Sequestrated [F28/M28] [DubiousCon, Abduction, Slowburn, Anal Play, Domination]

“So, to confirm, you are asking me to abduct you?”
He spoke slowly and with a slight drawl, his voice was low and velvety. It was barely altered by the terrible quality of her cell phone speaker. Olivia had heard it only once before, when they drunkenly met at some seedy dive bar , months ago.

-Yes, please. Her voice had cracked with excitement and fear.

He stayed silent as she gripped her phone until her knuckles whitened. She could feel her heart beating in her throat and she had a moment of doubt. What if he wondered she was too broken, too fucked up now? Her spiralling thoughts were interrupted by him clearing his throat.

-That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. I get to do whatever I want to you?

-Everything except actually getting me pregnant. We can pretend, but you have to wear a condom every single time.

-Do you want to discuss some safewords or whatever?

-Red, I guess? But I don’t want to get out of character.

-I can work with that. So you’ll fly here, you’ll be my free use sex-slave for a week, and then I drop you back at the airport and we most likely never see each other again.

-Pretty much. She was more relaxed now, hearing the excitement in his voice. His voice, his gorgeous voice. She barely knew the guy, but she was so taken by how he spoke that she felt ready to do anything to hear it again.

-I’ll see you on Thursday, then. I’ll be the guy with the duct tape.

Olivia chuckled and hung up the call. This was definitely the craziest, most reckless thing she ever did. He was basically a stranger, and she was an idiot. A horny, manic, stupid idiot. She couldn’t tell anybody, because her friends would never let her do it. And she desperately wanted to do it. They had met because he was visiting her city with some of his school friends. They ran into each other in a bar, right after she had taken a couple of shots. Emboldened by the tequila, she had started to flirt ostensibly with him with every intention of bringing him home. She managed to get his phone number but lost him in the crowd. As it turned out, he had to leave the next day. She was ready to chalk it off to a missed connection when he had messaged her out of the blue, asking her to visit him. He was too hot to pass on, and she had some airline credit to use due to some old cancelled flight. So she agreed.

The rest of her night was spent packing. It was a difficult task: how does one even pack for an abduction? She kept throwing things in and out of her small suitcase, laughing at herself the whole time. The rest of the week flew by with her carefully avoiding her coworkers’ questions on her upcoming “vacation”. She kept her answers vague, telling them she was gonna visit friends, then told her friends she was to visit family, and finally told her family she was going on a company trip. If something were to go wrong, she would simply disappear and nobody would be able to discover her. She should have cared, but she truthfully didn’t. She didn’t really like her jobs or her friends that much. Her life was pretty unfulfilling. If he ended up being a serial killer, oh well! Nothing she could do about it at this point.

Thursday morning, she showed up at the airport wearing her best jeans and a cute tank top. The fact that she was braless was concealed by her jacket. She made her way through security and grabbed a coffee. Her phone vibrated in her pocket. *“are u still coming?”,* the text read.

*“Yes”,* she replied

*“perfect. take a cab to the corner of the 4th and colonial. r u wearing something colorful like I asked? “Black jeans, white shirt and bright red jacket”*

*“cool. wouldnt want to abduct the wrong girl lol. if u change ur mind just remove the jacket and i wont b weird ill just pick u up normally.”*

She laughed nervously and put her phone back in her pocket. Boarding was starting. The agent smiled at her as she presented her passport. She made her way to the small Embraer and took her window seat. The plane was almost empty. She took her book out and tried to bury herself in the dark fantasy story with little success. “in the plane. taking off soon” “ill b there. waiting 4 you. lurking. lol”

Olivia managed to nap during most of the four hour flight. When she landed, reality hit her harder than ever before. She was in a strange city, about to be kept captive by some man she met only once before, when she was drunk. She could book a cheap hotel or an Airbnb and ghost him until it was time to go back. She probably should. But she didn’t. She hopped in a cab and instructed the driver to drop her off at the corner of 4th avenue and Colonial street . He raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

The street corner was between some forest-y park and a quiet cul-de-sac. Being midday on a weekday, not a soul was to be seen. It was a clever choice, a good place to abduct someone.A few cars were parked on the side of the street, he could be in any of them, or perhaps in none. She crossed the street to get closer to the trees and watched the taxi drive away. Her heart was pounding and she almost ran after him. She turned her back to the road, pretending to fumble in her suitcase and look for something. Birds were singing. It was much warmer than in her hometown and the red jacket was sticking to her skin. She couldn’t remove it. She didn’t want to.

