rewatching our first sex video part 3 – Short Sex Story

After her orgasm , I got up and straddled her face for her suck me a bit more.   This was maybe 6 months into our relationship and years later , she still loves sucking cock.  She’s stroking my cock over her face sucking my balls.   You see me put out a camera and take some pics of her with my cock in her mouth..stroking it while sucking the tip. At this point I needed to enter her.  I position my self in missionary position and enter her pussy.i begin pounding her , she now has the camera and is trying to take some pics.  But can not with the motion.  You can tell we were young in our relationship as I lean down to kiss her multiple times, while thrusting away. 

I eventually out her legs and knees up to her chest and begin thrusting that way.  She’s taking a few pics.  Don’t know what happened to those pics.. but def would have been a nice shot .

More to follow

NSFW: yes

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