Oh Honey Honey and her stepmom

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Honey and I continued to fuck throughout the semester. Towards the end of the semester, Honey applied for an internship with me during the summer. Of course she got the job.

When the semester was over, Honey invited me out to dinner as a thank you for the job. She also told me she had a surprise for me.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I noticed another lady sitting at the table. When I walked up to the table, Honey introduced me.

“Professor, this is my stepmom Rose. Rose, this is the professor that’s giving me the job this summer.”

Rose stood up to shake my hand. I hate to admit it but the first thing I noticed where Rose’s very large breasts. She’s a curvy lady but they still looked hugh on her. Very pretty in the face with gorgeous black hair.

“Nice to meet your professor. Honey told me you were handsome but I figured she was exaggerating.”

“Please, call me Nic and you can now call me that Honey.”

Dinner went on and Rose was really flirty and Honey didn’t seem to care. If she didn’t, I didn’t either.

After we ate, Honey invited me to her apartment. She said that Rose had made a special dessert that I just had to try. I normally wouldn’t do it but with 2 gorgeous women looking at me, I accepted.

Once at the apartment, both ladies changed. They must not be shy around each other because both were braless. Rose’s had some sag but held up nicely for their side and her large nipples were sticking out. She caught me several times looks and it just seemed to make her more comfortable.

After dessert and a few minutes in front of the TV, Honey made her move on me. I felt uncomfortable but Rose didn’t seem to mind.

“Let’s go to my room and fuck Nic. Rose knows all about us. We have more of a sister relationship than stepmom.”

I looked at Rose and she just nodded her approval. As we walked away, Rose spoke up.

“Don’t wear him out too much Honey, I’m hoping you’ll give me a turn with him.”

First, I was shocked I was going as easily as I was with Honey then Rose’s opinion really surprised me. Then Honey spoke and I nearly passed out.

“Oh don’t worry Rose, he has plenty of stamina. You may get lucky and I’ll share him or perhaps more.”

Once in her room, Honey stripped naked and came at me with full force. She had my cock out in a blink of an eye and was completely naked a few seconds later. She had never been this aggressive before. Sucking, stroking, putting her pussy in my face and fucking me like a mad woman. It was quite and incredible experience.

Honey was on top and I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked and Rose was standing in the door, naked, with a hand between her legs. I whispered to Honey that Rose was watching us. Honey was being very loud so no wonder Rose came to investigate.

“Let her watch, she’ll have to wait her turn.”

That just made Honey go even harder. Within a couple of minutes, I was shaking, filling Honey’s pussy with my seed. When I looked over, Rose was shaking and it looked like she squirted all over the floor. She then looked directly at me, smiled and walked away.

Once Honey milked me dry, she rolled off of me. She then layed on my chest, trying to catch her breath.

“Go ahead and go in there with Rose. It’s been years since my dad has fucked her, she needs it. I’ll let you fuck her good before I’ll join you two.”

NSFW: yes

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