(ONGOING SERIES – Tess & Trevor) I (M20’s) went to a silly sex class and spanked her (F20’s) in front of our friends (SPANKING, MOSTLY VANILLA)

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***(For anyone following these weekly, there is a chapter before this one but there was no erotica in it so it couldn’t be posted on the regular subs. You can discover it on my account)***
*Oh, this is going to be so much fucking fun.*
Natalie set up some sort of sex class for her guests and because it’s not just the wedding party anymore, she wondered it would be best to give a funny tone to the experience and instead of splitting us into boys & girls, we’re having the class together.
It’s also wonderful that most of the parents, aunts and uncles decided to sit this one out.
Which means right now I’m sitting in a lounge with Tessa, talking about sex, without her dad or my dad to complicate things.
“These are ben wa balls” the teacher lady says and I have a smirk on my face cause I’m dying to ask a bunch of questions that can embarrass my secret girlfriend who, by the way, is sitting way too far away from me for my liking.
“These can be used to enhance orgasms, right?” I ask and press my knuckles against my mouth to hide my grin.
“Yes” the teacher agrees “We have an experienced gentleman here! Have you used them before?”
“I have. Not recently, unfortunately” I stare at Tessa just to watch her blush.
“You usually need toys to give a woman an orgasm, Trev?” Ryan jokes, trying to diss me.
I have zero patience for little men who think going the extra mile for pleasure is something to be ashamed of.
“I do everything for a woman’s orgasm, my guy, you should try it”
I don’t like Ryan.
Fuck Ryan.
He laughs and gives me a friendly punch on the shoulder as if we’re best pals having a brotherly banter.
But he was trying to get my girl to call him daddy. We are not pals.
“Many women enjoy toys” the teacher points out.
“Yeah, I know” Ryan is doing that thing where a guy tries to play humble while being cocky. It’s not looking good “But if I’m in bed with a woman, I work hard to make her forget toys even exist” he laughs and I roll my eyes.
Yes, the Mighty Powerful Cock of Ryan.
I have no respect for men who ignore sex toys.
It’s like refusing to use a calculator cause you know how to add.
“You don’t agree?” he asks and I think my disgust was way too obvious.
“Well, if I’m in bed with a woman, I work hard to make her forget her own name. And if toys can help, so be it”
Maybe Ryan was going to reply but Tessa hears my opinion on making a woman forget her own name and I guess that’s happened to her a couple of times cause her sigh of pleasure is so fucking telling, it embarrasses me a little.
I look at her.
The whole room looks at her.
Gasping over a man who can make her forget her own name.
Tessa gulps, looking guilty as sin.
“N-nothing wrong with toys” she adds, uncomfortably.
“I agree” I try to shift everyone’s attention back to me, cause my little sub is probably daydreaming of my cock right now, and I’d love for her to keep doing just that “You got any more toys in that bag there, Mrs. Teacher?” I joke and nearly everyone laughs a little.
“Yes! Plenty! How about this one?” she shows something to Ryan “Do you know what this is?”
It’s a paddle.
That’s what that is.
A fucking toy to spank women in the ass very fucking hard.
Tessa is stretching her neck to get a good look at whatever it is and I can’t withstand it.
“You know this one, Tess?”
“Why are you only asking her?” Sasha interrupts us. She is sitting very close to me and I know it’s intentional.
“Cause she looks curious” I shrug and while everyone else doesn’t seem to mind my answer, Sasha still looks… weird.
The teacher is waving a paddle around and Tessa’s cheeks are getting hotter by the second. She knows what those are. My sweet babygirl has a nasty kink for being spanked with every feasible gadget under the sun. No way in fuck she doesn’t know what a paddle is.
“I know what it is” she answers quietly.
“You used it before?” I ask her and look: I know I was just trying to mess around with her before, but she recognises that paddle too fucking fast and I wasn’t the one who introduced her to it “Who did you use it with?” the question jumps out of my jealous lips before I can restrain myself.
