(Part 1&2) Mike & Dylan – MM Caught Sweaty-Handed [M22/M28] [Straight to Gay] [Romance] [1stPOV]

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**Caught sweaty-handed…**

Dylan is mortified when his long-time crush and boss walks in on him masturbating during the middle of the day. It’s not like he can chalk up some lame excuse while he’s in the middle of coming, not to mention the GQ magazine laid out beside him and his fingers in a place they normally shouldn’t be.

Mike’s been having trouble in the sex department for a while now, but after seeing Dylan jettison his load all over his stomach, he finds he’s rock hard. He can not seem to shake the image of him either, his face as he came, his pink cheeks, not only were they cute but maybe a little sexy? Now all he has to do is convince Dylan to help him with his ‘not so little’ issue.

**All characters are over the age of eighteen, HEA guarantee! For Mature readers only.*

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*A spinoff from Alexis & Wolf and can be read as a standalone.*

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**Part 1 – Dylan**

My body is hot with sweat and sticks to the sheets beneath my bare flesh. I arch my back as my hand works my length a little faster. I can feel the need coiling up tighter and tighter along my lower spine, but it’s not enough. Not even the GQ magazine with the sexy guy on the front cover propped up on the pillow next to me is working.

The air in my room is getting ripe and muggy with my scent. I should have opened a window before I laid down on the bed, but it hadn’t been my intention to rub one out. I’d only meant to take a five-minute break, lines of code had been bombarding my brain, and the only way to make them stop was fantasizing about Mike’s muscular forearms. I loved watching him work the keyboard effortlessly with his skilled fingers, his bright blue eyes locked on the screen. It made me hard just thinking about it.

The first time I’d met Mike, I’d instantly wondered he was a jock and couldn’t possibly be the developer I’d praised for the past five years, not with his big hard body, chiselled jaw and goofy smile. But I quickly learned looks could be deceiving. He’s a loyal friend and takes care of his baby sister while his parents transpired all over the world.

I’d made a deal with myself that I would no longer jerk off to him since he got back together with his girlfriend. Looks like I need to try harder.

“This is the last time,” I mumble to myself.

After a year of unrequited love, this needs to stop. I can not tell him my feelings. For one, he’s straight, and he’s at all times on again and off again with his girlfriend, Rachel. There’s no room for me there, just a broken heart.

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