Pretty good night MF

Pretext. My Wife (33) used to be very prudish. Sex was very cut and dry. She didn’t like me going down on her and she didn’t like giving me BJs. Its take years and years to get her where she’s at but that’s a whole different story. I’ve posted some of my experiences and pics previously.

Last night was pretty good. Wife and I took a couple of THC edibles before having dinner and getting the kid to bed.

After a bit, we’re chilling on the couch in our room. She’s now pantyless in one of my work hoodies that zips in the front and unzipped to where her pierced nipples are sometimes visible and hanging out.

After a bit, she asks if I’d clean the cat litter for a BJ. Jokingly I said “but you know I hate doing the cat litter”. She replied “Are you sure?” then proceeds to grab my hand and starts to lick/stuck/swirl her tongue around my finger for about a minute. Fuck, she got me. I play it cool and tell her yes, but she needs to do that to my cock. “ABSOLUTELY!” She responded.

After a little bit goes by, I can tell when she’s watching something on xvid or PH. She starts to fidget and occasionally touches herself. I love “accidentally” grazing her pussy when moving around. After a bit of fingering, she’s doing that short pant thing just before I really begin getting her going. A little bit more time goes by when and she’s dripping wet. I’m keeping her on edge by playing with her, stopping, playing, stopping, ect.

Then she surprises me. She gets on her knees infront of me, pulls out my cock out of my boxers and starts gonna town. She’s doing all the same things that she was doing earlier. Shit is amazing. I love the noises that are filling the room. A few minutes goes by, I’m about to cum when she stops, moves towards the bed, bends over and asks if I want to fuck. I decided that I don’t want her asking me, I wanted her begging me.

I flip her on her back and begin eating her out. She was really surprised. I’m really focusing on her clit and inner thigh. I’m going between fingering and sucking. She’s moaning loud as fuck. I even noticed her tightening her grip on the comforter. After a couple of minutes and her organisming, I’m ready to fuck.

I begin to tease her by rubbing my cock up and down her pussy. Ask her if she wants it. She nods. I put just a little in and she gasps. Then looks at me. “Tell me you want it” she then tells me “I want your cock so bad babe.”

I’m hard as a rock and she’s wet like our old highschool days. I’m slamming hard into her. My wife’s vocabulary now only consists of my name and repeatedly saying “Fuck Me”. I think she was shaking when I was pounding her, but I was really focusing on how her pussy felt and her words.

After about 10 minutes of pounding, I shove my dick as deep as I can and cum buckets in her. She cannot say anything. She’s just basking there, spread eagle with my cum slowly dripping out of her. A few more minutes go by, I’m already dressed and she’s still lying there but slowly regaining her grasp on reality. Don’t forget we’re both pretty stoned, I’m just better at functioning. It also helps that I’m a bigger guy at just a little over 6′ and she’s 5′ 2″ – 5′ 3″. I step out and make her some warm peppermint tea. By the time I come back, she’s cleaned up and now in one of my t-shirts and thong. I would have been down for another round, but it was already pushing 1 am and I had work in the morning. I had a enormous smile on my face all day refecting on the night. Side note, she also sent me a couple of nudes early in my day saying was really looking forward to me getting back home.

NSFW: yes

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