“Yo, bro, what the fuck?” Leo calls me out with a kind giggle “That’s none of your business”
“I was just…” fucking drooling with jealousy “… curious”
“It’s alright, I don’t mind” Tessa smiles and then she says the WORST fucking thing a sub can ever say to her dom “I used it on myself”. She plays it out as a joke and says something about it being a dare, but no. No, no.
I know better than this.
I know Tessa’s pussy craves those painful stings on her ass. She missed me. She missed having a man punish her until she had to catch her breath so hard she almost passed out. For two years, her daddy wasn’t there. So she bought a fucking paddle and took care of it herself.
That’s horrible not only because now I feel like an incompetent wimp who missed out for two years, but also because now I’m picturing Tessa naked, alone in her bed, pinching her nipples and spanking her own ass and pussy, with tiny little shrieks of pain and pleasure. Ass cheeks going rose with every hit. Muttering my name under her breath, wishing I was there to hit her harder. Scratching her tits so hard she was leaving red trails all over her smooth skin.
I have to wet my lips.
I have to think about something else right the fuck now or I’m getting hard.
I’ll take care of you now, baby.
Daddy is here again.
“So you own paddles?” I ask.
“Trev, what the fuck, man” Leo is shaming me again. I love my brother, but right now I hate my brother.
“Sorry” I smile, emotionless “Got curious again”
No one seems to mind all that much.
Except for Leo.
Except for Annie.
Except for fucking Sasha.
Those three are looking at me like they honestly believe I could drop my pants and fuck Tessa in the middle of the lounge and… truth be told… they are not that wrong.
“How about we give these a try?” the teacher suggests “Do we have volunteers?”
I am shaking cause if Tessa raises her hand I need to get on my feet in under 0.001 second. Ain’t nobody going to paddle my girl but me.
But the teacher is a good woman with a kind spirit.
“How about you?” she encourages Annie and Ryan to take the chance. For the past hour, Ryan has been acting like he knows everything and Annie has been acting like she knows nothing. So the teacher maybe assumed it was a good match.
I sit back and relax.
“I go first” Annie laughs, taking the paddle and everyone is going woo-hoo and clapping. Guess we all wanna watch Ryan get spanked, glad I’m not alone.
“Alright, I’ll play ball” he surrenders, laughing like a good sport. He turns around to hold a bar on the side and offers his butt for Annie to… slightly brush the paddle over.
Woman, you call that a spanking?
My God. I fucking tickle harder than that.
But Ryan is a little bitch and yells out an ouch before rubbing his barely harmed ass.
“My turn” he says taking the paddle from her.
“I went easy on you, so go easy on me!”
And that he does.
I’m not sure Ryan even is the sort of man who could go hard, but he goes so fucking easy it’s a disgrace to spanking and an embarrassment to that poor paddle.
He goes SO fucking easy, that Annie actually says:
“I think I can take it a little harder than that”
A feather would be a little harder than that.
Tessa rolls her eyes so hard it makes me laugh. Surely, she is thinking the same thing I am. And I don’t even like to be hit, you know? But that’s pathetic. To her (that actually enjoys it) the whole display must look boring as hell. My poor baby.
“You sure?” Ryan asks and Annie goes all Rocky, punching the air before saying:
“Yeah, c’mon, Ry! Show me what you got”
“Yeah, Ry” I make fun of him “You can do it, buddy”
He really can’t, but I’m nothing if not supportive.
The paddle crosses the air only slightly harder than the time before as he tickles Annie with it once more. Again, she says she can take it harder. Again, he tries. Again, he fails.
Nat jokingly gets up and raises Annie’s skirt up until we can see her bikini bottom and urges Ryan to strike again. He does, but it’s all the same.
“I don’t feel comfortable hitting women. It’s not in me” he tries to sound like a gentleman to hide the fact he is a weak spineless coward.
I don’t like Ryan.
Fuck Ryan.
