Roscoe Forthright on Reddit. A short list of story links – Short Sex Story

Roscoe on Reddit

In appreciation for many reads from the many Reddit readers…. Mistress Alisha has created a video. We hope readers continue to enjoy the stories below.

[Alisha’s Reddiit Readers EroticLiterature Appreciation Day](

1. [Mouth of One Thousand Cocks](
2. [Three Poems](
3. [Small Confessions](
4. [The Semen-Pope Hires Android Susie](
5. [The Hermaphrodite King and the Erhu Player](
6. [The Hermaphrodite King’s Autumnal Orgy](

7. [5974 Beautiful Bursts of Semen](

8. [Jizz, jizz, jizz…beautiful sacred jizz!](


NSFW: yes

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