Offering at a Thrift Store – Short Sex Story

I (18F) started my life as a stupid slut last weekend. I was in a run down thrift store looking for stuff for my dorm room. I was desperate and horny when I ran into the owner’s son (19M) while he was stocking the shelves.

I didn’t say a word as I walked up, dropped to my knees and undid his belt buckle. I had him down my throat before he could protest. Once he was nice and hard I stood up and told him to fuck me. He shoved me against some shelves and stuck his hand up my skirt. My dripping wet pussy was primed and ready to be fucked. He fingered me and told me what a filthy whore I was. He wasted no time shoving his cock in, balls deep. It was like a race to see who could cum first.

It sent him into hyperdrive when I came all over his cock. He pulled out and blew his load all over my pussy and legs. There was so much! He grabbed some nearby towels and cleaned me up like a gentleman. I was cum drunk when I wandered out of the store. Best thrift store experience ever!

NSFW: yes

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