Office affair – Short Sex Story

M has been working in our office for several weeks. He borrowed it temporarily because a girl in our office was on maternity leave. He stared at me a few days after he came. He all the time came to chat me up when he had nothing to do.
I told my husband about this. His evaluation was: there are all the time places to be harassed. Flies don’t bite seamless eggs. He asked me to restrain myself and not make the office full of storm.
I wondered to myself, is it natural for you to blame your wife for being harassed by others? Looking at his disapproval, he seems to support M’s actions. Well, since you don’t ask for an explanation for your wife, I’ll give you an explanation.
Slowly, in my contact with m, I think he is still a good man. Although he is a few years younger than me, he is very mature. He is very strict and serious in his work. He is also very careful with women. Gentle flattery is not annoying. Of course, I know his purpose, and my body is his ultimate goal.
In response to his provocation and harassment, I began to wear some sexy and revealing clothes to work, such as short and tight skirts, black silk stockings and shirts with low openings that can vaguely reveal my lace bra.
M immediately noticed the change in my clothes. He approached me more frequently, often came to my desk for some very garbage reasons to chat, and peeped at my breasts from my collar.
However, I don’t know whether this guy is timid or he doesn’t figure out my mind. After several weeks, he has no intention to take further action. He neither invited me out to dinner nor touched my body secretly in the office. It seems that I must be more proactive.
That day, when I passed by his desk, I deliberately threw a pencil to him. He looked up at me. I opened my mouth and motioned him to go out with me. Seeing him slowly following me, I walked to the elevator, pointed up with my hand, and entered the elevator. On the top floor, I went down the fire stairs and waited for him in a secluded place.
M was pretty clever. He followed me to the top floor and seemed to know that I was at the fire stairs. But when he entered the stairwell, he did not see me, so he whispered, “sister yuan.” I stretched my head downstairs and waved to him. He ran down quickly. Without saying anything, I threw myself into his arms and said angrily, “Why are you bothering me all the time?” He didn’t answer. He just hugged me tightly and kissed me fiercely. My tongue stirred in his mouth, and his hand rubbed my breast vigorously. After a while, he put his hand on my shoulder and pressed me down. I knew what he wanted to do, so I knelt down in front of him.
M leaned against the wall with his back and his stomach forward, gasping and enjoying my tongue service. In a short time, he shot me in the mouth. He looked down at me, quickly put his penis back in his pants, and gasped, “go to my house after work.” I didn’t know until I got to his house that it was his newly decorated new house. He took me to his wedding bed and told me that I was the first woman to sleep in this bed. I didn’t expect to be a bride again.

That night, he didn’t let me go home. He repeatedly asked me to do everything from top to bottom. Later, I repeatedly asked him to keep him from sleeping until he cried, “good sister, please forgive me.” I asked, “in the future, will you dare to find those garbage reasons to come to me and get tired of it?” He repeatedly said, “I dare not, I dare not. I will never harass you again.” The next day, I called my husband and said that the fly had been killed by me. He dared not bite the cracked egg any more.

NSFW: yes

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