Part 2 of cheating on my partner of 4 years

Part two..
F(21) M(23)
After the weekend we spent together in Boston, I acted like it never happened when I was around my boyfriend, until I was alone. I’d constantly think of his big cock, and the way his balls fit perfectly in my mouth ,and the way he moaned my name.
I never exchanged my phone number with his because I told myself I’d never see him again, but fate ran its course.

I was shopping at the mall and out of nowhere I made eye contact with him and my pussy instantly got wet. As he approached me, I couldn’t control myself and I kissed him(hot and heavy). I looked around to discover the best place to fuck him.
The options were slim. It was between Jcpennys and 21 forever.
We started walking over to Jcpennys. As we walked in, I grabbed the first thing I could see and started walking over to the fitting room.
When we walked into the fitting room,
I whispered in his ear that he could do anything he wanted .
He ripped off my pants and started teasing me by blowing on my clit.
Then, he slowly inserted his mouth into my pussy. I went so fast .
I started begging him to insert his cock in my pussy.
He slapped me in the face and told me I’ll do what I want when I want.
He bent me over with my face in the mirror and started fucking my pussy And slapping my ass.
I was screaming so loudly.
Then he turned me around and held me against the mirror and fucked me until he came into my pussy and then he whispered” Good girl”.

We exchanged numbers and continued fucking for 3 more months before geting caught so if you want more let me know

NSFW: yes

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