Ruby11 Gets a Name and a New Home: Part 3 [All over 18] [M/F] [noncon] [dubcon] [sexslave] [anal]

***This is a fictional erotic story written by me and from my point of view. You should not be reading this if you’re not of legal age, 18 in America, 21 in some other countries. My stories fall under genres such as: “BDSM, non-con, dub-con, reluctance, & consensually non-con.” This is my fantasy, with me playing the character of the prey/sub/victim, not yours. The key word here, is fantasy. I DO NOT encourage or condone failing to obtain proper and excited consent in any real-life situation. In real life, at all times practice kinks with consent. You are not being forced to read this, so if you choose to then be nice and enjoy. Follow me to keep up to date on all my stories & read my bio for more fun!☺️***

I woke up before the college alarm. Slowly blinking my eyes awake, the room still dark. It was graduation day. Today would be the day that I would be named & go home with the man that had made been making the visits. He seemed very strict and in many methods sadistic, but he wasn’t evil. I was thankful to at least have that. I have heard the horror stories before. Some gems go to torture homes. Some gems become glory holes. Some go to the baby farms. When the women can’t give birth anymore, they change to caretakers for the women that can. I would take a sadistic strict owner over any of that. 

I got out of bed, heading to the restroom to shower. When I returned from the bathroom. I noticed the graduation outfit laid out on my bed. I walked over, picking up the plaid skirt and stepping into it. I picked up the plain white crop-top and pulled it over my head and down over my breasts. My nipples were visible through the fabric, an intentional decision by the college. I picked up the collar and slid it around my neck, not needing to look in the mirror to latch it. We had learned that in classes. The collar had no tag. Gems with owners already would get one from their owner at graduation. This will have the name my new owner picked. The other gems would get one after they were auctioned. Black platforms with a thick 5 inch heel laid in a box sitting next to where the clothes used to be. I sat on the bed, sliding my toes into the sole and wrapping the strap around my ankles. 

I remained on my bed, waiting for the principal to come and grab us all for graduation. Diamond5 looked over at me “you already have an owner?” I nodded my head yes, “I believe so. He has visited twice.” She smiled, “yeah, me too. I haven’t met my owner yet. I don’t know anything about them but I was pulled into the principals office yesterday. He gave me this and said to put it in during graduation.” In her hand was a oval shaped sex toy. Likely controlled by her soon to be owner. “Well I hope your owner is decent” I told her. “Thanks, you too Ruby11.” 

The doors to our room opened, in walked in a teacher. “Ruby11, you have a gift. Your owner would like for you to open it before you go to graduation.” I stood up and walked over to the teacher, taking the bag from his hands and returning to my bed. I removed the paper from the top, peeking down into the bag. Two boxes laid inside. I grabbed the first one, pulling it out and taking the top off. A shiny metal bulb laid on a satin pillow, the red ruby colored gem vibrant against the backdrop. A butt plug. Diamond5 giggled, “and I thought this was going to be difficult to wear to graduation.” I rolled my eyes at her, but not disagreeing with her point. I pulled the second box out, removing the lid. A open mouth ball gag blended in with the backdrop. I looked up, a smirk splayed on Diamond5’s face. I could feel red flushing my cheeks.

I pulled the butt plug from its box and start to suck on it to get it wet and then bent forward and pushed the metal bulb into my asshole. The front slid in, getting bigger. The widest part of the bulb went in quickly as my asshole sucked in the plug and wrapped tightly around the thin end leaving only the red jewel showing. I showed Diamond5, who approvingly nodded. “It’s so pretty!” She gleamed at me. I sat back down, waiting for the teacher to come and grab us before putting the gag on. Diamond5 slid her egg shaped toy into her pussy and waited as well. The teacher returned a few minutes later and announced “line up” to all of us. We did so, lining up by color and then by number. I put the o-ring in my mouth, forcing my mouth wide open. 

Unless their owners had kinks related to attire, most of the gems were matching me. I looked around the room, seeing the numerous girls that had owners done up in different costumes or contraptions. One Sapphire was wearing a bit in her mouth and had a horsetail butt plug in. Another had full goth glam going on, which with her long dark black hair was admittedly gorgeous. One of the diamonds was dressed in a sheer white dress. An emerald two gems back was in full ballerina attire, including the shoes. I could help but feel bad for her, walking would be difficult. 

My butt plug jewel was chafing between my ass cheeks as we all start to walk out to the stage. The diamonds lead the group, walking onto stage. If you don’t have an owner upon walking onto the stage, you simply present your pussy and ass to the audience and then walk back to the auction room and wait. Once the ceremony was over, the buyers that had a chance to view all the non-owned gems would then proceed to the auction room to pick their gems.

The gems with owners however, walk onto stage to meet their owner. Owners then present a tag with their chosen name on it and place it on the collar. They then leave the stage together, the owner decides how. Sometimes they make their gem crawl, some walk, some even hop. I couldn’t help but wonder what my owner would want. The diamonds were done, Ruby’s were next. I was so nervous, as each Ruby crossed the stage bringing me closer to the front of the line. When Ruby9 got on stage, I could now see my owner across the stage on the other side. He waved and smiled at me. I nodded back at him, unable to smile with the gag in my mouth.