“Your turn, come help him” the teacher grabs Tessa and I choke with my own saliva.
Why Tessa?
No, no, no.
I am almost standing up.
“Since you already tried it yourself!” the teacher encourages Tessa to go to Ryan as Annie takes a sit.
Alright, if she is spanking Ryan, I’m fine with this.
If Ryan is spanking her, I’m going to get that paddle and shove it so deep up his ass he’ll need surgery. I think my entire face expression and body language is yelling that out cause half the people around me are looking at me like they are about to ask me to calm down.
Don’t you fucking spank my baby.
I clench my fists and Tessa takes the paddle from him.
“You gotta swing it, Ry” she shows him how it’s done and my jaw is shaking so bad I might bite my tongue off “Put your weight behind it like you mean it, you know?”
“I think I get it. Let me try it” he takes her by the hand and swirls her to the bar, and I clench my fists until my nails are sinking into my palms.
Tessa, don’t.
“A little hard, right?” he asks her and she shrugs like she couldn’t care less. Well, I care plenty.
I breathe in and he sways the paddle against my girlfriend’s ass cheek. It’s harder this time, the fucker. It snaps against her skirt and everything.
“Oof!” Annie shrieks cause that hit was the hardest anyone’s done during this class “Does that hurt, Tessie?”
Oh fuck off.
It was a hard hit for a friendly sex class, yes.
But Tessa ia a woman who wants to try knife play and who enjoys having her clit pinched hard enough to feel like it might fall off. That spanking must have barely felt like a caress to her.
She shrugs.
“To be honest, I hit myself harder than that” she teases and everyone makes fun of Ryan a little more. Tessa is still pretending to be joking and I’m guessing most people around here don’t even think she actually owns a paddle at all. But I know better. She is not joking. She does hit herself harder than that.
And now I’m picturing it again…
Tessa with her juicy thighs spread open, beating the fuck out of her pussy with hard paddles. Making her pussy lips go pink and moist with every new hit. Fuck it, I’m adding that to my list. I wanna watch Tessie spanking herself and playing with her puss until she cums, screaming.
I pull on my pants a little, feeling my dick about to go half pump.
Knowing this, I should probably just sit down and shut up.
But Tessa is showing Ryan how to do it again and I can’t watch him spank her anymore.
I get up to my feet so fast I startle Leo and Sasha who were sitting by me.
“Can I try it?” I stretch my hand asking for the paddle and after a second of hesitation, she gives it to me. She is trying to hide her smile with her tongue.
I get up really close to her, feeling the paddle against my palm. It’s hard and unyielding. I couldn’t see it from a distance, but now that’s in my hands, I can read the indentations on it that read Owned. If I hit Tessa hard enough she’ll get this stamped across her ass cheek and the idea is just too fucking good to pass out.
I smile.
“Turn”. That’s all I say. Turn. But I know she can tell by my face and the way I purse my unforgiving lips, that what I’m actually trying to say is “Turn, you fucking cunt”.
She gulps.
I never said the last three words, but I’m pretty sure she heard them anyway.
She turns around to hold the bar and pushes her ass up just enough to drive daddy crazy.
Now this is the proper order of things. Tessa’s ass belonging to me.
“Gotta get the skirt out of the way, right Nat?” I joke with the bride. Since she did that for Annie, I’m hoping she’ll do that for Tess as well.
“Yeah!” she laughs “Get the skirt out of the way”
“Excellent” I sigh so low only Tessa can hear me.
I rub my thumb up her ass cheek as I get her skirt out of the way. I use the movement as an excuse to feel her up. I’m slow. Dead fucking slow. Feeling her sweet ass under my thumb.
And as soon as the skirt is no more and we can all see her bikini bottom I slam the paddle down so fucking hard it makes a sound cutting through the air before it smashes against her ass. The clapping sound is so loud it echoes on the walls and Tessa jolts up in pain. But the moan I hear from her is clear as fuck. She bites her bottom lip to stop the moaning from taking over, but her whole body is screaming please, fuck me now, sir.
