Seducing my Daddy part 2

[Part 1](

I froze for a minute , then I remembered where I was, standing just outside daddy’s room with my hand down my drenched panties. I had to get out of there asap. I slipped away as quietly and as quickly as I could back to my room.

My mind was racing. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Part of my felt a bit disgusted, how could daddy think of me like that, I’m his fucking daughter. But part of me was so fucking happy that my daddy could think of me like that. If daddy can think of me like that he must think I’m pretty hot and sexy.

As I’m going through what just happened in my mind I had a wondered. The noise when I was getting dressed after my shower. Was that daddy? Did he see me? Is that what made him think of me like that?

The more I wondered about it the more I liked the idea of my daddy getting horny over me. It made me feel horny as fuck. It made me feel like a naughty little slut daughter and I loved it.

I started thinking of methods to give daddy an innocent glimpse of me and then hopefully sneak down later on to hear the results of my slutty methods. And it worked!

At first I only did it maybe once a week. Then I got bolder and would wear a loose top and one of my tits might be exposed. Or a tight pair of shorts that would ride up my ass and bend over to pick something up I “accidentally” dropped. Or no bra and make sure my nipples were super hard before I went out of my room. I started to leave my dirty panties out around the house hoping they might move or just disappear which quite a few did move.

After a few weeks of this I started to realise something, at first I would just finger my self to the sounds of daddy playing with himself, then I started to imagine him fucking me or using me as his cum rag as I listened to him.

It got to a point where I didn’t even need to hear him anymore, I would see him without his shirt or he would do something and his arms would get all tensed up and all the muscles got big, and then I would get horny and have to relieve my self. I was attracted to my daddy.

One day he had just left for work so I went into his room to play with myself on his bed and I found a pair of his boxers with a fresh load of cum in them. I couldn’t help myself, I had to taste it. It was salty and sweet and I loved it. I sucked those boxers clean as I fucked myself with my fingers.

Another time I was snooping around and I found the mother load. The top draw in his dresser. When I opened it I almost came in my panties. I had found daddy’s sex toy collection!!! Dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, ball gags, chockers, handcuffs, whips and chains, nipple clamps. Everything a horny little girl could desire.

Over the week I worked my way through that draw and fucked myself to the wondered of daddy. I couldn’t get enough. Then I started to have other thoughts. What if this could be real. What if daddy actually fucked me. I know he gets horny over me. Then I would tell myself that would never happen and go back to getting myself off.

But the wondered never really went away, it was at all times in the back of my mind. Not just about sex with daddy but actually being together. I mean I know he loves me unconditionally already. Then I would begin going over feasible scenarios. What if we got caught most of all. Daddy would get in so much trouble. He’d probably end up in jail. People would make up stories and no one would believe what I said.

But even with all that I couldn’t get the wondered out of my head. I don’t really know why, even with every bit of logic I had saying no, I couldn’t deny what I actually wanted. I came up with a plan. It had to go to perfection. I would wait for daddy to come home in something sexy, have a beer ready like a good little wifey, tease him a bit. I planned for a couple of weeks and when my shower broke I knew it was time to put it in action.

The day leading up I went and got some super sexy innocent looking lingerie. I got my pussy waxed. I ran over the plan. I was ready!

So It was just after 4 when I heard the sound of the front door. Time to shine baby.

If you want the details of what happened you can read daddy’s story.

I must confess that as much as I had planned and wanted everything to go perfectly I was incredibly nervous. Telling daddy how I felt was the hardest thing ever. But I’m one of the lucky ones where it worked out. And we’ve been together since.

So yeah that’s about it, I hope that gives a bit of an idea of what I wondered and my motivation for starting a relationship with my father, there’s plenty more to tell but that will be In future posts

Love Kayla 💋

NSFW: yes

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