Played Strip Chess With My Wife!

This is an embellished true story. Enjoy!

This experience happened a few years ago, before the kid. So, wife and I were at a hotel for some reason, I think we were on vacation. Anyway, we come down to eat something, and there is a chess set in the game/hobby area. I ask wife if she has ever played chess and she says no. Getting excited at the prospect of actually being better at something than my wife, I offer to teach her how to play. So, we bring the chess set up to our room.

Now, at this point I will describe my wife. She has long, straight brown hair that goes down her back, gorgeous brown eyes, a pretty face, a long neck, a plus size, curvy create, and D cup breasts. I am tall, athletic, with brown hair, and a well trimmed beard.

Tonight Jenn, my wife is wearing a well fitted dress with modest cleavage. I am in a polo shirt and jeans.

We set up the board and I teach her the moves and rules. Then we begin playing and OF COURSE she immediately starts kicking my butt. I ask if this really is her first game, and she says yes it truly is, with a smirk.

“Do you mind if we make it a bit more interesting?”, I ask.

“Sure, what’s on your mind?”, Jenn asks.

“How about we start over, but this time we play strip chess”, I say.

“Really?”, my wife’s eyes go wide.

“Yes”, I say. “Every three pieces taken equals losing an article of clothing. And when the winner gets check mate, the loser gets to make them do whatever they want.”

My wife takes a moment to think it over. “Okay”, she says, as she helps me set the board again.

I feel myself actually start to sweat a little as we make the first few moves. The first few moves no body takes pieces. We are both just setting up our side of the board. Then the action begins. I take 1, 2, then 3 of my wife’s pieces.

She sits in wondered for a few seconds then smiles. She puts her hands behind her back and unfastens her bra, sliding the straps down and slipping the whole bra down her side, as she looks at me with a smirk.

“Hey, that’s not fair”, I laugh. “Sure it is, you didn’t say anything about removing clothes in any particular order”, Jenn says with a laugh. I try not to stare at the sexy incline of her breasts under the dress.

A few more moves. My wife takes three of my pieces and I remove a sock.

“No need to be cock-y”, Jenn says with a smile. “You will run out of clothing soon, the way you’re playing”, she finishes, with a lingering glance on my crotch, before raising her eyes to my own.

I gulp, before making a few moves. I take a few more pieces. A pawn here, a knight there. But Jenn persists.

She takes three pieces, forcing me to remove another sock. She takes six more, forcing me to remove my polo shirt and jeans. She looks me up and down.

“I wonder what I’ll have you do when I win”, Jenn says, eyeing me again.

I take a few more pieces, and she removes her shoes. She gives me long, direct looks, knowing exactly what she is doing.

She takes three more of my pieces, reducing my force greatly.

“Just choose for me”, I say, somewhat regretting making the decision to play this game.

“Your undershirt”, Jenn says with a smirk. “I want to draw out your suffering a little longer”, she says with a smirk.

I pull off my undershirt, leaving me only in boxers. I let out a sigh.

“It is not all that bad”, my wife says. “Being eye candy for your wife”, she says with a smile of glee.

The next few moves are fierce, with her taking a piece, then me.

Then finally, she moves her queen into formation with her other pieces, and boom, I am in check mate.

“Bingo!”, Jenn says with glee.

“I think you meant check mate”, I say.

“Yes, check mate!”, Jenn says. “Now come over here to give me my reward.”

She beckons me over to her with her finger.

“Stand still and don’t move”, she directs.

“Are you going to take your winnings”, I ask.

“That is exactly what I am doing.”

She looks up at me, her sitting, me standing in front of her. She looks at my package in front of her at about eye level.

“How does it feel to have lost to your wife?”, she asks.

“Fine. You’re really a great player.”

“Flattery will NOT get you out of this.”

I start to feel movement in my boxer briefs.

“Hands behind your back”, Jenn orders.

I do as she says.

“How does it feel to be standing there. You almost naked, and me fully clothed?”

I mumble an inaudible reply.

“Look at me, when I am talking to you, *husband*.”

I look her in the eye.

“You’re getting hard. I see your bulge growing in your *tight* boxer briefs. It must be getting uncomfortable in there.”

I look down.

“Yes, hot and uncomfortable. I wonder if there is enough space for your *big* cock in there. Will it bend the fabric *to its will*, or will the fabric win and hold it back.” She breaks eye contact for a second to look down.

“Oh, I see. It looks like no one is a winner. Should I help?”

“Yes, please”

She pulls the top of my underwear down, allowing my rigid hard dick to bounce out into sight.

“I see”, wife says, almost talking to my dick. “Are you looking at these tits?”, Jenn says, as she pushes her arms together, emphasizing her cleavage.

No response.

“Look at them!”

I look down her dress.

“Do you want them?”


“Do you want to touch them?”

No response.

“Richard, do you want to touch these tits?”

“Yes”, I reply.

She pulls down the front of her dress, exposing her large breasts. She rubs her breasts.

“Do you wish you were doing this?”

I look away.

“Look at me!”, Jenn says. “Do you wish you were doing this?”

“Yes”, I say pleadingly.

“Do you wish you were pounding me from behind. Pushing your dick deep into my tight pussy?”

My dick pulses without my permission.

“It looks like we are getting somewhere. Imagine thrusting into me from behind. Imagine fucking me. Go ahead, close your eyes.”

I immediately close my eyes. Anything to make this moment less embarrassing.

“Your pounding into my pussy from behind, these tits are swinging wildly, you reach forward to grab them”, Jenn continues

My dick throbs out of my control. I feel it pulse, throb, and vibrate.

“Ooh, I see, we are just about there.”

“Open your eyes.”

I do as I’m told. I look down to see that my dick is swollen and heavily erect, the veins looking like they are about to pop, I’m about to burst.

“You’re fucking me! Say it!”

“I’m fucking you!”

“My tits are swinging!”

“Your tits are swinging!”

“You’ve got me where you want me.”

“I’ve got you where I want you.”

And with that the dam bursts and cum explodes out of my dick. My wife watches with joy at the cock she made explode without even touching it. My cum flows out onto the floor for several seconds.

She looks at my spent dick, which is slowly going back down to its ordinary size. She then looks up to eyes again.

“You’ll clean up this mess. You won’t get dressed again. You can have a shower and get cleaned up, but then I expect you to watch a movie with me. If I feel like it you can fuck me. Is that understood?”

“Yes”, I say.

“Good, now go clean up.”

And that is how I taught my wife chess.

NSFW: yes

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