Picnic time

We are having a picnic beside a lake. There is a blanket spread on the ground and we are laying on the blanket side by side on our backs watching clouds drift by. I turn onto my side to face you and kiss your forehead. I reach over and touch your cheek with my finger tips and you turn your face towards me. I give your nose a little peck then begin kissing your lips. We are kissing passionately and you reach over and begin rubbing my cock through my jeans and I begin getting an erection. You unfasten the button and slide the zipper down to free my cock from the confines of my jeans. You slowly stroke my cock with your hand and it gets even harder. You move down and engulf my cock with your mouth. You slide your lips slowly up and down the shaft. I let out a low moan and put my hand on your head and entangle my fingers in your hair.
You begin moving up and down faster and I am about to cum. You slide your lips up to the head of my cock and I explode in your mouth.

You roll back over onto your back. I move down to your waist and undo your pants and slide them off. I  lightly rub your pussy through your panties concentrating on your clit and you let out a moan. Your panties begin to get a little wet and I can see the outline of your pussy through them. I slide your patties off and move myself between your legs and put your legs over my shoulders. I softly kiss the outer lips of your pussy and then begin licking them going from the bottom up to your clit.

Each time I reach your clit you arch your back and gasp a little. I begin sucking on your clit and you push your pussy into my lips.
I slowly slide a finger into your drenched pussy and begin rubbing your g-spot. You arch your back and let out a very loud moan. Your pussy gushes and you shudder as you have a strong orgasm. My face is covered in your juices. This activity has me hard again and I remove your legs from my shoulders.

You roll over and get on your hands and knees. I get on my knees behind you and slowly enter your pussy with my cock. I begin moving my cock in and out slowly as I reach around and rub your clit with my finger. You are moaning softy and I begin moving in and out a little faster while I continue rubbing your clit. You have an orgasm and I am about to cum again so I stop. You push your hips back into me and I begin pumping in and out again.

This time I begin going faster and faster. You are moving your hips back and forth and I am vigorously rubbing your clit. We both explode in strong orgasms and fall into a heap together

NSFW: yes

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