Sensual Tales: Exploring Pleasure and Intimacy with the Infatuated Duo [M20][F20][BDSM][Semi-NC][Machine][AI]

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+.

We had been discussing methods to add some excitement to our bedroom activities for quite some time. Our BDSM play had become a bit repetitive, so we decided it was time to explore something new. However, we were aware of the dangers of “kink creep” and wanted to be cautious. We didn’t want to escalate too quickly and end up in a situation we couldn’t handle.

My boyfriend surprised me with a new scenario he had been planning for weeks. He kept the details a secret, which only heightened my anticipation. The week leading up to our “play date,” packages from Amazon started arriving. I wasn’t allowed to open them and they disappeared as soon as they were delivered. The curiosity was driving me wild.

Finally, the day arrived. I was instructed to prepare for our session by taking a bath. Jack, my boyfriend, introduced me to the “Benford female immobilization unit 3000.” It was a fascinating contraption in our spare bedroom, equipped with wires and hoses connected to a mobile computer cabinet. The bed itself was simple, with a waterproof fitted sheet and restraints designed to keep me in a spread-eagle position. At the foot of the bed, there were numerous insertables that intrigued and excited me.

“People started using this device as a sex toy almost immediately after it was released,” Jack explained. “Naturally, the nerds and geeks got their hands on it and started playing with the programming.” He motioned for me to lay down on the bed, and I obediently did so. As he secured the restraints over my arms and legs, stretching my body into a naked star shape, he continued sharing the device’s history. Some modifications allowed for male use or increased power, while others focused on inducing and maintaining multiple orgasms. Apparently, Jack had experimented with it on an intern named Samantha, who experienced hours of intense pleasure with the machine.

Fully restrained now, I gave Jack a stern look when he mentioned Samantha. “You didn’t tell me you were experimenting with her,” I said, somewhat crossly. “I couldn’t ruin the surprise, darling,” he replied mischievously. He then inserted a tube of lube into both of my lower regions, causing a rush of stimulating slime to fill me. It was a small taste of what was to come.

Jack proceeded to fit a hood over my head, limiting my vision and partially covering my mouth. “But,” he confesses, “I wasn’t interested in the prolonged orgasm aspect. It gets boring after a while. However, this setup will keep you occupied without allowing you to orgasm. It’s an edging device.” He exposed my clit and applied a putty-like material that ignited my senses. This nerve putty controlled every one of the 10,000 nerve endings in my clit, making me completely at his mercy.

With a press of a key on his keyboard, a new liquid rushed through the catheter inside my bladder. Panic set in before I could utter my safe word, as a mask locked my jaw open and a tube silenced my voice by sliding in between my vocal cords. Jack reassured me to breathe, knowing the overwhelming sensations I was about to experience.

“I won’t lie, the next twenty minutes will be tough,” Jack explained, adjusting the device’s settings. “But trust me, it will be worth it. This edging protocol will push you to the brink of pleasure without allowing you to climax. You’ll want to beg me, say anything to make it stop and let you orgasm. This machine will turn you into a submissive cum-slut, desperate for release.” As he continued typing, my focus shifted entirely to the sensations coursing through my body.

Jack shared with me Samantha’s experience during her eight-hour orgasm session, where she repeatedly uttered the safe word “pineapple.” Inspired by that, he had designed the incredible mask I was currently wearing, based on a cutting-edge medical device. It guaranteed precision and control, making this experience unlike anything I had ever encountered.

As the machine took over my breaths, expanding my chest, my mind drifted…

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