Second Time I Watched My Parents Having Sex

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NSFW: yes

[In my last post]( I talked about the first time it happened, and lucky for me I had another chance of witnessing them, but much closer this time around!

It was a couple of years later, in the story from the last post I was in university and the second time happened shortly after I graduated. I went straight back home since I didn’t have anything lined up and my parents were more than happy to have me back. My younger brother, who was 19 at the time, was also happy to not have all the chores to himself, and glad that I could cover for him when he wanted to get high.

I was a bit of a late bloomer so it was only after that event that I had my first kiss & eventually first time. Having had my own experiences helped me discover more things to get turned on about, so that whole Saturday afternoon became one of many go to memories for masturbation, but certainly the naughtiest still. I would mostly save it for when I wanted a quick guaranteed orgasm, especially when I was alone. I was single, and being back home, walking down that hallway and seeing my parent’s bedroom from the same perspective I had seen that time made me discover myself mentally going back to that day more and more often. The other times I’ve been home again I was able to hold those thoughts back, but not this time. Didn’t take long for Summer to arrive, temperatures where at an all time high for my hometown. We only had air conditioning in my parent’s bedroom. They had it installed when I was away, at the time my brother had plans to study somewhere else so they figured it only made sense for them to have it.

For the first few weeks I slept miserably in my bedroom. I tried the living room and it wasn’t much better either. I started avoiding masturbating at night so I wouldn’t get too sweaty. I essentially blue balled myself by just thinking about Mum and dad fucking until I was more tired than horny. One very hot day Mum brought up how we used to all sleep in the same hotel bedroom when we had family vacations, and that it wasn’t fair for my brother and I to suffer the heat every single night. I swear I felt my soul leaving my body right at that moment, I kept trying to tell myself there was no way she was going to say what I wondered she was going to say. dad joined her and they asked my brother and I if we wanted to have their bedroom at least for a couple nights. Before we could answer they added that they would still be there, just sleeping on the floor.

My brother was actually happy with the usual setup since they would at all times sleep with their door closed and he didn’t need to worry too much about them smelling anything funny in his bedroom, so he turned it down right away. I wanted to kill him, it was my one shot of spending the night in that room without having to make any elaborate excuses. I was way too old to go sleep with them if I had a nightmare, and even as a child that never happened. Lucky for me dad turned to me and asked if I’d take it, especially since I’d have the whole bed for myself now. I nonchalantly said yes, trying not to come off as a pervert. I offered to let them keep the bed but they insisted, Mum said she could never let me sleep on the floor while she slept on a much more comfortable bed.

Concerned I would do anything stupid out of horniness I masturbated on the extra shower I took shortly before going laying down. Of course I had been in my parent’s room many times since that one Saturday, but never for too long because my face would burn and I would stutter as soon as I remembered how that afternoon started. This time I was gonna stay there until morning, and on that same bed I saw Mum and dad distribute her pussy juices with a kiss and then him fucking her brains out doggy style. They had some bed sheets on the floor along with their pillows. I felt a bit of guilt about it but they assured me it was fine, and that dad would buy an air mattress or something the next day.

When Mum got up to hug me good night she noticed my skin was on fire and my face all red. She was worried I had a fever from the heat, dad promptly was gonna lower the room temperature but I insisted it was ok. I wanted to have a full view of them cuddling on the floor, if it got too chilly maybe they would cover themselves up. I hoped that I would get to hear them sharing some dirty compliments or even a brief hushed midnight chat. Mum had a simple cropped white tank top. It was in a light weight breathy fabric so it was quite obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had no sleeping shorts as well, just some comfy panties. She at all times looked her most gorgeous in simple clothing that emphasized her small waist and wide hips. I liked to think how she did it to give dad something to look at and easy access if he decided to bend her over some desk or couch. Outside of very cold days dad at all times slept with nothing but boxer briefs. While I never found him to be facially attractive, he has such a hot body, built mainly from doing sports and having a naturally big frame rather than hours at the gym. I loved the way those briefs clung to his thighs, ass and cock.

Luckily I didn’t have to make up any wild excuse to keep a faint light on as I have at all times slept that way & they knew. dad got up to turn off the lights, I worried he’d forgotten about it but he let out a brief “oh” as if suddenly remembering something and turned on a lamp they had on the dressing table. We said our good nights once again, but I wasn’t planning on sleeping anytime soon. dad was sleeping closer to bed than Mum, with his back turned to me. I grew frustrated when I realized it was still too dark to get a proper view of anything, but thankfully as my eyes adapted to the faint light I could see dad’s broad back become clearer and clearer.