She heard a car slowly pull up behind her and refused to turn her head. The door opened. Two strong hands grabbed her by the neck and dragged her backwards towards the car. She was thrown on the backseat where she instinctively tried to break free.

-None of that, babe. The low, threatening voice made all the hair on her body stand. It was him. He tied her hands together with some tie wraps and taped her ankles together. He then pushed her off the seat onto the floor of the car and covered her body with blankets and reusable grocery bags. She couldn’t move at all and had no idea where they were going. The car smelled good and the carpets she was laying on were spotless. She smiled, guessing that he probably had the car detailed for that exact purpose. In a way, that was a very gentleman-y thing to do.

The car slowed down and she felt it go up a very slight hill before stopping. The sound of a garage door closing and the car door opening made her find out they were at their destination. He grabbed her by the elbow and covered her face with something soft before gently but firmly grabbing her waist and lifting her above his shoulder. The air was much cooler inside the house. She was aware of being brought up some stairs and into a room. He threw her on what felt like a bed.

-What a good looking fuck doll, he whispered while caressing her hip. Now, I’ll untie your ankles. Don’t you dare move, or I’ll cut that pretty throat, do you find out me?

She nodded under the shirt that he had tied around her head.

-Good. I wouldn’t want to have to seriously mutilate you. The sound of scissors cutting through tape was followed by her sore ankles falling back on the bed. His hands hurried back to her waist as he undid the buttons of her jeans and slid them down her legs in one swift motion. A clicking noise resonated near her foot and she felt the cold weight of metal around her left ankle. The right one was quickly cuffed as well and she instinctively trashed against the restraint, with no success.

-Fuck, watching you struggle is even hotter than I wondered it would be. I can’t believe you’re crazy enough to be here. He leaned against her and she felt the warmth of his breath on her neck, sending shivers down her spine. I can’t wait to hurt you, he concluded, before handcuffing her to the bed frame.

His weight got off the bed and she heard the door open and close. -Hello? Are you still here? There was no answer. She was alone, immobilized on a strange man’s bed.

Olivia must have dozed off because she woke up feeling very sore and disoriented. She was cold, still tied to the bed, her eyes under a thick blindfold instead of the shirt. She wanted to yawn but soon realized that she was also gagged. She started to move, trying to rub the blindfold off her face.

-Finally awake? A muffled sound is all that came out of Olivia.

-Good, yes. Now, I want to establish some things with you before we begin. First, you belong to me now. His hand brushed against her ass, before giving it a hard smack. She whimpered. Second, I’ll hurt you, but I’ll only hurt you badly if you disobey or disappoint me. Third, if you do exactly what I say, you’ll be rewarded. Am I being perfectly clear? Olivia nodded.

-Good girl. She felt some movement in the room. His hands were warming up her cold legs, gently rubbing them. He propped her ass up, folding her legs under her in a doggy position.

-This is too easy. I want to have to break you. He violently bit her ass cheek, causing her to scream in her gag, and stuck something cold and hard in her pussy.

-You’re so wet, this isn’t even a challenge, he growled as he started fucking her with the foreign object. Olivia moaned, pushing her ass against his hand, trying to get more of whatever was inside her. He pulled it out and shoved it in her ass, making her scream in pain again.

-Yes, that’s what I want to hear. The butt plug wasn’t cold enough to cool the burn in her torn ass. She wiggled uncomfortably, trying to relieve the pain. He pushed on it, making it move inside her. She whimpered again. -I know you said you didn’t really do anal. Consider this a little trial run, I’m sure you’ll learn to love it. Oh, and, one last thing. Good luck using your little safeword when you’re gagged, bitch.

He exited the room, letting the reality dawn on her. This wasn’t a game anymore.

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