Realizing I love sharing stories – Short Sex Story

This is an older one from about 7 years ago. I’ve all the time had a fantasy of receiving head while I was playing video games and my ex at the time was all the time down to do just about anything thing. I was playing a game for about 20-30 mins while my gf got under the table and blew me the entire time. I tried so hard not to let my team down and she tried very hard to distract the hell out of me. I was rock hard the entire time and as soon as the math ended I got up and bent her over the table to fuck her from behind. I asked her if I could cum on her face and she let me spray all over her. Little did I know that it would be so explosive. She got down on her knees and I covered her face, her tits, and actually ended up over shooting and hit the wall too. That was probably my biggest load to date. I felt like I was cumming for a solid minute.

NSFW: yes

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