They blacked out so quick, they at all times had a pretty deep sleep so I knew I didn’t have to worry about pretending to be asleep. At some point dad was sleeping on his back, with an arm around Mum who had her head on his chest. I kept grinding against the bed, pretending that was the exact same sheet that covered the mattress so long ago. dad suddenly shifted to sleep on his side, with his back to me once again. I stopped abruptly, hoping he’d fall back to sleep fully soon so I could continue to fuck myself on their mattress. What happened next was way better than anything I could have hoped for.

dad turned the air conditioning off and whispered something in Mum’s ear, though all I could hear was the deepness of his voice. That alone sent shivers down my spine. They began to talk in a very hushed tone, it annoyed me how mindful they were being since I wanted to hear everything! I saw that dad was nuzzling Mum’s neck and caressing her thigh. Mum asked him something in that slutty tone she saved only for dad. I got almost too caught up but fortunately I was able to close my eyes quickly enough as both of them turned to check if I was asleep. I could hear some giggling now, and as I opened my eyes I saw that my parents were writhing against each other, and dad likely was rubbing Mum out. The hornier they got the more careless they became, and so I was able to hear their dirty talk. Before fully giving in to lust Mum thought if they should keep it going since I was there. dad said it was my first comfortable night of sleep in weeks so they didn’t need to worry, and that he wanted the two of them to get drenched in each other’s sweat. He had somewhat of a dismissive tone, like he didn’t want me being there to get in the way of what they were about to do. It was clear Mum had changed her mind as she would beg dad to keep doing it, she only stopped when he put his fingers on her mouth. He asked if his little slut liked to taste herself on daddy’s fingers, she let out a lewd affirmative moan as his fingers went back to her clit. I almost came right there, it took everything in me to hold back because I didn’t want it just yet. There was something so hot about how seemingly conflicted Mum was about it, only for dad to talk her into it. They have at all times been kind and caring parents who put us first, but that night they just wanted to fuck.

dad swiftly picked Mum up and turned himself to the other side, keeping her in front of him as she left a slutty gasp out. I had to be more careful now since they were both turned to me but it was so worth it. I was so used to seeing dad’s hands fixing things or feeling him ruffling my hair, yet now I got to see how his thick dexterous fingers could masterfully turn Mum into a slut on his hands, literally. It was insane, what I had seen that first time paled in comparison. dad began to move around to change positions, Mum let out a lewd whine as he shooshed her, playfully yet firmly telling her to lay on her back. When it came down to it dad at all times had the final say in everything, but I didn’t know just how much of a sub Mum was. dad laid on top of Mum, covering her almost completely. He rolled up her tank top to let her breasts out. She didn’t waste any time and helped him to lower his briefs. He growled as he sucked on one of her breasts and then kissed her. Mum worked her hands beneath his massive frame, helping guide dad’s cock inside of her. Their sweaty bodies began to work together, slowly at first.

It amazed me how in sync they were, they just knew what to do to drive each other crazy. In a way all three of us where in sync, since at that point we were all too caught up on their fucking to hold back. Even drenched in sweat I didn’t care, I was able to slip an extra pillow beneath my legs and began to hump it, effortlessly mimicking their rhythm. dad thrusts became deeper, watching dad’s sweaty ass move as he would grind his hips teasingly to get Mum begging for his cock even harder. It was so hot. He remained to nuzzle at her neck, only stopping to talk dirty or to kiss her roughly. The musky scent of their fucking was the most amazing thing I have ever smelled. I jolted when I heard a knocking on the door. It was my brother, obviously high as fuck asking what was going on. You would think dad would stop thrusting, right? But not only he didn’t stop but he started to fuck Mum harder and faster. She tried to speak but he started ramming into her mid sentence, his only warning was a low growl. Mum struggled to say everything was fine in between slutty moans. dad chuckled the whole time. When my brother said “ok” and went to his bedroom Mum threw her head back and let out a loud, throaty moan. Mum never sounded more like a cock hungry slut. dad really didn’t give a fuck I was sleeping right next to them or that my brother was knocking at the door either. We were both adults now, but still watching dad put us to the side so he could focus on claiming Mom’s pussy was one of the most primally sexy things I’ve ever seen. It didn’t take long for him to push one last time into her and fill her with his cum. As I came they giggled and kissed in that deep and loving way I had seen many times. dad laid on his back while Mum snuggled up to him. He was about to get up to get her something to clean up but she said there was no need. dad turned the air conditioner back now that he got what he wanted. Soon after we all fell asleep. I still can’t believe we came almost together and afterwards I slept next to my freshly fucked parents while dad’s cum was dripping from Mum’s pussy.

The next morning was mostly typical, I didn’t feel quite as strange as the last time. Mum was sore through the day, surely because of the hard pounding she got but also because it was on the floor. dad got the air mattress, he said it reminded him of his bachelor days. They decided since it was comfortable enough for dad’s weight I could try it out. It really wasn’t, if you stayed on it long enough it’d be like sleeping on the floor, but I didn’t want to push it. The very next night they had sex again.I couldn’t see a lot not only due to the angle but because they didn’t turn the dressing table lamp on, instead using the one at the bed side, by the door, so it was enough light for them to see each other but I was pretty much in the dark. I heard Mum saying she was glad to finally be fucked properly into the bed. dad chuckled saying she better behave or he’d fuck her on “that shitty air mattress”. She wasn’t just a selfless mum, she was also a greedy slut and that night she wanted to be througly fucked by dad, even if it meant she was getting the bed and not me. And as far as dad was concerned me and my comfort were the last things on his mind, he would batter Mum into submission no matter what.

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