pleasing a man with nothing in return

I am a happily married man but keep daydreaming of an ex of mine. I remeber this time we were just hanging around her apartment on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was watching a Nascar race and she was working on a paper for her class. She was taking a break and walked over gave me a kiss and said she was gonna relax in the tub. I asked if she would like business but I was politely shutdown. Some time had past as I continued to watch the race, then all of a sudden she had walked in with just a robe on and straddled me. She asked how the race was going and then let her robe slip off her shoulder so that her tit would be exposed. I smiled at her and said it just got better. She leaned in and rubbed her nipple across my lips and instructed that I was not allowed to kiss or lick. She started to work my shorts off as she slid between my legs and down to her knees. She smiled as she grabbed my cock and started to slowly stroke it. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes in the pleasure of her touch. She then insisted I lift my head and watch as her blue eyes stayed connected with mine as she slid her mouth over the swollen head of my cock. She slowly started up and down and inch at a time until she had completely swallowed my cock. She picked up the pace and the sound of her saliva swishing around was putting me closer to the edge when all of a sudden through the front door walked in her roommate and her friend. Not thinking I jumped up and and darted for the bedroom. A moment passed and she had made her way back to the bedroom where I apologized for darting off. She laughed said it was fine but she needed to finish the job. She dropped back to her knees and inserted my cock back into her mouth. She reached up and started stroking my cock as she sucked and rubbing my balls as well. I had to release the intense pressure built up in me. Her eyes stayed connected with mine as I came in her mouth and watched her gulp one after another. When she had completely drained me she stood up kissed me and asked if I wanted to go to the store with her.

Do any women still please the man in their life spontaneously without anything in return? For example spending a night in watching TV and you just reach over without saying a word and stroke or suck him off? What about out in public or while he is asleep? Have you ever had him just watch you masterbate?

Question #2 have you ever masterbated in secret near him while he is awake or sleeping.

NSFW: yes

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