Personal Yoga Teacher: (Noncon, dubcon, somnophilia, kidnapping) ALL PARTIES OVER 18

***This is a fictional erotic story written by me, about me and from my point of view. You should not be reading this if you’re not of legal age, 18 in America, 21 in some other countries. I never explain in my CNC stories how consent was garnered. I have a post named “How I approach stories about CNC/R**p*ay” pinned on my page explaining why. CNC relationships come in all forms, including scenes that may seem/feel too real. I can assure you that since the stories are at all times starring me as the prey, I consent. This is my fantasy, not yours. You are not being forced to read this, so if you choose to then be nice and enjoy. ☺️***

I’ve been gonna her Sunday yoga classes for some time now. “Good morning everyone, welcome to the class. How is everyone doing today?” She asks the class in her soft, almost whispered tone. We all respond similarly, she smiles. I could tell you the class is really relaxing & good for my health. Both of those things would be factual. However, I go to watch her. The mirrors that line the walls in the room make it easy. “In the corner, you will see cards. If you are comfortable with hands-on adjustments from me, grab a black card. If you are not, grab a red. Put this at the front of your mat.” Everyone got up and grabbed their preferred card, returning to their mats.

“Okay everyone, let’s move onto our hands and knees. Begin your cat cows, matching your cows with your inhale & your cats with your exhales.” She stood from her mat, moving to close the door & dim the lights. Continuing guidance as she returns to her mat, she says “begin each movement in your tailbone, working your way up the spine.” She gets on her hands and knees on the mat, breathing in. Her tailbone arches up and back, while her head does the same. They long for one another until her exhale. Her tailbone rolls down and in, rounding her spine through to her head. She tucks her chin in and then inhales and repeats.

Every time I see her like this, I can barely control the intrusive thoughts. Images of her tied in the room I built, in that position flash in my brain. “Very good everybody. Now when you’re ready, let’s tuck your toes to the mat and push up into downward dog.” Her ass goes into the air, her chest folding in towards her legs flattening her back. Fuck, I want to control her flexible body like a puppet. “Pedal out your legs, getting them nice and warm for todays class.” As she pedals, the slight movement in her hips side to side have my attention.

We move through the poses as she begins to stand and walk the room. My card is black, I want her to touch me. We move into warrior two and I purposely do it incorrectly. She glides across the wood floor towards me, her hand lightly touching my back to line with my hips. Then she gently lifts my arms to my sides like an airplane, tracing them from the shoulder to the palm of my hand pointing out the straight line made. My dick twitches at this. She walks to the next person who needs her assistance, turning her back to me. I’m feeling primal. If we were alone, I would have already had her on the floor.

I can smell her perfume still lingering lightly in the air. All I can think is how much I would rather smell her fear. I want to break her. See her cheerful expression dripping in tears and cum. “Okay when you’re ready, meet me seated on the mat.” She waited for everyone to finish the most recent pose. Once everyone came to a seated position, she start the wind down phase of the class. “Lay back on your back and plant your feet flat in front of you so your knees are bent.” Everyone followed her direction, including her. “Let your knees fall to the left, arms stretched to your sides and turn your neck to the right.” She did the same, her eyes closed. I picture ropes wrapped around her wrists, keeping her sprawled and vulnerable like that. “Great, now bring your knees back up to a neutral position and then do the other side. Breathe through it.”

The class came to an end and everyone start rolling their yoga mats up. I rolled my mat up and went to talk to her. “Hi, I’m David. Great class.” She smiled up at me, her large hazel eyes maintaining eye contact the entire time. I hear purple and green accentuate hazel eyes, so bruises will only make them that much prettier. “HI” she said excitedly. “I am so glad to hear that! I am here all the time. I do about four classes a day.” I knew she taught here but I hadn’t realized how often. “Oh?” I said. “Can I get a list of your class schedule? I would love to come to more.” She smiled again, “yeah, of course, follow me back to the office and I’ll get that for you.” I followed her into the office, the sound deafening as we did. I looked around, not seeing any cameras. It took a lot to not rip her clothes off then, but I had to be patient. She handed me the class list & said “here you go!” We froze for a second, staring at one another as though we both knew what the other was thinking. I broke the moment, saying “thank you, I’ll check them out. I have to get to work but thank you for being here so early. Have a good day.” I walked out, excited now to finish the room.

I get home and walk straight to the backyard where my shed is. On the ground is a latch door that leads downstairs to my best work yet. This was never originally meant to be any more than a entertainment area. My wife and I bought the house and found out quickly that hosting more than 4 people became crowded. I’ve been working on it for two years. There’s a projector set up, with couches and chairs. The bar is in the corner, alcohol stocking the shelves. This entire area ventilated, wired, and set up with plumbing. The room is capable of hosting around 10 people comfortably. We have thrown a ton of Super Bowl parties here. There is a bathroom in the corner opposite the bar.

