Older Sister is Surprisingly Cool

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I was 19 and home for the summer after my freshman year of school. My sister Hope had just graduated and was home for a few months before moving out of state and starting her new job.

I’ve all the time known she was cool. She all the time looked out for me and never treated me like the annoying little brother I probably was. Now into early adulthood, she was super fun to be around.

She’s also gorgeous. Tall, dark brown shoulder-length hair, full breasts. We were super active growing so everyone was in good shape.

We are home for this last summer together. It’s late. I’m bored. I’m horny.

I walked past a basket of Hope’s laundry cleaned and folded. On top is a dark blue cotton thong. Being the perv I am, I grabbed it and went to my room.

I stripped to just my T-shirt and slid on her thong. I laid in bed watching some porn and enjoying myself until I got bored. I turned on a movie and eventually passed out for the night.

I woke up to two surprises. First, my rock hard cock trying it’s best to burst through the front of Hope’s underwear. Second, Hope.

It was her voice that woke me. “Hey, cute undies. Mom asked me to get you up.” That morning we were all going shopping together.

As I woke and realized what was happening, I turned beat red.

“I am so sorry,” I started.

She smiled. “No worries, my underwear is your underwear. Though they don’t seem to fit you at the moment.”

I would have guessed she would be mad or grossed out and leave, but she hung there chatting with me.

“She wants to leave now,” I asked. I was still half awake, and was only half aware my cock was bursting out of her panties. Hope was now sitting on edge of my bed.

“Yes, you better get going,” she said.

I sat up and the adjustment was all my cock needed to come flinging out of the side of her thong.

“Good gravy, I’m sorry,” I said as a tried to cover up.

“Here,” Hope said as she scooted closer. “We need to leave soon. Lay back.”

She grabbed my cock and began to jerk. “You sure,” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m here and you’re cute. Lay back.”

I did and she continued jerking. She maneuvered the thong so she could massage my balls with her other hand.

I don’t normally get this excited over a handjob, but I would open my eyes and see her staring at my cock as she worked me with both hands. It was fabulous!

I blew my load and she milked every drop onto my shirt. “There, now change your shirt, throw on shorts and let’s go.”

“Thanks a ton, that was great.” She turned and smiled. “Don’t mention it babe. Now hurry up.” With that she left my room.

NSFW: yes

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