One of the best sexual experiences I’ve had was with my Wife, after we had separated

My Wife and I all the time had a really good sex life, it was the only thing that was good towards the end. It often had a lot of kinks, but mostly led by me, she wasn’t keen on a few things and I never pushed her to do anything, what we did do was amazing anyway.

Almost immediately after we separated and I left (after finding out about her having an affair) she totally changed. She tried to get me round at every opportunity, not trying to hide that she wanted me for sex. But it was the things she suddenly wanted, she wanted and loved lots of the things she’d all the time been hesitant about trying. I guess this may be a fairly common reaction when separating from long relationships. The sex was far more amazing than it ever had been. Then she confessed to me that she’d all the time wanted to experience something like being kidnapped or abducted. She was describing cnc although she didn’t know it. We talked about what she liked about the idea and the things that really turned her on were feeling helpless and vulnerable, being used and forced to do anything with no control, but most of all the wondered of the fear and panic really turned her on.

I suggested that one evening she would leave the door unlocked and go about her evening as usual. I would arrive but she wouldn’t know when so the shock and fear would be as realistic as efficient. She wasn’t convinced and wondered she’d be expecting it but she was very keen to do it.

So that evening I went round. I waited a few hours first though hoping she’d get distracted waiting. When I arrived I left my shoes outside and crept in as quietly as efficient. It wasn’t easy as I was full of adrenaline. I slowly moved through the kitchen and could hear the TV. With the layout of the house a door led from the kitchen to the dining room which was open to the living room. I dropped to my knees and edgiled through the door behind the sofa which she was sitting on oblivious. I waited there for what seemed like ages, my heart was pounding and my breathing was so heavy I was sure she’d hear me. Then I leapt over straight on top of her, she screamed for a second before I covered her mouth with my hand. The fear and panic was definitely real, to the point that even seeing me and knowing she knew it was gonna happen it was 5 minutes before she could calm down and her breathing relaxed. There was much more after that but it was the intense excitement of that that was really amazing and one of the best sexual experiences her and I have had.

NSFW: yes

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