Random I met at a bar (m30)

So it was in 2019 in the summer. My friend randomly texted me asking if I wanted to go to Tampa for a Beach Volleyball tournament. His partner had backed out and he needed someone to play with him. I ran it by my wife and she was cool with the spur of the moment trip, she said I probably needed a “guys weekend” anyway. So I booked the ticket and left that Friday after work. My friend was spitting a room with someone else so I had to book my own room which was fine.

That Friday night we went out bar hopping in St. Petersburg and had too much of a good time. The next day we got our asses handed to us at the volleyball tournament. When we were done playing my buddy sat around and watched more people play, I went to a bar on the beach we were at and watched school football and grabbed some lunch.

Sitting at the bar this girl came and sat next to me. She asked if it was taken and if her and some friends could sit there. Not a issue they sat next to me. I was 27 at the time and had just finished playing volleyball so I was just wearing my swim trunks and sunglasses. These girls were younger than me and all wearing bikini tops and jean shorts. I was checking them out so hard through my sunglasses, but the one who asked to sit next to me caught me. She said “you like what you see?” I said “I sure do, but just window shopping.” And held up my wedding ring finger. She laughed and struck up a conversation with me. We really hit it off. She was a student at the University of Tampa and surprisingly was from the same area of Texas I grew up in. We chatted for about 15 minutes. I bought her and her friends a couple rounds of shots. Before they left she asked if it was okay to add my Snapchat. I told her I didn’t see any harm in that and we added each other.

Later that evening she sent me a snap. She had just gotten out of the shower and was wrapped up in her towel. She just said “hey”. I snapped her back and we struck up a conversation. She told me her and her friends were going out to the bars and they weren’t too far from my hotel. She asked if I wanted to join. So obviously I did. In the Uber on my way there she snapped me a pic of her outfit and she was looking incredible. She had some short shorts on and a low cut tank top with a lace push up bra and said “window shopping for things you can never have.” I just responded “bet.”

Got to the club and she was wasted. I needed to catch up. I started taking shots and next thing I knew we were dancing and she was all over me. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her and she couldn’t keep hers off of me. At one point she yelled in my ear (over the loud music) “you know your wife would never find out.” I grabbed the back of her head and started making out with her right there. Not long after that we called for an Uber. We made out in the back seat all the way back to my hotel room.

I fucked her brains out when we got in my room. I was very sexually frustrated and I took it all out on her. And she embraced it. She was calling me daddy. Telling me how much better her young school pussy was than my wife’s. I had her bent over the foot of the bed and she looked back at me and said she wanted to really feel me. She turned around and slid the condom off. Laid on her back on the bed and put one leg over my shoulder the other wrapped around my thighs. Grabbed my raw cock and slid it inside her. I was thrusting slow. Cautious that the new sensation might make me cum in her. She moaned real loud. Told me how good it felt without the condom. Looked me in the eyes and said “fill me up im on birth control.”

Omg I came so much. Immediately. The cum was gushing from her pussy and dripping down to the floor. She spun around and put my cock in her mouth. She was giggling, saying how yummy our juices tasted together. How naughty she felt having a married guy cum inside her. She said it made her even more horny. We fucked again and again until we were so exhausted we needed to sleep.

The next morning before she left we had very intimate passionate raw sex. She left, I cleaned myself up and packed before heading to the airport

NSFW: yes

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