“TREVOR, Christ!” Leo gets up to come take the paddle away from me “Did you lose it? What the fuck!”
“I’m sorry, Tess, I got carried away” I rub her ass a little cause I’m a son of a bitch who wants to tease her a little more. I don’t take long doing this, though. I’m fast. I’m intense. My hand is heavy on her cheek, caressing her like a daddy taking care of his sub… protecting her while wanting to hurt her more.
Tessa is gasping. If I slide my fingers in her bikini right now, I’d bet she is wet as fuck.
He ass goes bright red from the paddle except for the white parts left behind by the indentations that read Owned. Stamped across her ass for Ryan to see next time he tries to spank another man’s woman.
Did you read that, motherfucker? She is owned.
She is mine.
My cock goes hard so I have to sit down fast before I’m made.
It takes minutes before people stop staring at me. Guess I’m being judged again. The creep who took benefit of a situation to fuck up an innocent woman.
That’s what people think because they don’t know me and they obviously don’t know Tessa.
Ask me if I care?
I don’t.
Tessa has the word owned branded across her ass and I am very happy about that.
Everything else can go to shit.
As the class goes on, most everyone forgot about my little faux pas, except for the same three individuals: Leo, Annie and Sasha. The last most of all seems particularly interested in my every move.
She’s probably wondering why I’m not sitting by Lana since she’s supposed to be my girlfriend. But here’s the thing: I do have a girlfriend, I didn’t lie about that. It just so happens that my girl is Tessa, not Lana. It also just so happens that I can’t tell anyone about Tessa right now. The thing about Tessa is that 1- she is my stepsister and that 2- she is a little insane.
She goes off telling people we bet on sports games and that I date Lana.
I, however, am not insane and have no plans to keep up with that lie.
I already have enough trouble with Sasha as it is. So I’m just going to pretend it didn’t happen.
In five days, Natalie will be married and me and Tess will figure things out.
We just gotta hide for five more days.
Then the teacher goes around the class giving everyone a model of either a vagina or a penis, to practice.
She is teaching us how to properly finger a woman or jerk off a man.
I already know how to do the one and Tessa is fucking great at the other, so it’s safe to say neither of us are listening to the instructions. Instead, I wait to make sure I have her eyes on me before I begin teasing the fake plastic clit I have in front of me.
I brush my finger on it just once.
I give it a shallow touch.
The one I know drives Tess up the walls.
I press my middle finger against it and massage it as if it was real.
That’s when I notice I have Tessa’s undivided attention. She is holding the plastic cock on her lap but she is barely touching it. All she does is look at me.
I ignore the instructions being given and take the model up to my mouth. I hold the clit with my lips and tug on it softly before stroking it with my tongue.
Tess is sitting almost in front of me. She is pinching the head of the plastic penis and I’m not sure if it’s intentional to tease me or if she is just lost in… she closes her fingers around the cock and starts giving it a deliciously slow hand job.
Yeah, it’s intentional.
Yeah, it’s for me.
She is showing me how I like it.
Like I taught her to please me.
You ever wish you were a plastic model? Cause I’m going through that right now.
You see, the thing about Tessa is that she knows exactly how I like it. So I know she is grabbing that plastic cock with exactly the perfect pressure. The perfect movement. The perfect speed. She takes little breaks when she reaches the head to pinch it and run her fingers smoothly on it… and when she leans, looking like she is going to grab it in her mouth, I know I’m going to lose it.
I want to take her back to my room and have her naked so I can see the pale Owned stamped across her bright red ass cheek. Then I wanna finger her until she gasps, cause that’s when I plan to gag her with my cock. I wanna empty my balls down her throat so bad it’s giving me a headache.
I still have the plastic clit on my lips. I smile. I lick it once. I make it look good. I make her feel that I wish it was her and that I wish it was now.