I walked over to the bathroom, reaching into the shelving unit holding towels and toilet paper. Behind cleaning products was a lever, I pulled and heard a clicking noise. I pushed in and the cabinet opened into the room that I hadn’t shown anyone else. Originally it was just because it was cool to have a secret room, like you see in the movies and stuff. The more I added to it without anyone else knowing, the more I wanted to fulfill the fantasy that had played on repeat in my mind most of my life. BDSM & worlds related have at all times appealed to me. I’ve role played with ex-girlfriends and my wife but I was beginning to crave more.

Inside the room was a bare concrete floor and open walls waiting for drywall. The bathroom needed to be finished as well. I’m thinking I can do it in two weeks. Then I can install the rigs I built. I have a wooden contraption I made that makes it easier to tie someone up in multiple positions. I also had fun making a DIY dildo robot. It moves back and forth with a click of a button & lasts 12 hours straight! I could feel the excitement in me building as I got closer.

A month later, the room hidden behind the bathroom was ready. There had been a few women I had run across and considered to take the place of my favorite yoga teacher but something about her at all times drew me back in. The room was sound proof, ventilated, & attached to the plumbing. The walls were lined with locked cabinets, inside numerous sex toys and objects. I went all out, figured I had a lot of experimentation to do. I enjoyed the organization of it all as well, with each cabinet serving a specific purpose. There was a table on one end with a hole measured perfectly to line up with my cock. I can lay down and put my dick through, so she can suck it from underneath. Maybe I’ll piss on her instead. I laughed to myself, knowing I had at all times in the world to do it all. If I could just get her in here.

Two days later, the day had come. My wife was out of town, our city had a parade, and she had a late class. Everyone would be busy or distracted, it would be my best chance. I pulled into the back parking lot where there weren’t any cameras. I walked around the front to go inside, seeing her as soon as I enter. “Oh hi David, the class just ended. I’m about to close up shop.” She knew me by name now, came to see me as a friend at this point even. At least as close of a friend as you can be as an instructor. “No way, are you serious?” A few people walked from the back studio, holding their rolled up mats. “Yeah, I started it at 7pm tonight because of the parade.” I didn’t know that actually. That changed the plans. She giggled, “hey that’s alright. I have a class tomorrow mid-morning. I was going to start earlier but I’m about to walk to the parade.” I smiled back at her “I actually driving right past that part of town to go home, would you like a ride?” She paused. Her senses alerting her to my true intentions, but just as quickly I watched as she ignored them.

We walked out to my car, talking about how the class went. She said it went well, as she got into the passenger seat of my vehicle. This was going much better than I had planned. I had multiple efficient plans but knew that there was no way to be 100% sure of the aspects that would come into play. I reached into the back, grabbing water bottles and offered her one. She smiled and thanked me, opening the bottle and downing the water. The class had clearly exhausted her. I put my water bottle in the cup holder, knowing not to drink it.

We pulled out of the parking lot and made a left onto the street. “Are you not going to the parade, David?” I looked over at her, knowing it wouldn’t be long before she was drifting to sleep. “No, not tonight. I have other plans.” She lifted her head forward, confusion sprawling across her face. “Um, sorry. I’m not feeling great. Other plans, at least they’re p-p-lans” she slurred. “You look sleepy, maybe you should close your eyes” I told her. She continued trying to fight it. “I, I, what’s happening” she asked, her sentence barely understandable. I made a right, turning the opposite way of the parade. Her head fell back into the seat, slowly rocking left and right as she realized we weren’t going the right way. Her hand lifted and touched my arm, heavily weighing down and remaining in place. Finally, she drifted off to sleep.

When we got back to the house, it was just dark and all the neighbors lights seemed to be off. I ran around to the passenger seat, throwing her over my shoulder. Her limp body was completely dead weight, but thankfully she only weight 135lbs. I quickly walked to the back shed, opening the floor. I walked her downstairs, into the bathroom and behind the shelf. She would be passed out for at least 4 hours. I stripped her naked, removing her shoes and then shorts. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Then I removed her sports bra, her small tits perking up at me.

She was now naked, laying on the floor in front of me. Her red hair slightly covered her face, leaving her mouth and half of her shut eye visible. I picked her up and placed her on my wooden contraption. Her forearms tied to the plank of each side and her chins tied to the planks on the table below her. This put her kneeling on her knees and forearms, leaving her ass in the air. I used the bar attached to the side to go across her lower back, preventing any wiggling. Then I placed her face laying sideways against the wood.

Walking around her, it was exactly as I had imagined. She was exposed and vulnerable. Her pussy and ass spread and in the air. I stopped behind her, playing with her pussy lips. Gripping her ass cheeks, I moved them back and forth, enjoying the jiggle. Her lack of response was making me just as hard as I knew I would be when she was awake and begging me to stop. I slapped her ass cheeks, her body and face remaining limp but red appearing anyway. I did it again, absorbing the sound. My cock got harder. I pulled it out, pressing it against her pussy. Dry and unresponsive. I pushed in anyway, knowing when she woke up, it would hurt. I continued, slapping her ass cheeks and sliding in and out of her. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I pulled out. I walked over to her face and used my fingers to pull at her bottom jaw. It opened, and placed the tip of my cock in her mouth and came. I pulled out, cum dripping out as well. I left her like that, excited to see her response when she wakes up.

NSFW: yes

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