dick jumped a little in his mom’s hands as he realized what she was about to do.

“Okay.” Lucy turned her head again and watched the young woman bob her head. It seemed she had little more than the head in her mouth. That didn’t seem too difficult. She turned back to Jackson and lowered her face down to that wide, round head. “Just know I wouldn’t be doing this unless I loved you more than anything.” She opened her mouth wide and with several starts and stops lowered her head until the penis brushed her lips. He was so warm.

“I know, Mom.” Jackson wished he could grab onto something. He was so excited. “I love you, too.” He watched her mouth envelope the head. It felt incredible.

“Mmmmmmmmpppppphhhhhh.” Lucy gargled a little as she accidently took him too deep. Soon, her blonde hair bounced as her stretched lips pumped him. Her hands now lay idle on his shaft.

“That’s … uh … uh … good.” Jackson grunted with pleasure. “Use your hands … too.” His legs shook with the effort of standing, but he wanted to look down on his mother while she did this. He hoped he wasn’t overtaxing himself.

“Yyyyyyymmmmmm.” Lucy pumped up and down with her hands and bobbed her head. She lost herself in the raw power of the act. She could hear Jackson grunting and moaning. It was the dream of any mother to bring such joy to her son. Or so her foggy mind told her.

“Mom … I’m about to … oh … Mom …” Jackson pressed his hips forward and arched his back. For the second time that day, one of the magnificent Burton women coaxed much needed relief out of his balls. He shot jet after jet of cum.

“Nnnnnmmmmmm.” Lucy wanted to tell him no, but how could she deny him anything at the moment? Her cheeks expanded with cum, but she kept her mouth on him as the salty stuff erupted. When he finished, she pulled her mouth off him and spit the goopy mess into her hands. She looked up at the happiness etched on her boy’s face and it was gorgeous. A mother’s job is a messy one, after all.

“You …” Jackson worked to catch his breath. He watched Lucy with her chest heaving. A river of cum ran down her chin and leaked from her hands onto the floor below. She looked so perfectly twisted and gorgeous that Jackson swore he’d remember that moment forever. “You … spit it out?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to swallow it, sweetie.” Lucy looked around for somewhere to deposit the cum she held. She should have brought a towel with her. She took the lunch napkin off Jackson’s bed and wiped herself. “Now, do you feel better?”

“Way better. Thank you so much.”

“Good.” Lucy nodded to herself, cum still covering her chin. “Are you hungry?”

Jackson shook his head. He crawled back in bed and pulled the blanket up to his chin.

“Okay, I’m going to clean up and take your soup downstairs.” She stood and stared down at him. Her face looked a little shell-shocked. “You get some good rest, okay.” She stepped back to the computer, moved the mouse, and changed movies back to the one Jackson had been watching when she came in. She turned back to him. “I’ll be back to clean the mess on the floor in a few minutes.” As Lucy went to work, she thought how her panties had gotten so wet.

I’ve written this story through chapter 11, including the finale. All chapters are available on my website. You can discover the link in my Reddit user account if you’re interested. Or if can not discover the link there, you can search my name on google to discover my site. If you prefer to wait, I’ll post about a chapter a month here. All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

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