Drool had tried escaping my mouth more then once while waiting in line. I had managed to catch most of it with my hands and push it back in my mouth but there was still drool on my white shirt. It accentuated the visibility of the already see-through shirt. “Ruby11,” the host announced. I looked up, nervous and start to walk onto the stage. The room full of numerous people, men and women filling every seat in the house. My owner met me half way, presenting my tag. I looked down at it, reading “Emma.” Simple, easy to remember. He clipped it onto my collar as the announcer gave a brief description of me to the crowd. “This 5’2” red head comes equipped with a round and large ass, small breasts and weighing in at just 135lbs.”

This was background noise as my owner stared at me straight in the eyes. He looked hungry. Drool start to fall from my mouth, him grabbing my arm as I attempted to reach up and stop it. The drool fell out onto my shirt, completely soaking my right nipple into view. I looked down, my face blushing with nervousness as I looked out into the crowd at people enjoying the view. I looked up at my owner again, who was gleaming with pride as the crowd took in what was his. He took me by surprise and spanked me, making me jump a tiny bit as he ordered me to walk off the stage. I did as I was told, exiting off the opposite side that I had entered.

He took my hand, holding it “I want to make sure you don’t get lost, hold daddy’s hand little Emma.” I followed closely behind him, still gagged and plugged, as he lead me outside to the parking lot. We stopped at a vehicle, black with tinted windows. The large SUV was already running, as we stepped into the back seat together. Once the door was closed, the driver start taking us out of the parking lot. I turned and looked at the man that now owned me, his gaze already on me. “You’re very pretty” he said to me, his tone dark. I couldn’t respond, the gag preventing me from forming words. Nervous, I nodded at him.

“Present your ass to me” he said sternly. I moved from a seated position to placing my knees on the seat, feet facing him and my face against the window. “Good girl” he said, as though I had any other option. His fingers slid into my pussy. I took note of how wet I was, frustrated at this. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself” he said, pausing for a second vectors he continued, “because you’re going to have a very specific use in my home and it will be much easier on you if you enjoy it.” I didn’t respond in any way, just remained frozen as his fingers played with my pussy.

He slinked his fingers upwards, pulling at the plug in my ass. I felt my hole stretch as he pulled back on it, the widest part exiting first. Once the plug was removed, I heard the seat crunch and the weight shift as he leaned forward and placed it in my mouth. Leaving it there, he shifted back to his seated position. I could hear the shuffling of his hands on his pants as he start to remove them. I stared out the window, cars passing by ignorant to what was happing in the car next to them. The streetlights lining the highway passed swiftly as we continued down the highway.

His hands gripped the crease of my hips, pulling me into his lap. I could feel that he was erect beneath me. His daddy little girl kink was evident as he start to speak to me like I was though I wasn’t an experienced adult. “What I’m going to do to you now is what daddy’s do when they love you.” I didn’t turn around, my skin crawling. “It’s going to hurt, but it’s because I own you & care about you. When someone cares about you, sometimes that can hurt.” He grabbed his cock, lifting it towards my asshole and pushing in.

I whined, feeling his cock rip my ass as he pushed in groaning. “Your little ass is so tight” he said, basically moaning this out as he picked my body up and down off of him with ease. I gripped the seat in front of me, trying not to cry as he used me. “I find you worthy of use, what do you say?” Drool had already covered the front of my shirt by now. The plug helped but it didn’t stop more from spilling out as I still tried to respond. “Tank you” I said, barely audible or understandable. “Thank you what” he said angrily. “Tank you, daddy” I said. He start to really rail into me now, making me feel weightless and he moved my body up and down into him with ease.

He leaned forward, biting my shoulders. I groaned out, pulling away to avoid his bites. He sat me all the way down, cock fully inside me and pulled me back by my hair. “You don’t pull away from, ever” he said to me. I squinted my eyes shut, hurting. “Do you understand me?” He asked. I nodded my head up and down, crying now. He bit into my other shoulder hard, testing to see if I would move. I gritted my teeth, not moving an inch. He let go, and start moving in and out of my ass again. He grunted as he filled my ass with cum. Thrusting one more time into me, he pulled the plug from my mouth. He quickly picked me up off of him and plugged me again leaving his cum inside of me as we pulled into a driveway.

He reached up and pulled the gag out of my mouth and placed it in his pocket. As though nothing happened he opened the door and said “we’re here.” He moved me off his lap and out of the vehicle. I stumbled, my muscles aching as I looked at the house in front of me. He walked past me and moved towards the home, expecting that I follow him. I did, walking behind him feeling my ass aching and full. He unlocked the door and let me in, leading me to my room. We approached a door, a dead bolt only able to be opened as with a key visible. He pulled a key from his pocket and placed it in the key hole lock, opening the door.

The door opened and I saw my room. No windows in the room anyway except the ceiling. A large window, that I’m assuming during the day would allow sun in. Even though it was far ok high up for me to reach, bars lined the window. My bed was fully white. The pillows, the comforter, the frame, all white. Stuffed animals covered the bed as well, a closet to the right of the bed. “Your outfits are in there. Each hanger has a full outfit, you can pick one when you wake up to wear for the day.” I remained silent. To the left of the bed, was a door.

I moved into the room farther, looking into that door. A bathroom filled the space, making it clear to me that I would be spending the majority of my time if not all, in this room. “It’s late. You should get some rest. Clean yourself up if you need to and then go to bed” he said to me, exiting the room. I heard the key turn in the lock, the space around me mentally closing in on me. I walked into the bathroom, removing the butt plug and cleaning myself up. Once clean, I threw all the stuffed animals off the bed and crawled under the covers to sleep.

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