Oh Honey Honey and her stepmom. Pt2

When Honey told me to go fuck her stepmom, I really didn’t know what to do. First, I wasn’t sure I could perform since I just came. Second, it was just a weird situation for me. Nothing has happened like this to me before. I just decided to go for it.

Rose is in her mid 30s. Too young to have a 22yr old stepdaughter. I found out later that Honey’s dad fell in love with her large breasts but grew tired of them and her quickly. Apparently they got married right before Honey came to the US for college 4yrs ago. He had barely touched her the past couple of years and she was wanting attention.

Rose was in the bed with her legs spread open, playing with her hairy pussy. She had the light on, wanting me to see her. She was confident with her curvy body and I wasn’t shy to look.

I crawled onto the bed and began to kiss her. I could definitely tell she needed to be touched. I kissed her briefly before moving down to her very large breasts and nipples. I spent a lot of time on them before moving lower. Her pussy was quite hairy but I didn’t mind. Seeing and hearing her loving the attention I was giving her was such a turn on.

I made Rose cum once before I felt Honey join us. She went straight to Rose’s large breasts. I moved up and sucked on the one Honey wasn’t on.

“Holy fuck Honey,” Rose said when she realized Honey was on her tit. Honey moved up and kissed Rose. Rose didn’t hesitate and kissed her passionately back. I moved and rubbed my cock on Rose’s hairy slit before pushing in. She gasped as I pushed all in. Honey kept kissing her as I began to pump into Rose.

Rose then said something that took Honey by surprise. “Sit on my face Honey,” she moaned as I fucked her. Honey didn’t waste any time and quickly lowered her pussy onto Rose’s mouth. I watched Rose’s tongue dart all around Honey’s pussy. It didn’t look like her first time eating pussy.

Honey came a few minutes later and Rose told me to fuck her from behind and for Honey to lay in front of her so she could lick her properly.

We all moved and quickly started fucking and licking. I was pounding Rose really hard so she was having a hard time concentrating on Honey. Rose came once a squirted a little on me. I was wanting Rose on top so I could get to those large titties but she told me keep going.

Another orgasm and more squirting happened a few minutes later and I came deep in Rose’s pussy a couple of minutes after her orgasm. She fell onto the bed on her back and Honey moved between her legs to clean up my mess.

Honey’s ass was sticking in the air and her wet pussy was on full display. I was still mostly hard so I slipped inside her. A quiet moan then back to pussy licking. I was worn out so I only fucked her for a minute before falling onto the bed myself.

This was only the first night of what was a sex filled week before Rose went back to Australia.

NSFW: yes

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