Her smile is so gorgeous. I don’t wanna be that guy, but my girl is so hot it gives me chills. How is it feasible to want to kiss a woman this bad always? I really need this wedding to run smoothly and be done with already so I can take her home and do all the items on both our lists and then some.
You’re gorgeous, baby.
You’re so quickly becoming my whole world.
For instance… I am so lost in Tessa, it takes me forever to notice that, while Annie and Leo do seem to be paying attention elsewhere… Sasha really isn’t.
She changed places and is now sitting closer to Tess. She is staring me down and it looks like she’s been doing that for a while. She also has a plastic cock with her and I think she may have been trying (and failing) to get my attention. So now, she is looking from me to Tess and back to me, with a cruel smile of someone who understood far more than she wish she had.
I need to calm the fuck down.
If we’re exposed to Tessa’s family in the middle of this week, right before her sister’s wedding, I know she’ll run. And I can’t have her running on me now. I want her too much.
So I calm down.
I let go of the plastic pussy and try to listen to the teacher. I try to talk to Leo. I try not to think about this incredibly hot and sexy and clever and funny woman who will leave her door open for me tonight, I need only ask.
The class ends but the looks from Sasha do not.
I don’t regret much in this life, but I do regret fucking her.
It was one time.
It was one too many.
It got me in trouble at work.
It got me in trouble with Tessa’s dad.
Had I known what Sasha was doing, I would have stayed the fuck away.
But I didn’t, so now I get to be observed by this woman who, I know, is out to get me.
She sits even closer to Tess, casually talking as the teacher starts gathering her supplies, and I freeze a little.
I can’t have Sasha doing Sasha things this week.
They talk for a second. Tessa blushes and points to Lana. Clearly, my insane Tess is still committed to the lie she told before, and it almost looks like that will be that, but Tessa sees something behind me and the glow in her eyes change.
She says goodbye to Sasha and runs my way, making all sorts of little gestures to get me to follow. No need to ask twice.
I follow.
“What?” I grab her elbow as she is almost slipping by.
“We gotta run”
“Are you that wet, baby?”
“Trevor!” she slaps my arm a bunch. It’s playful slaps, but what the fuck? all the same, right?
“What is happening?”
“Didn’t you see? Annie was slipping away. And I think Peter was taking her cue to follow her”
Oh, right.
I had almost forgotten about this part of the chaos that is my life.
Tessa is onto her sister who promised me she wasn’t fucking Peter anymore and also that she would expose us if Tessa confronted her.
So I’m not very excited about…
“We have to follow them!” she says.
Of course we do.
“I need to make sure of what is happening between them. Come!”
“Why do I need to go?” I cry.
“Because I’ll likely fuck you tonight, so you should keep me happy”
Her logic, as at all times, is fail proof.
“Do I get to choose what we do tonight?”
“You are too greedy. You just chose twice”
“Yeah, baby, and I’ll keep making you do whatever the fuck I want. Me asking you now is just a kindness”
“Trevor, move or we’ll lose them!” she grabs my arm and pulls me with her.
Well… I guess we’re going after them.
Trevor is fucking Tessa.
No doubt about it.
I knew he couldn’t be serious about this girlfriend. Lana is gorgeous and all, but it will be a cold day in Hell when a man like Trevor goes exclusive.
There’s no way.
I knew there was no way.
And what do you know? He is actually fucking his sister.
Now, you could say I’m only doing this to get back at him.
You could say I’m only doing this because I’m jealous.
But the truth is Lana looks like a nice girl and I could never let a fellow woman go through something like this.
The sex teacher (or whatever she is called) is giving everyone little bags with some sex toys in them. Tessa and Trevor leave so fast they don’t even get theirs. But there is one right bty Lana.
I can’t keep quiet about this.
But I’d also rather it not be traced back to me.
I get a piece of paper and I write Lana a little note.
I can put it on her sex toy bag and, soon enough, she is sure to read it.

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